An Exercise For Pleasure

One of the most common queries in my office is about sexual desire. I leave you an article with a sexual exercise that everyone likes and connects them with their sexuality.

An exercise for pleasure

The objectives of the placer technique are the following:

  • Learn to enjoy sexual intercourse not only as intercourse, but as what it is: Exchange affectionate behaviors with your partner, including a hug, a caress, a kiss and, of course, also intercourse. Expand and cultivate the erotic sensitivity of the entire skin, degenitalizing it. Western culture has focused sexual intercourse almost exclusively on caressing the genitals, when all of our skin is erogenous and we can enjoy caresses all over the body.
  • Developing “selfish” feelings regarding sexual intercourse. “No one can give to another what he is not capable of giving to himself.”
  • Live the pleasure of receiving and giving, without guilt and without the need for compensation. Culture has established fixed roles for men and women. The first must be active, take the initiative, take responsibility for the relationship. The latter have to be passive, wait for the other’s initiative, let them do what they do because their pleasure depends on their ability. Teaching to enjoy both roles, passive and active, is important for the relationship.
  • Demystify that the sexual act is something spontaneous, thoughtless and involuntary, just as they appear in the movies. Introducing planning, relaxation and self-control behaviors are erotic experiences that are usually perceived with great satisfaction.
  • Express your own feelings, do not seek the other’s response. Both men, due to gender prejudices, and women, due to poorly taught modesty, do not usually express their desires and affections spontaneously and clearly.
  • Learn to say “no.” Accept the other’s no. Learn to express tastes or preferences. Learn to ask.
  • Learn to keep your mind in an “erotic key.” That is why it is important that during this phase they learn to keep their eyes closed, because the suppression of the sense of sight makes it easier for them to concentrate mentally, occupying it with erotic images and thoughts that serve as a stimulus. It is explained to them that when the mind is preoccupied with sexual performance or distracted by other things, the sexual response does not work, it is inhibited.
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What does pleasure consist of?

  1. Plan the day, time and place of exercise throughout the week, respecting the planning. Some people resist planning, and I understand it, but if it is not planned, with the current pace of life it is almost impossible to find time.
  2. Commit personally to carrying out the exercise. The most important thing about this exercise is not to end by having intercourse, but to learn to relax during sexual intercourse and eliminate tension or lack of enjoyment.
  3. Find an ideal place that meets certain characteristics such as: privacy, comfort, aesthetics, environmental preferences (music, light, etc.). Put the iPhone aside and disconnect the doorbell.
  4. Appropriate physical and psychological attitude: not being tired, not being in full digestion, that there is no type of psychological stress, because they are incompatible with a physical state predisposed to having a space open to sexuality.
  5. One of the members of the couple lies naked, face down and with their eyes closed; The other, also naked, in a comfortable position and with his eyes closed, begins to caress him gently, pleasantly, from his hair to his feet, without forgetting any area, discovering the entire body geography of his partner through touch.
  6. 6. When the person being caressed reaches the feet, the person lying down turns around and repeats the exercise from the front, from the feet to the hair, except for the genitals and breasts.
  7. After this, the eyes open, the person who was lying sits up and they spend a few minutes communicating how they felt, the quality of the caresses, the affection. Afterwards, the situation is reversed, the asset becomes passive and the liability becomes active and the exercise is repeated as described in the previous points.
  8. If any type of anxiety response occurs such as: tachycardia, sweating, fatigue, the mind going to another place, sleep, etc., stop immediately, lie down, breathe deeply and slowly several times and if the sensation passes, continue. ; If not, leave it for another day.
  9. At the end of the exercise, if one or both of the people are very excited and want to reach orgasm, they can masturbate or have intercourse, but without this being the end of the sexual relationship. If one of the two is not very excited and does not feel like doing anything, it is important to express this and let the other person masturbate if necessary. This process helps to learn to ask, to know how to say yes or no, according to each person’s wishes and to accept refusals without getting angry or experiencing them as rejection.
  10. There is no problem in both before and after the exercises, both commenting with each other and agreeing on technical aspects. During exercise, talking is not allowed unless the other’s activity is causing rejection, pain, etc.
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What do you think? I hope you liked it!

An exercise for pleasure