Spring Alters Blood?

In theory spring has arrived today, in practice it is that yesterday we were wearing turtlenecks and although it is sunny let’s see who is the daring one who wears the little jacket that the big guys sell us

In spring, enjoy hugging and kissing those you love most.

In theory the spring It came in today, in practice it is that yesterday we were wearing turtlenecks and although it is sunny let’s see who is the daring one who wears the little jacket that the department stores sell us because “it’s already spring.”

Have you ever thought how it affects us this season of the year? He lifts us up mood because there is more light, the days are longer, it seems like you have more time when you leave work, the temperatures rise and, suddenly, the news shows start telling us about vacations, beaches, bikini surgery and that from now on We all have to be content and happy but, What is the other side of the coin like?

There are people who do not experience it the same way. One, for the physical concern that until now the coats covered it. And two, for the economy, What if it doesn’t allow you to go out for a few drinks, much less go on vacation… Or when you don’t have anyone to travel with, that’s where we realize that social relationships are limited to work. Let’s add those who have to take antihistamines due to different allergies. Also, next week is Easter, that means the children will not have school for 10 days. Good! Who do I leave them with? What is my vacation really going to be like, if I have one?

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What is the best way to adapt to this change of season? We would tell you to come to the consultation to give you the “Fierabrás balm” that with one drop would heal all your wounds, which is the same thing that they sell us in pharmacies to remove cellulite or so that men have the chocolate bar with a cream, or like the jars to give shine to your hair, that with a few drops lifts your mood, tanning faster, teeth whitening, etc. For a small price you have a personal trainer and offers at the gym!

We offer you a cheaper formula that is the magic of use the five senses:

  • The view: Look at what you have around you, have you noticed that your neighbor has flower pots? That you have a park next to your house? Observe how the sun sets on the horizon at dusk, the light that the sun gives off and that only lasts a few minutes (which does not only exist in Ibiza). Also the different tones that emerge in nature.
  • The ear: Close your eyes and listen to the birds, the laughter of children and people, the murmur of what they are talking, we can even enjoy the strident sound of cars… Let’s listen, standing still, to life passing by.
  • The sense of smell: The doors and windows are more open and the different smells cross their threshold…We allow them to enter and soak us inside. A market, the fruits, the flowers, the different fresh and healthy foods, the freshly cut grass, the smell of the rain…
  • The touch: Spring alters the blood, let’s touch each other, start by touching yourself, even giving yourself a cream slowly, enjoying a little massage, hug the people you love…
  • Taste: Savor the fruits when you put them in your mouth, the freshness of a drink, a kiss…
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Spring alters blood?

Take advantage of the good weather that begins with spring to go for a walk in your neighborhood.

Spring alters blood?

Sharpen your vision, spring brings spectacular colors of nature.