The 85 Best Art Phrases

art phrases

Without a doubt, it is through the use of arts such as music, painting or sculpture that human beings have managed to express themselves in a completely complete way, an activity thanks to which over time they have been able to immortalize some of their most profound thoughts. profound or some bucolic situations from your daily life.

There are many thinkers and artists who at some point in their lives have decided to speak out about what it means for them to carry out this activity, which is why We have decided to make a brief selection with the best famous quotes about art.

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Famous phrases and quotes about art

In addition, we have also decided to make a brief description of each of them in which we will reveal our personal interpretation, their meaning and what the artist wanted to communicate to us when making that specific comment.

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1. Music is synonymous with freedom, playing what you want and how you want, as long as it is good and has passion, that music is the food of love. (Kurt D. Cobain)

Music has always been a great escape for many people and at the time, this was also the only escape that a young man born in Washington named Kurt Cobain (Nirvana) managed to find.

2. Music is for the soul what gymnastics is for the body. (Plato)

It is thanks to music that many of us manage to get in touch with some of our most intense emotions, something that in practice will allow us to live a series of experiences that can even change us as individuals.

3. The world is full of small joys: the art consists of knowing how to distinguish them. (Li Tai-Po)

Art is the gift of knowing how to see beauty even in the smallest things, although on the other hand, it is also true that this highly developed level of sensitivity ends up transforming many artists into truly unhappy people.

4. I think that a life dedicated to music is a life beautifully spent, and that is what I have dedicated mine to. (Luciano Pavarotti)

Music has always been his great passion for Pavarotti, the only activity to which he was totally willing to dedicate his entire life.

5. The good thing about cinema is that for two hours the problems are someone else’s. (Pedro Ruiz)

Thanks to some arts such as cinema, many people are able to forget, even for a minute, about some of our most unwanted problems. This is undoubtedly why this art has millions of followers with each passing year.

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6. Without music life would be a mistake. (Friedrich Nietzsche)

Even the pragmatic philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche surrenders to the benefits of music, a type of art that can certainly greatly influence the lives of millions of people.

7. If inspiration does not come to me, I go out to meet it, halfway. (Sigmund Freud)

Without inspiration, no artist is capable of creating a great work, which is why many spend a large part of their lives searching for it diligently.

8. Sometimes you have to mess up the painting a little to be able to finish it. (Eugène Delacroix)

The errors of a work are sometimes its greatest virtue, because only by possessing these defects has that work been able to end up becoming something truly unique in the world.

9. Whoever cultivates fantasy in art is a little crazy. His problem lies in making that madness interesting. (François Truffaut)

Although all artists have their particular point of view, only some of them have a point of view that is attractive to others, normally it is that simple fact that ends up differentiating a bad artist from a good artist.

10. Inspiration and genius are almost the same thing. (Victor Hugo)

Only with great inspiration can truly important artistic works be created, whether by a recognized genius or by a mid-level artist.

11. It is not necessary to believe in what an artist says, but in what he does. (David Hockney)

As David Hockney reveals to us in this quote, a person can become a great artist and not become a good person in the private sphere.

12. Women and music should never be dated. (Oliver Goldsmith)

For Oliver Goldsmith, women and music have always been his two great passions, two interests that this writer undoubtedly shared with a large number of men today.

13. Music is the most direct art, it enters the ear and goes to the heart. (Magdalena Martínez)

Certainly, as they say, music has the power to tame beasts; even the toughest man can cry when he hears some of his favorite songs.

14. I am sure that with good music life lengthens. (Jehudi Menuhin)

Listening to music can lower our blood pressure, reduce our stress levels and greatly increase our feeling of happiness, characteristics that undoubtedly in the long term can help us live much longer.

15. Music is the heart of life. Through her love speaks; Without it no good is possible and with it everything is beautiful. (Franz Liszt)

Thanks to arts like music, human beings can successfully deal with some really complicated personal situations. Something that would otherwise be very difficult to do without the help of an expert psychologist.

16. It is not enough to hear the music; You also have to see it. (Igor Stravinsky)

In order to fully enjoy a song we must stop and listen carefully because otherwise, we will only be left with those most basic aspects that it offers us.

17. Composing is not difficult, the complicated thing is letting the superfluous notes fall under the table. (Johannes Brahms)

Musical composition is an art within the reach of only a few, an art for which sometimes we must learn to get rid of everything that really does not contribute anything to our song.

