Badalona Psicòlegs: A Team Dedicated By And For Patients


Badalona Psicòlegs emerges as a beacon of emotional support in the heart of Badalona, ​​under the direction of Sara Laso Lozano, health psychologist and forensic expert.

The history of Badalona Psicòlegs

Since its humble beginning in 2015, Badalona Psicòlegs has experienced exceptional growth. Starting from a modest practice in the emblematic Plaza Badalona 1, this oasis of mental care has expanded to meet growing demand.

In 2021, due to the need for more space and professional collaboration, it opened another center in Badalona, ​​later moving in 2023 to its current location on 6 Batista and Roca streets, always maintaining its commitment to excellence and accessibility. Badalona Psicòlegs was born from the hope and deep belief that every person needs quality service. For this reason, and from day one, it offers fees for patients with economic vulnerability.


What does the center offer?

The new health center breaks with the traditional standards of conventional clinics. Its spacious and well-kept glass rooms, designed to preserve the privacy of patients, offer a welcoming and comfortable environment. Furthermore, its main pride lies in being an accessible center, with facilities for people with reduced mobility, and offering special discounts for those with functional diversity.

Whether in person or online, Badalona Psicòlegs adapt to the person’s linguistic needs, offering care in Catalan, Spanish, English, Portuguese and Italian. And no less important, to offer an even more pleasant experience, they invite you to enjoy their comfortable lobby with a cup of tea or coffee.

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Featured specialties

Badalona Psicòlegs has a multidisciplinary team specialized in various areas, from child and adolescent psychotherapy, adults, seniors, and nutrition. They address a wide range of disorders, including anxiety, depression, eating disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, autism spectrum disorder, among others. In addition, they are pioneers in the integration of animal therapy in their range of services, as well as the specialty in sports psychology, working with elite athletes or amateur athletes.

Furthermore, Badalona Psicòlegs not only offers therapeutic support, but also has ethical and competent forensic experts. Its professionals actively collaborate in the courts of Catalonia, contributing their experience both as intervention technicians and linked psychotherapists. In summary, Badalona Psicòlegs stands as a benchmark in the city of Badalona, ​​thanks to its commitment to quality, accessibility and the well-being of its patients.