The 7 Advantages Of Online Therapy

Advantages of online therapy

Online therapy is one of the psychological assistance options that is becoming more popular in recent times.

The possibilities offered by the Internet, together with the way in which mental health professionals use these technological tools to improve their remote service, make many patients opt for this type of services.

In this article we will see What are the main advantages of online therapy and the way in which they benefit psychologists’ patients.

Advantages of online psychotherapy: the potential of the Internet

There is not a single reason why a good part of those who attend a psychologist decide on online therapy, but rather several compelling reasons. Let’s see which are the most important.

1. Possibility of attending psychotherapy without traveling

This is one of the most obvious advantages of online therapy; By being able to connect with psychotherapists from a computer, it is possible to do therapy from home. However, this characteristic of psychological assistance through the Internet It is not simply a matter of comfort (that too)

Beyond those who, due to health problems, prefer not to move too much, who will obviously appreciate the possibility of doing the therapy online and not in person, the chances of arriving late or having problems along the way and not being in the place at the agreed time is reduced. .

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2. Better schedule compatibility

Being able to start working with the psychologist in a matter of just a few minutes, without the preparation required to go out into the street and go to the consultation, allows many people with complicated schedules or long work days have this service, since otherwise they would not be able to afford it.

For this reason alone, online therapy already has the advantage of its ability to reach many more people, making a greater variety of social and economic profiles able to invest in their mental health.

3. There are no geographical barriers

This is a useful advantage for people who, for whatever reason, prefer to attend psychotherapy with professionals from a country or city other than the one they are in at that moment.

For example, it is something that is valued by those who live abroad and want to have psychological assistance in their native language, or who for cultural reasons prefer therapists from their region of origin, who are more knowledgeable about their reality. It is also a positive point for those who simply live in an area with a low supply of well-trained and experienced psychologists

4. Offers extra anonymity

Many people talk openly about the fact that they go to psychotherapy, but some still feel shy about telling this. Whether due to the remains of the stigma that in some cases exists about mental health or due to a simple matter of discretion, some people value that when it comes to going to psychotherapy they can count on an environment of anonymity.

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In the case of online therapy, this anonymity is almost total, since everything remains in a connection through the Internet… in most cases, without leaving home

5. A family atmosphere

Many patients notice a big difference between attending psychotherapy in the office and doing it from home

Opening up to a person with whom you do not have an intimate emotional connection is a little uncomfortable for some people (at least during the first sessions), but doing so in a place that is familiar to them and where they feel safe makes a lot of That feeling disappears. This, together with the work that psychologists do so that patients do not feel discomfort during the sessions, makes online therapy a good option.

6. Constant supervision

The technological tools that the Internet puts at our disposal make it possible for patients to establish a more constant flow of communication with therapists since there are many electronic devices that can connect to the network.

7. It can be cheaper

Not all psychology centers offer cheaper rates for online therapy, but in some cases, using this modality saves costs which translates into a more competitive price.

How to choose a psychology center that offers the option

When looking for a psychology center or clinic that allows you to contract the online therapy modality, the ideal is to check that it is a place where all the aforementioned advantages are met.


An example is UPAD PsicologĂ­a y Coaching, a psychology center in Madrid that offers a wide variety of psychological intervention formats to treat different problems and needs, and that has the possibility of doing online therapy at a somewhat lower price. On the other hand, by having a team that has experience in very diverse areas, the flexibility of online services is combined with the possibility of adapting to many types of clients and patients.

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