Spectrophobia, Fear Of Ghosts

At first it may seem curious that spectrophobia exists as such, that is, the fear of ghostss, since its existence has not been scientifically proven. But spectrophobia is not limited to just being afraid of seeing an apparition or a ghost, but rather consists of an irrational fear that people feel when they read or listen to ghost stories or watch movies about them.

What is spectrophobia?

We all experience fear when we listen to, read or watch any of these stories, but it usually disappears once we stop doing so. In the case of these people, on the contrary, the degree of anxiety it rises to the point that they cannot tolerate seeing or hearing them and sometimes not even the thought of doing so.

They are also so afraid of seeing or encountering a ghost that many take measures to avoid doing so, such as sleeping with the lights on or not walking in dark places.

These people know that your fear is irrational, but, even so, they cannot help but react with excessive alarm if, being alone at home, they hear strange noises, see doors that move due to the wind, etc.

How to treat fear of ghosts

Not all people who have this phobia treat it, since they mix both the fear of ridicule because the therapist does not understand their fear as the fact that, by not interfering in their daily life, they decide not to treat it.

Its treatment is carried out like any other phobia, through psychotherapy, learning coping techniques, relaxation exercises, visualization and, if necessary, medication. In this way, they can make their fear more tolerable, at least to reduce their level of anxiety in the face of events that trigger this phobia.

This article is merely informative, at PsychologyFor we do not have the power to make a diagnosis or recommend a treatment. We invite you to go to a psychologist to treat your particular case.

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