The 10 Best Emotional Intelligence Courses In Madrid

Best Emotional Intelligence courses in Madrid

Emotional Intelligence is one of the most interesting areas of psychology. The management of our emotions and our ability to interpret those of others are part of our abilities to adapt to the different circumstances that life presents us, and yet for years this has been overlooked.

Fortunately, there are more and more initiatives that promote training in Emotional Intelligence. In this article we will see a selection of Emotional Intelligence courses in Madrid that may be of interest to the inhabitants of the Spanish capital.

Why learn about emotion management?

The usual conception of what intelligence is is usually one that has to do with the good use of logic, mathematics and solving puzzles.

However, it is also necessary to keep in mind that Emotional Intelligence exists, which is the set of psychological skills related to the recognition and regulation of emotions. That is, with our ability to make emotions work in our favor, even though we never have total control over them.

For example, correctly developing our Emotional Intelligence predisposes us to adopt a constructive mindset in the face of conflict, and not one that leads us to do things out of spite that actually harm others and ourselves. It also serves to recognize and correctly interpret emotions and not fall into misunderstandings, to motivate ourselves when promoting our projects, to communicate better with others and for many other typical things in our daily lives.

Therefore, it is normal that Emotional Intelligence courses are a training option that interests many types of people, from business executives and directors to psychotherapists, Human Resources technicians, school teachers and even artists.

The most recommended Emotional Intelligence courses in Madrid

In the following lines you will find a selection of courses on Emotional Intelligence in Madrid aimed at delving deeper into this topic with the help of experts.

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1. Expert Course in Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness (D’Arte Human & Business School)

D'Arte Training

The D’Arte Human & Business School training center offers one of the most interesting courses for those who want to train in Emotional Intelligence and one of the most useful tools to achieve it: Mindfulness, or Full Attention.

This training program has 450 hours of study and training, in which face-to-face classes are mixed with online study based on the materials and videos provided by the center. In addition, each student has an individual mentor who can be consulted at any time to resolve doubts and seek guidance.

2. Expert Course in Emotional Intelligence and Positive Psychology (IEPP)

IEPP logo

The Expert Course in Emotional Intelligence and Positive Psychology that they carry out in the European Institute of Positive Psychology (IEPP), has an approximate duration of 500 teaching hours and can be done from anywhere in the world without any inconvenience as long as we have a stable internet connection. Once this training has been completed, we will be able to identify ourselves as professionals in the use of Emotional Intelligence. On the other hand, on the website of this center we can access a test masterclass that will allow us to discover in four strokes what are the most interesting and relevant aspects of this course.

3. Emotional Awareness Program (EEC)

European Coaching School

European Coaching School an entity founded in 2003 and which currently has offices internationally, promotes the Emotional Awareness Program, an interesting option to train in many of the psychological skills linked to Emotional Intelligence applied to the professional context.

In this program, which lasts about 68 hours (including preparation time and practices supervised by an MCC or PCC coach), the focus is on learn to recognize emotions and use this knowledge to improve professional performance In interactions they are people, whether in the company for CEOs, managers or intermediate positions, in education for teachers, in the consultation for therapists or for coaches in training.

In this way, through the Emotional Awareness Program of the European School of Coaching, we seek to make progress in our way of relating to our emotions, of taking advantage of them to work better and of relying on them to communicate in a coherent way. .

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4. Executive Coaching Course (Intelema)


The Executive Coaching Course offered by the specialized training center Intelema It is specifically designed so that our workers have the opportunity to acquire a greater commitment to the company and in addition, it is also important to highlight that this training will provide all those who complete it with all those personal tools that we need to be able to achieve our highest performance in the workplace. labor sphere.

This course will teach us what strategies we should follow if we would like to improve our confidence, how we can relate to our colleagues in a more efficient way or how we can develop a more positive attitude in our daily lives.

5. Certified Training to be a Transpersonal & Emotional Intelligence Coach (Inner Key)

Inner Key

Inner Key offers its Certified Training to be a Transpersonal & Emotional Intelligence Coach training specifically aimed at people and professionals who want to specialize in this technique.

This training is Certified by the International Coaching Federation and is offered in person in the cities of Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Málaga and Santiago de Chile, led by the most experienced and specialized professionals in the world of coaching.

Inner Key’s innovative and successful methodology is based on the combination of live group classes, individual coaching sessions, frequent practices, review videos and other useful resources.

  • On this page there is more information about Inner Key courses.

6. In-Person Coaching Certification (CEC)


The In-Person Coaching Certification offered by CEC is a coaching course aimed at professionals interested in specializing in this technique and also at people interested in learning to improve their self-knowledge, emotional intelligence, leadership or relational abilities.

This training program has been taught for more than 10 years by highly prestigious professionals specialized in providing the best theoretical and practical knowledge about coaching, in person.

Its main objectives are the personal and professional development of the participants, who will find supervised coaching sessions, individual and private coaching processes, tutoring, mentoring and a forum in the virtual classroom.

7. How to apply Mindfulness in clinical practice (Psicode Institute)

psychedelic madrid

This is a very interesting option for those who want to delve deeper into one of the most important tools in the regulation of emotions: Mindfulness.

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The Practical Course on How to Apply Mindfulness in Clinical Practice It is organized by the Psychode Psychology Institute, a reference center in mental health in Madrid and is aimed at both psychotherapy professionals and final-year Psychology students.

  • The course will take place on October 4 and 11 at the Psicod Psychology Institute in Madrid, at 7 Miguel Ángel Street. If you want to see more information, click here to see their contact information or write to (email protected) .

8. Courses in Emotional Intelligence in Sports Psychology (UPAD Psychology and Coaching)

UPAD logo

UPAD Psychology and Coaching, psychological assistance center located in the Argüelles area offers a wide variety of interesting Sports Psychology courses applied to sports, both in online and in-person formats.

The online Sports Psychology Course applied to Football, for example, lasts 40 hours spread over 3 months, and is aimed at both football players, coaches and Psychology students. In it you learn the fundamental principles of motivation, emotion management and concentration, among other essential psychological skills.

Furthermore, UPAD It also carries out workshops that go beyond sports, shorter training programs than the courses and which deal with topics as pertinent as “The thin line between motivation and pressure”, which is also the title of one of them.

  • To consult the calendar of UPAD courses and workshops, or access more information and contact information, click here.

9. University Expert in Emotional Intelligence (UNIR)

The University expert in Emotional Intelligence of the BIND It is aimed at all those people interested in developing emotional and social competencies in the personal, professional, educational or social sphere.

The course has 100% online live classes on key topics such as emotional competencies and Mindfulness and allows each student to have a personalized tutor with whom they can resolve all types of doubts.

This course offers each student a wide variety of professional opportunities and with their participation you will learn to develop your own and others’ emotional intelligence, to generate healthy interpersonal relationships and to implement emotional intelligence programs in companies, educational centers and institutions of any kind.

10. Emotional Intelligence Course (Aranda Formación)

The Emotional Intelligence Course Aranda Training is a double degree in Emotional Intelligence and business creation offered online in both Madrid and Alcorcón and Toledo.

The course is taught by a faculty of highly prestigious teachers and some of the contents you will learn in it are teamwork, leadership, motivation, conflict management, communication, managerial work and emotional intelligence.