18. Nothing is more harmful to creativity than the fury of inspiration. (Umberto Eco)

An excessive inspiration can lead us to create a work that is too convoluted, so it is advisable that after a few hours of its completion we spend some time reviewing it to be able to eliminate everything that is not really needed.

19. Music can give a name to the unnameable and communicate the unknown. (Leonard Bernstein)

Some songs are capable of transmitting us a series of truly incredible experiences, something that could never be achieved with simple words.

20. When I was young I almost always read to learn; Today, sometimes, I read to forget. (Giovanni Papini)

Reading is an activity that can provide us with a great source of wisdom and at the same time allow us to forget, even if just for a second, the world around us, something that undoubtedly no other form of artistic expression is capable of doing.

21. He who listens to music feels that his loneliness is suddenly populated. (Robert Browning)

Thanks to music we can feel accompanied even in the most remote place in the world, which is why many people who live alone usually have hi-fi equipment.

22. Music is an echo of the invisible world. (Giuseppe Mazzini)

Music can transmit a series of emotions that transport us to fantasy worlds, a sensation with which many of us can metaphorically travel without leaving the comfort of our own home.

23. Anyone who gets angry because of criticism recognizes that they deserved it. (Tacit)

The most painful criticisms will always be those that we recognize as true, since we must recognize as individuals that sometimes it is difficult to accept some of our most unwanted defects.

24. The first merit of a painting is to be a feast for the eyes. (Eugène Delacroix)

If a painting is not beautiful and impressive, it is very difficult for it to be valued as it should, which is why, as Delacroix tells us in this quote, an aspect that is essential for every good painting is always being striking for the viewer.

25. In music all feelings return to their pure state and the world is nothing but music made real. (Arthur Schopenhauer)

Through music, many artists are able to faithfully express some of their deepest feelings, something that usually generates in the listener an instant spiritual connection with the artist.

26. A bad writer can become a good critic, for the same reason that a bad wine can also become a good vinegar. (François Mauriac)

We are all capable of being very skilled when practicing a certain activity. What often happens is that many of us have not yet found which activity we are really good at.

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27. No young writer wants constructive criticism as much as praise. (William Hill)

We all want to be praised when we begin our professional careers, and as most of us tend to discover, praise at work is often the unequivocal cause of great prior learning.

28. With the stones that critics try hard to throw at you, you can easily build a monument for yourself. (Immanuel Kant)

Thanks to criticism we can know what our mistakes are and with this, learn how we should solve them in order to become a better version of ourselves in the future.

29. There are only two rules for writing: having something to say and saying it. (Oscar Wilde)

Two basic rules that every writer should always remember, as they say colloquially, first think and then act.

30. Reading a book teaches more than talking to its author, because the author, in the book, has only put his best thoughts. (Rene Descartes)

By reading a writer we are able to enter his mind, a walk through his thoughts thanks to which we may be able to discover some of his most interesting values ​​and principles.

31. Criticism must be done in time; We must not let ourselves be carried away by the bad habit of criticizing only after the facts have been consummated. (Mao Tse-Tung)

Constructive criticism can greatly help an artist, sometimes vitally important information thanks to which he can avoid making an unnecessary mistake.

32. Art is not something that can be taken and left. It is necessary to live. (Oscar Wilde)

As the great writer that Oscar Wild was, art was a way of life, something he was simply never willing to live without.

33. A good wine is like a good movie: it lasts a moment and leaves a taste of glory in your mouth; It is new in every sip and, as happens with movies, it is born and reborn in every taste. (Federico Fellini)

Fellini was undoubtedly one of the greatest geniuses of what is known as the Seventh Art, a master thanks to whom today we can enjoy great films such as Casanova, Amarcord or La Dolce Vita.

34. Works of art are always born from those who have faced danger, from those who have gone to the extreme of experience, to the point that no human can surpass. The more you see, the more your own, the more personal, the more unique a life becomes. (Rainer Maria Rilke)

In order to create a work of art, we must first go on a great inner journey, a day of reflection through which we can find all the inspiration we need to be able to express ourselves as we wish.

35. Music constitutes a revelation higher than any philosophy. (Ludwig van Beethoven)

Music has the intrinsic power to give us a new way of seeing the world around us, something that philosophy according to Beethoven had never managed to possess.

36. If I paint my dog ​​exactly as it is, naturally I will have two dogs, but not a work of art. (Goethe)

This quote reveals to us that for this famous 19th century German playwright, the best artistic representation was always one that did not represent reality with great accuracy.

