Are Family Constellations Real?

Family constellations are real

There is an increasing conversation between this scientific and rational world versus a more experienced world made possible by other therapeutic tools that aim at the work of consciousness. The same ones that have been branded as superstitious, for not having any scientific support that shows their effectiveness. Among them are the family constellations.

In this article I want to tell you all the strength and power that accompanies this tool. I will talk about science and tell you how a constellation works. But first, I would like to tell you about my experience about how I first came to the world of constellations.

A few years ago I was going through a crisis, the second most important of my life, the separation from the person I was married to for approximately four years. The foundation of my life was beginning to crumble and I wasn’t really clear about what was happening or where I was going with all this movement. In my mind there were only two options: let go of everything I was feeling and fight for that relationship, or return to my home country. Neither path felt like the right one, being the daughter or being the girlfriend-wife.

I began to search the history of my family tree and I realized that none of the women who were references for me had gone through a process of independence in which they were alone with themselves; on the contrary, they had been partners or parents the roots around which they built life. But For me that programming no longer made sense., required new information to enter into my desire, which was quite uncomfortable, it felt quite impossible. And it took many months to take the actions to unleash the decision.

While all this was simmering in my head, I was already entering the world of constellations. There I recognized that relationship pattern of the women in my family. Migration also made sense, I was not the first to migrate for love, it had happened before, I was not the first to give up everything for a partner to maintain that bond.

I was able to recognize all of this in my process of training as a constellator; I got there not because I felt a genuine interest in the tool, at first it seemed super strange to me and I distrusted it, my rational mind I didn’t want to open up to this, but my soul felt that there was something there to explore. And then I allowed it, first for myself, because I wanted to heal myself. That has been my mission for many years, to remove all that amount of garbage that separates me from my dreams, from what I long to be and longed to be at that moment, and the universe in turn brought the right teachers to show me that path.

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As I began to recognize these blocks and programming, the magic began to happen, I became financially independent, I went to live alone, I began to live from my private clinic, I took that quantum leap, I threw myself into trusting in my tools, that I could do it and it was, that’s why today I am a faithful believer that the tools work but we have to really use them in the body to cleanse those memories that you can’t even imagine how far they can go, they bring with them riches, even where there is pain, guilt and shame, it depends on us how we want to redefine that.

The constellations allowed me to remember my strength, my personal power, and they gave me the possibility of doing it differently, it has not been easy because there will always be resistance. Constellations as a therapeutic tool allow us to heal to take control of our lives. We go back not to stay there but to take the strength that comes from knowing that we do not have to repeat anything with which we do not agree. Blind love for our ancestors makes us not want to grow, we do not want to earn more money. Sounds strange right? But how many times in your life have you discovered yourself making yourself less in a job, in a relationship, just because you don’t want to lose that place, because you don’t want to feel the odd one out or the excluded one and that’s why you stay in that familiar dynamic.

At this point I want to introduce you to what we understand by the word constellation. This has to do with the collation of a thing in a space, for the father of constellations Bert Hellingerthe tool allows us to access the image that is formed as a product of the links and ways of relating of a family system.

For Freud, the word constellation encompasses a certain psychic, emotional disposition, hereditary that is unconscious and that also forms a kind of psychic script or novel, which has certain significant words. That is, some codes that make up the novel, the roles and behavioral forms it produces, hence the importance of historicizing a time that is now a past but is in the present.

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Jung, for his part, did a study with members of more than twenty-four families where an average of twenty-two free associations from one hundred people were collected. This is a technique used in psychoanalysis where the person is allowed to talk about whatever they want, comes to mind, thinks, feels, etc., regardless of whether it sounds logical or not. What this research shows us are the similarities in the responses, for example, between a mother and a daughter.

One of the things we do in a constellation is read that novel or script, specifically we access a field of information, but To do it efficiently we need to establish an intention. How is this? Through a question, this is the first step to make you realize that the person you approach helps you make your question as clear as possible because basically you are doing research on something that you would like to understand, therefore , you need the results to be as clear as possible.

We enter that field of information with the intention of tracking particular things that mobilize the patient’s change when he immerses himself in the experience of his constellation. The second step is the meeting, where the constellation movement will be made, it is here where the consultant will be able to see and observe that script more clearly, at this point quantum physics helps us understand what is happening, according to the observer effect: the mere fact of Seeing causes the particles of reality to rearrange themselves in a certain way. Seeing heals us, it makes our intention now begin to organize realities in a particular way, having access to the information from the unconscious that governs the aspects of life where we feel that there is blockage opens up information for the consultant about the hows, the particular tasks for where it must begin to work, that is why the constellation is a movement that will last a certain time, what do I decide to do with what I see?

It is to see if I really open myself to that information, allowing everything to begin to bring me answers, it is not unusual that after a constellation out of nowhere a person who was involved in the movement, called dad, mom, partner, children, etc., speaks to you. ., because we actually moved that field and the particles that were involved generate some response, is what quantum entanglement tells us, therefore the movement heals the patient but it can also have an impact on their family system by bringing new information necessary for its restructuring.

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Another important element is that there are various ways to constellate. One of the most powerful is when we do it within a therapeutic group, where they are other people being observers or participants. To answer the question that the constellation brings, the constellator assigns a series of roles or characters that the consultant chooses from among the people who make up the therapeutic group. Whoever is chosen does not know which character is given to them, this helps us to take care of intimacy and at the same time reduce biases, because by not knowing what I am representing I can surrender with greater openness to the sensations that begin to appear in the body when one enters the role or character, many of the people who are constellated are amazed by the precision with which the characters behave or speak in a similar way, etc.

This is possible because the body is an antenna that receives this information, through our mirror neurons we can empathize and begin to act according to the information, therefore the representatives are a fundamental piece, together with their participation and the observation of the constellator. They interweave the key points to respond to the consultant.

So constellations are real? Yes, because you access an unconscious information field and the constellation is a means to see it, in addition Many people know that information is already there, they just need to see it.knowing how it is organized, having the gift of being an external observer so that he knows clearly where the knots are and how to untie them, then it is not miraculous nor does it bring about changes on its own, this depends on the will of the consultant, we know that seeing It gives the gift of action but it is a process that takes time and willingness.

Finally, what can we constellate? I leave you some ideas, what decision to make in the face of a possible breakup, clarity in the face of an important decision, exploring your mission or purpose in life, identifying how some ancestral pattern may be interfering with your economy, partner, family, etc.