Curious Mental Disorders: Reduplicative Paramnesia

One of the most curious mental disorders that exist is the so-called reduplicative paramnesia. Those who suffer from it have the delusional idea that a certain place or environment has been duplicated, with which both places, the original and the reduplicated one, exist at the same time or that the place has been placed somewhere else. Normally, the places that the subject believes have been reduplicated are familiar to him, such as his home, his workplace, the hospital or a center he visits regularly. It is rarer to suffer reduplicative paramnesia with a place that is exotic and unknown.

Causes of reduplicative paramnesia

This syndrome was first identified in 1903, when the Czechoslovakian neurologist Arnold Pick was treating a patient in his clinic who was suspected of suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. The patient claimed that he had been moved from Pick’s original clinic to one exactly the same that was located elsewhere in the city.

This disorder is usually associated with brain injuries in which both the right cerebral hemisphere and both frontal lobes are damaged. As a result of this injury, the patient suffers a loss of orientation which has its origin in the deterioration of visuospatial perception and the loss of visual memory. Added to this is the appearance of false memories, which appear when both frontal lobes of the brain are damaged.

This brain damage can be due to strokes, brain tumors, encephalopathies, dementias and also appears in different psychiatric disorders, such as schizophrenia.

Treatment of duplicative paramnesia

Currently there is no specific treatment for this ailment, but is usually aimed at treating the cause that gave rise to it and the patient is also given antidepressants to counteract the mood alterations that the disease may cause.

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