37. Learning music by reading music theory is like making love by mail. (Luciano Pavarotti)

As Lucano Pavarotti comments in this phrase, only through constant practice can an artist become a great musician in the future.

38. The purpose of art is to embody the secret essence of things, not to copy their appearance. (Aristotle)

Art does not have to be a reliable representation of reality, since in many cases it is this clear lack of reality that grants a work the category of art.

39. Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working. (Pablo Picasso)

Pablo Picasso was always an artist very dedicated to his art, thanks to working long hours this painter managed to create some of his most recognizable works.

40. Music is the arithmetic of sounds, as optics is the geometry of light. (Claude Debussy)

Music is much more complicated than it sometimes seems at first glance, I encourage you if you are interested in the musical world to learn to play an instrument so you can see all the complexity that can exist behind a simple song.

41. In truth, if it weren’t for music, there would be more reasons to go crazy. (Petr Ilyich Tchaikovsky)

It is thanks to music that many people manage to put their emotions in order in their daily lives, something that, as Tchaikosvki tells us in this quote, they would not be able to do if it were not for its existence.

42. No great artist sees things as they really are; If he did, he would stop being an artist. (Oscar Wilde)

All great artists tend to have a way of seeing the world around them in a truly peculiar way and only by possessing that eccentric point of view are they able to contact the art that characterizes them.

43. The man of talent is naturally inclined to criticize, because he sees more things than other men and he sees them better. (Montesquieu)

Sometimes having a great talent for a certain art will also allow us to see the defects that others have when performing it, although it will always ultimately depend on us to communicate their mistakes or the fact of not doing so.

44. Notice life while living, catch a glimpse of its implacable greatness, enjoy time and the people who inhabit it, celebrate life and the dream of living, that is its art. (Domenico Cieri Estrada)

Living life to its fullest can be considered an art in itself, a very interesting art that all of us should start practicing as soon as possible.

45. Musicians are terribly unreasonable. They always want you to be completely mute at the very moment you want to be completely deaf. (Oscar Wilde)

Some musicians do not know how to receive constructive criticism, a very negative way of being that always ends up causing great damage in the long run.

46. ​​Our criticism consists of reproaching others for not having the qualities that we believe we have. (Jules Renard)

As they say, he who is free from sin should cast the first stone. Who are we to discredit the art of others? This is a question that we should all ask ourselves before making any type of criticism.

47. In art as in love, tenderness is what gives strength. (Oscar Wilde)

Great works of art have usually been able to be created thanks to the great sensitivity that their creator possessed or possesses, something that shows us that in many cases to be able to accomplish great tasks we will need a large dose of tenderness and patience.

48. All artists have in common the experience of the unfathomable distance that exists between the work of their hands, no matter how accomplished, and the dazzling perfection of beauty perceived in the fervor of the creative moment: what they manage to express in what they They paint, sculpt or create is only a faint reflection of the splendor that for a few moments has shone before the eyes of their spirit. (John Paul II)

Art is a form of expression with which we can capture some of our wildest thoughts, an act that we would never be able to carry out with just the simple use of words.

49. Without art life would be a mistake. (Friedrich Nietzsche)

Life without art would undoubtedly be much more gray and dull, a situation of great negativity in society that many people would like to have to go through.

50. Bad books cause bad habits and bad habits cause good books. (Rene Descartes)

The search for inspiration has led a large number of artists to develop addictions, something that for example happened to Heminway, Van Gogh or Janis Joplin.

51. The art of music is the closest to tears and memories. (Oscar Wilde)

Certainly music has the power to temporarily transport us to some of the important moments in our lives, which is why some of our favorite songs will accompany us until the last of our days.

52. A painter is a man who paints what he sells. An artist, on the other hand, is a man who sells what he paints. (Pablo Picasso)

For Pablo Picasso his art was above everything, whether or not the public liked his works was simply irrelevant to him.

53. What is acting, if not lying? And what is acting well, if not lying to convince? (Sir Laurence Olivier)

All great artists know very well that they must internalize their art if they wish to be able to represent it at its best. A very complicated fact to achieve in practice, and in order to achieve it we will have to ask ourselves some existential questions.

54. Great elevations of the soul are not possible except in solitude and silence. (Arturo Graf)

Some artists need to isolate themselves from the world in order to connect with their art. A practice that was used in its day by, for example, Da Vinci, Dalí, Hemingway or Warhol.

