Do We Really Know What We Want?

This article attempts to delve deeper into the area of ​​social networks, the internet and how it can lead to confusion in what we are looking for.

Do we really know what we want?

Night, heat, I look at you… you sleep, a need grows inside me, I turn on the computer, I look at Facebook and see information about the people I know, I feel like I want something more, I investigate contacts of my new friends, suddenly I see you, I look your photos on the beach, with friends, my imagination is unleashed and my desire increases, I doubt, I think, but in the end…

I’m writing to you “hello, how are you?” I await your response, it comes to me and…

What are we looking for? Are we really prepared for what this beginning of the conversation can bring us?

Social networks put us in contact with many people we don’t know, we believe that being friends of a friend gives us confidence and security that nothing bad can happen. Do we know that this implies exposing ourselves to a risk that entails consequences? Do we value them before starting to do it?

On many occasions this allows us to facilitate a personal relationship but be careful not to expose photographs, open ourselves to tell our intimacies, family details, etc. We are unintentionally making ourselves vulnerable towards these people who may not be looking for the same things as us.

Lola and Lourdes

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