How To Laugh At Yourself

How to laugh at yourself

When we fall in front of others, we are most likely embarrassed. We are not as likely to laugh at the event, thinking about the humorous part of the situation. However, the difficulty of laughing at ourselves when we make a mistake makes us have a hard time in these types of situations when, in reality, they are everyday situations that could happen to anyone and that are not as serious as we feel at that moment. specific. It is normal to feel embarrassed, but we are aware that we have a bad time when we blush and, on the other hand, this feeling of “making a fool of ourselves” and thinking that others will laugh at us, can be erased if we learn to laugh at ourselves. themselves (without thinking about what they will say). If you think that your life would be simpler by learning to take yourself less seriously, then the advice that we recommend in PsicologíaOnline may be useful to you. Learn to laugh at yourself.

Understand the benefits of laughing at yourself

If you don’t know why it’s good to laugh at yourself when faced with an embarrassing situation, why would you want to change? When we make mistakes, instead of feeling bad about our mistake we can learn to accept that we are not perfect and that the positive part of making mistakes is that we will learn from all our mistakes to become better people and to continue growing as friends, students, professionals, parents or children.

What kind of benefits does this way of seeing life have? Learning to laugh at yourself means that you have learned to accept yourself as you are, with your virtues and your defects. Laughing at your mistakes and the embarrassing or negative situations that happen in your life is one of the best ways to improve your self-esteem and, therefore, to be happy.

Learn to forgive yourself

Many times, our number one enemy is the one we see reflected in the mirror every morning. It is common for others to know how to forgive us long before we have managed to do so ourselves. To laugh at yourself you will need to accept that, in addition to having many virtues, you also you have many defects and that it’s okay to have them because, at the end of the day, you are a person like everyone else, who learns from their mistakes and tries to be a little better every day.

How to laugh at yourself - Learn to forgive yourself

Analyze the people around you

Think about your best friends, the classmates or work colleagues you hang out with the most on weekends or when you leave class or the office. Who are they? Do they bring out the best in you? Do they criticize you or accept you as you are? Do you feel safe when you are with them, or do you often find that you try to pretend to be someone else when you are with them, simply wanting to make them like you? It is important to surround ourselves with people who accept us as we are and spend time with people we feel will accept us without having to pretend to be someone else.

Learn to accept your mistakes…, always

You will not be able to learn to laugh at yourself if you cannot accept all your flaws This does not mean that we should accept our mistakes without recognizing that we will have to solve them. If we are always late for all our appointments, it is important to know how to laugh at our poor punctuality and not make the mistake of feeling very guilty when the other person probably did not take it so seriously. We must recognize our virtues and also our defects, and try to solve the latter to be better people, because every day we can take a step towards the person we want to become. But, although we know that we must solve those defects, we also need to laugh at ourselves and our own defects while we try to solve them.

Recognize that others will thank you

People want to surround themselves with those who never need a reason to laugh and smile at life. When we spend time with happy, optimistic people who see the good side of every situation (no matter how negative it may be) and who do not take themselves too seriously, we feel much better because joy is contagious. Learn to accept yourself as you are, to laugh when you lose your keys or your cell phone (instead of spending the whole afternoon complaining about this event when you could find the simplest solution to this problem, laugh, forget about what happened and be able to have a good time with your loved ones) and to find a reason to laugh. The problem is never as serious as we think. You may have forgotten to reply to an urgent message, or you may not have been able to answer a question correctly in your last job interview. But so what? The situation will be exactly the same if you laugh or cry, but accept the mistake and solve it, laugh and move on It will be the ideal formula to be happy.

How to laugh at yourself - Recognize that others will thank you

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