Anxiety Blocks: How To Overcome Them

Anxiety blocks: how to overcome it

Feeling that our life is blocked, we have too much uncertainty and we do not know what decisions to make are consequences of an anxious state. We feel it as an existential crisis where anguish does not allow us to decide and move forward. It can happen to us in relation to our partner, the place where we live, our work approach or any other aspect. However, the problem is not in what happens to us, but in the causes that lead us to it.

Blockages or constant uncertainty make us experience anguish and emptiness. We don’t know what decisions to make and we are in a kind of limbo. They are unpleasant sensations that also undermine our self-esteem. These moments can occur when we receive drastic news or changes in our lives: a breakup, or any other change that affects us.

What causes these blockages? How can we get out of them in a stable way?

The objective of this article is for you to deeply understand what is happening to you if you are in this situation and, above all, that this solution does not depend on external changes that you cannot control. The solution that benefits us most in a psychological and emotional sense is the one that comes from our own personal learning.

For this reason, in this article we are going to delve into the blocks due to anxiety and how to resolve them based on direct experience in consultation and therapy with people who had this problem and how they solved it.

The cause of blockages and uncertainty

Human beings are tremendously diverse. However, every human being seeks the same thing: to be able to live with well-being and share it with others. We live in this state when the most common emotions are peace, acceptance, trust or security. Sometimes our life is stable and sometimes changes come that shake us.

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What does an existential crisis mean? First of all, it happens to us when we feel lost, empty, without purpose, and the usual emotions are anguish, anxiety, demotivation or discouragement.

Apparently we arrived at this situation due to some drastic change in our lives. However, this is just the surface. The main problem in reaching a crisis or blockage is that we have been depending on external factors for too long to feel good. This undermines our self-esteem and creates anxiety.

Anxiety is the state of mind, both psychological, emotional and physiological, that leads us to blockages. We doubt everything because everything seems like a possible danger, mistake, or we never believe we know what the right decision is.

The nature of anxiety

Anxiety is not a modern disease that should be treated with massive medication (in fact, this makes it more difficult to solve the problem in the long term), but rather a common psychological problem that is becoming more and more common.

What is anxiety? It is a state of mind of alert, where we are focused on external factors that we cannot control. At its core, anxiety is a fear and insecurity that has become too common. We live with an unpleasant sensation in the chest or pit of the stomach, we have difficulties sleeping, resting or with food.

By living in this state of alert, We always focus on possible errors or dangers. Whether in relationships, work, or personal life, we always see possible danger and everything is interpreted according to fear. Hence, intrusive thoughts or ruminations also arise that do not allow us to rest.

Anxiety has its main cause in dysfunctional respiratory mechanics. We breathe quickly and shallowly, hence the unpleasant feeling in the pit of our stomach. For this reason, treating anxiety with anxiolytics or other drugs will only relieve the symptom temporarily, but it does not allow us to find the solution in our own learning.

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In short: with a state of constant anxiety everything will be interpreted according to a possible danger, and hence the blockages, insecurities and constant uncertainty. Now let’s see how to solve it.

Solutions to get out of anxiety blocks

When we live with blockages, we think that the solution to the problem and getting out of those blockages consists of having a clear future, making clear decisions and daring. But it is precisely anxiety that leads us to be focused on the future and possible decisions.

A stable solution does not involve working only with the symptoms, but rather carrying out deep learning that leads to stable change.. We have to see how you understand and manage what you feel, how you approach what happens and how you build self-esteem and relationships. I am going to detail the steps we follow in a process of change and therapy to achieve it 100%.

Respiratory mechanics to reduce the intensity of anxiety

The first thing we need to do in situations of frequent anxiety is to work with respiratory mechanics. Anxiety is caused by rapid, shallow breathing. We must then work with your breathing to reduce the intensity of anxiety..

We do this every day, with constant company. That is to say: it is not about having occasional sessions and the rest of the time you face the problem alone. The solution must come from your own learning, but at the same time it is very beneficial that you have constant company, every day and without limit of consultation.

What emotions are behind anxiety

Anxiety is linked, above all, to fear and insecurity. We have to discover how you understand and manage those emotions, how you respond to them, in order to know how we have to approach the change you need.

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Fear and insecurity in and of themselves are not problematic emotions, since they They are useful and positive to the right and necessary degree.. The problem is managing them in a dysfunctional way.

How we generate anxiety

Anxiety does not come into our lives automatically, but is linked to behaviors: a way of breathing, excessive focus on external factors that we cannot control, anticipating events, avoiding situations, interpretations.

If our subjective world is governed by fear and insecurity, anxiety comes more frequently. Knowing this, we can begin to apply changes to solve the problem at its root.

Have an action plan

Once we reduce the intensity of anxiety and know how we manage what we feel, it is essential design a concrete and personalized action plan that leads you towards the change you need. We usually work on this action plan in a session to know what is right for you. Over time, we can add changes, modify others, always in a flexible way.

The only way to achieve stable changes is with different actions.

Delve into every aspect of personality

In turn, we have to work with each part of the personality, since everything influences. In this way, the change is deeper and lasts over time. In a process of change and therapy we work with the management of emotions, self-esteem, belief system, communication, relationships, etc.

Have constant company

If we live our process only with occasional sessions, it is more difficult to solve an anxiety problem. For this reason my way of accompanying is constant. This way, you can ask me what you need at any time without waiting to schedule a session. With this we also make the sessions more in-depth.

If you want to solve the problem in a stable way and get out of the blockage, remember that you can schedule a first session from Human Empowerment.

I send you lots of encouragement, Rubén Camacho Psychologist and coach