Psychological Consequences After Covid-19

After so many days confined at home, with Easter holidays in between and endless household chores, education, work to do, change of schedule and new habits

Psychological consequences after Covid-19

It will be a long time until we acquire the habits we had again because the word contagion will be marked in our mind, the word virus will be present, living through a Pandemic has activated our state of threat in the body, in the mind and that is not so easy to forget in days, weeks, months even several years.

We have experienced a threat and as such our body has prepared for it, we have been with our sympathetic nervous system working at full capacity, in survival mode, with every piece of news, in every conversation, with every question from your child at home, with every case. of known people infected and with thousands of unresolved issues in your head.

Many people ask us about certain symptoms they are having these days, It is normal to have sleep and eating disorders, having moments of apathy and a certain level of anxiety, lack of concentration, feelings of loss of control, emotional distancing, unjustified changes in mood… it is a process that we must go through until we reach acceptance of what is happening. Depending on each person’s predisposition, their circumstances, their personal history, their own experience, their personal beliefs, they will develop some psychological sequelae of this situation we are experiencing. From frozen grief, since in many cases there has been no farewell to the loved one, post-traumatic stress, through outbreaks of hypochondria, phobias and a lot of OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), cleaning, fear of becoming infected, sleep problems, anxiety and depressive symptoms. ….

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The psychological effects generated by the coronavirus are very diverse, so each of us will deploy our own resources to manage it, some innately, others with psychological help.

Now more than ever is when online therapy is showing its effectiveness, the possibility of being able to continue having contact with our patients and that new people can do online therapy.

Now more than ever is when you need to make a prevention of possible psychological consequences during and after confinement. Each of us will have a psychological imprint of this experience. All of this will influence how we manage social isolation, uncertainty, the emotional control we have, tolerance for frustration, the ability to adapt, psychological flexibility…

To start taking care of ourselves from home, it is important to find time to do some type of relaxation, meditation, mindfulness, slow and deep breathing… the key is to work and activate the other nervous system (parasympathetic), which is what paralyzes the state of alarm. our body (sympathetic nervous system). This will improve and strengthen our health and our defenses against stress. Deactivating your internal dialogue so as not to encourage certain thoughts in your head will help you prevent certain psychological consequences.

Prevention and psychological therapy will help us have more resources and strategies to be able to overcome this situation without developing certain psychopathologies.