13 Aztec Proverbs And Their Meaning

Today we have a selection of Aztec Proverbs to share In this case we have chosen a series of proverbs and their meanings so that you can better understand what they mean and what their origin is.

We hope you like these Aztec proverbs.

Aztec proverbs and interpretation of each one

Next we are going to know these proverbs. Under each one you have an explanation of its meaning.

1. Ca diidxagola nacacani’ biaani’ sti diidxa

Proverbs are the lamps of words.

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2. Sha ni hruniná bidó la bicaa gui bele, ne stobi que caya’qui luni

The heretic is not the one who burns at the stake, but the one who lights it.

3. Paracala’dxu’ gapu’ bidxichi, cadi uquiindela’dxu.

If you want to be rich, have no desires.

4. Ora güilu’ diidxa saaniru guinabadiidxu’ oraque… gucaadia’gu.

To dialogue, ask first, then… listen.

5. Ti xcaanda: ga’ca shisha sicarú ni qui huayuu, guiuuni ti biine’ni.

An aspiration: to make something beautiful that did not exist, exist for me.

6. Hrunadiága’ ne hrusiá’nda’, hrúuya’ ne hriétenaladxe’, hrune’ ne hriziide’.

I listen and forget, I see and remember, I do and I learn.

7. Guidxilayú hri stilu ni, hriquiiñesi ucaalúlu’ ti gánda icaaluni’.

The world is yours, but you have to earn it.

8. Nisa hri dxi’ biraru’ mani dushu’ dxaa ndani’.

Stagnant water contains harmful germs.

Aztec proverbs about life

What reflections on life did the Aztecs leave us?

9. Ti nou’ dxiña, ti nou’ guídi’.

A soft hand, and a firm hand.

10. Dechesi le’, laacasi ndani’ le’.

Behind the fence, it’s still inside the fence

11. Niru zasaalu’ gurá’ shisha neza guidxilayú ti ganda guidxelu’ lii.

First you will travel all the paths of this world before you find yourself

12. Tila bidó’ gusiga’de’ chu’ dxi’ ladxidua’ya’ ti guicaa’ shisha ni qui zánda gucha’; gudí gucaaluá’ ti gánda gucha’ ni zánda ne guendabiaani’ ti guuya’ shilaa.

May God grant me serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change what I can and wisdom to see the difference.

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13. Zunibiá’lu ti binnihuati ne shoopa diidxarí: ne gastisi hridxi’chi, hriníhuati ne gasti’ hricaa, neca gucha’ quirié xneza, neca cadi caquiiñe hrinabadiidxa, hruzanastiidxa lu dxu’ ni qui hrunibiá, ne hridxelú’ tu lá nanala’dxi lá ne tu lá có.

Six ways to recognize a fool: he gets angry for no reason, talks without meaning and without benefit, changes without progress, asks questions without having a reason, puts all his trust in a stranger, and confuses his enemies with his friends.

We hope you liked these Aztec Proverbs Regards and until next time!