Domestic Violence Against Men

Domestic violence against men

Although in recent times there has been more awareness about this problem, it is still a less known issue than violence against women. In this sense, although the statistics show significantly lower numbers, it is equally important to care for the victims of this type of situation.

Throughout the article we will address different aspects. From what family violence is, the different types of abuse that men can suffer in what percentage this is happening in our society to what we can do if we find ourselves in this situation or know of someone.

What is domestic violence?

The concept “domestic violence” encompasses any abusive or violent behavior that may occur in the family environment or at home. Thus, it can encompass both current and former partners and can occur without there having been cohabitation between the aggressor and the victim. In addition, it also includes children and/or other cohabitants.

The main characteristic is that it occurs within a relational context of family or coexistence. This implies that the victim(s) are emotionally attached to the aggressor and, sometimes, even depend on him/her. Domestic violence can be physical, psychological, emotional, sexual and economic.

To be considered a crime at a legal level, it must occur, in addition to what was mentioned above, on a regular basis. However, it is important to keep in mind that, if it is not a repeated event, it will be judged in the appropriate manner – but not as a crime of domestic violence.

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Why domestic violence against men and not gender violence?

Gender violence and domestic violence present some differences. Firstly, we can observe, from the definition of domestic violence, that it is more generalized since it does not affect the characteristics of the victim or the aggressor.

However, it is understood that gender violence is that exercised by men towards women. This fact is related to the inequality of power within the relational dynamics that are established.

What is the abuse that men suffer like?

The abuse that men can suffer is no different from the abuse that any other person can suffer regardless of their gender. It is true that sometimes Due to socially established role stereotypes, it is more complex to be able to recognize or realize that this type of situation is happening.

As in any other situation of mistreatment or abuse, the mental and physical health of the victim is deteriorated. Precisely for this reason, raising awareness at the social level is of utmost relevance in order to protect victims and care for them based on their situation and needs.

Below are the main types of violence that men receive:

How often does it happen?

The National Institute of Statistics offers data ranging from 2015 to 2019. It is important to keep in mind that these numbers only represent people who have reported, for whom some type of measure has been taken and who have been registered in the Central Registry.

Although it is true that the figures recorded are significantly lower compared to the case of gender violence, the figures are alarming. Only the data offered in relation to men and domestic violence in Spain is detailed below:

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Facts about domestic violence

What to do in a situation like this?

Unfortunately, there are many role and gender stereotypes that can make it extremely difficult to ask for help in a situation like this. What’s more, as we mentioned previously, it may not only make it difficult to ask for help but also to realize that you are experiencing a situation of violence.

Violence is not a gender issue, everyone can suffer it. It is true that the lack of information, means and aid to deal with these types of less common situations can also work against victims. Unfortunately, They may even encounter value judgments or disbelief if they share their situation.

Despite all this, it is important that the victim relies on their environment if possible, and that they ask for appropriate professional help. In each community there are different resources that address domestic violence, offering resources and help to deal with this situation.