Photo Report: This Is UPAD Psychology And Coaching, A Reference Center In Madrid

UPAD photo report

The origin of UPAD Psychology and Coaching dates back to 2009 at the Autonomous University of Madrid, where two Sports Psychology students began their Master’s internships in a prestigious sports club in the Community of Madrid.

Since then, Fernando Callejo and Charles King They would not separate their paths again, officially founding the UPAD Psychology and Coaching in the summer of 2014. Gone were the projects as independent psychologists in the sports field, participation in the sports psychology unit of the UAM, the Resource consulting Human and individual consultations. The personal and professional development center that we know today was born in Madrid, to accompany people in the difficult task of “turning their problems into challenges.”

With this approach extracted from Positive Psychology and Coaching, they began to form an interdisciplinary team of professionals, helping their users to face very diverse situations (sports, work, studies, personal, social, sexology, clinical, etc. ), seeking to optimize their levels of performance, well-being and satisfaction with life.

How does the UPAD team work?

The UPAD team is organized around the joint assessment of the different needs presented to them by their that after a free initial consultation, we can determine what type of professional on the team is most qualified to accompany each user in their development process.

Located in the center of Madrid, they have expanded their scope of action thanks to the advantages offered by new technologies, offering their innovative and particular work methodology both in person in the capital, and online to people inside and outside of Madrid. our borders.

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As psychologists, UPAD professionals do not trust in endless therapies and therefore, they set the goal of helping people who come to the center pursue their challenges, acquire responsibility for their own development and achieve the ability in the future. to regulate themselves autonomously in the face of upcoming challenges, empowering them in advance to do so.

UPAD office

At UPAD Psychology and Coaching, they conceive each person as a complex systemcomposed of various gears that represent the different areas of relevance to their lives (personal, sentimental, social, family, educational, professional, etc.), in each of which, moments or situations can occur throughout their life. development, which pose difficulties for the correct functioning of the entire mechanism.

To achieve this, they evaluate the different areas of relevance of each user who comes to the UPAD, in order to determine what type of techniques and strategies are convenient to use, which favor self-knowledge, acceptance and overcoming the different situations that may arise. be going through

Each period presents its challenges, which is why they offer psychological care and development services at all stages of life, from children, adolescents, adults, couples, families and the elderly.

The areas of psychological intervention

At the UPAD they focus on finding the lowest common denominator that underlies the different areas or contexts of psychological intervention that we can find in practice, in order to optimize a series of objectives, which correspond to the large areas of work that it addresses. psychology, finding among them:

UPAD Coaching

By interweaving these threads, they can be addressed as those truly responsible for our states of frustration, mistrust or fear, among others, in various types of situations such as, for example:

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Psychology and Coaching

The approach of UPAD professionals is aimed at combining the application of different types of therapeutic techniques that come from the field of Psychology and Coaching, to adapt to the specific needs presented by each of the users who come to the center.

Going through more basic approaches, based on training in psychological skills management strategies for people who have a lower level of knowledge in this regard, to a less directive approach, with a desire to explore new possible action scenarios, more based on the Coaching.

Courses and training

Another of the most characteristic aspects of the UPAD is its commitment to training and excellence.offering both in-person and online training through its website, in all types of environments (sports, academic, professional, personal), pursuing different objectives such as prevention, awareness, skills training and development, among others.

Special mention deserves their involvement in the practical curricular training of university students from various universities in the Community of Madrid (UCM, UNED, URJC, CUCC, UPC, VIU, etc.) of which they have been external tutors for more than 10 years and punctually, with other universities outside our borders.

UPAD courses

The informative task

The UPAD team is very aware of the importance of transmitting knowledgeto make Psychology known to both the specialized public and the general public, serving as a “speaker” for its work methodology (in its own professional training courses for psychologists) and various articles on different topics related to Psychology through the blog of its website (one of the most active on the networks).