55. Painting is silent poetry; blind painting poetry. (Leonardo da Vinci)

As the great Leornado Da Vinci tells us in this quote, each art gives us people a totally unique way of expressing ourselves.

56. Music composes broken spirits and relieves the work that comes from the spirit. (Miguel de Cervantes)

Music has the power to heal our hearts and encourage us to live our lives with greater intensity. There are many people who could not live their daily lives normally without having music in their lives.

57. Architecture is frozen music. (Arthur Schopenhauer)

Architecture is undoubtedly a truly beautiful art, only with it are we able to transport ourselves to fantasy worlds even when we are awake.

58. Criticism will not be pleasant, but it is necessary. (Winston Churchill)

Constructive criticism can greatly help us in our ascent; only if we know how to accept and internalize them will we become the great artist that many of us want to be.

59. Music begins where language ends. (ETA Hoffmann)

Music is an art that has the ability to awaken in us some really intense emotions, something that with words would be practically impossible to replicate.

60. The art of conducting consists of knowing when to abandon the baton so as not to disturb the orchestra. (Herbert Von Karajan)

As this famous conductor tells us, sometimes the best thing we can do is not bother the artist when he is displaying all his talent.

61. Music is the language of God. (Paramahamsa Vishwananda)

Many people see a divine action in art.

62. Art is not what you see, but what you make others see. (Edgar Degas)

In art we can find deep messages and criticisms of society.

63. A work of art is the unique result of a unique temperament. (Oscar Wilde)

The best artists always had great temperaments.

64. Art is a lie that brings us closer to the truth. (Pablo Picasso)

Art almost always tells us about the reality that surrounds us.

65. The duty of an artist is to make the invisible visible. (Juan Fabuel)

A very accurate phrase that tells us about the objective of art.

66. Art is to console those who are broken by life. (Vincent van Gogh)

A truly disturbing phrase uttered by one of the best painters of the 19th century.

67. The painter has the universe in his mind and in his hands. (Leonardo da Vinci)

Da Vinci is considered by many to be the greatest artist of all time.

68. Art is not a mirror to reflect reality, but a hammer to give it shape. (Bertolt Brecht)

One of the most remembered phrases of this German playwright and poet.

69. Love the art inside you, not you making art. (Konstantin Stanislavski)

Good advice for anyone who wants to become an artist.

70. Art is the expression of the deepest thoughts through the simplest path. (Albert Einstein)

Even a genius in physics and mathematics like Einstein left us accurate reflections on art.

71. There are no rules in art, because art is free. (Wassily Kandinsky)

The freedom that art has is not found in practically any other discipline of human behavior.

72. Art is above all a state of the soul. (Marc Chagall)

A truly moving and suggestive phrase about art.

73. An artist is able to show things that other people would be afraid to express. (Louise Bourgeois)

Art is based on bravery, transgression and staying one step ahead of society.

74. Creative people are curious, flexible, persistent and independent with a tremendous spirit of adventure and a love of play. (Henri Matisse)

If you have all these characteristics, you can consider yourself an artist.

75. I never paint dreams or nightmares. I paint my own reality. (Frida Kahlo)

Frida Kahlo was one of the best artists of her time and left us great phrases written in her diaries.

76. What would life be if we didn’t have the courage to try something new? (Vincent van Gogh)

A truly profound definition of what art is.

77. What distinguishes a great artist from a mediocre one is, first, his sensitivity, second, his imagination and third, his application. (Salman Rushdie)

A good summary of the characteristics that a good artist must have.

78. The artist knows what he is doing, but for it to be worthwhile he must jump over that barrier and do what he does not know. (Eduardo Chillida)

A truly interesting maxim pronounced by one of the best Spanish sculptors in history.

79. Art is the freedom of genius. (Adolf Loos)

Freedom is one of the elements that best define art.

80. There is no retirement for an artist; Art is a way of life and as such it has no end. (Henry Moore)

Most established artists work throughout their lives.

81. An artist is someone who produces things that people don’t need to have but that he, for some reason, thinks would be a good idea to give them. (Andy Warhol)

Warhol based his entire artistic production on this maxim.

82. The work cannot be better than the artist. (Alejandro Dolina)

A somewhat surprising phrase from this great Argentine musician and writer.

83. Sending light to the heart of man, that is the duty of an artist. (Robert Schumann)

A truly beautiful vision that sums up the artists’ mission.

84. The artist must have a lot of time, free time, to do nothing, just sit and let the ideas come. (Mark Rothko)

Some of the greatest artists in history spent long periods of their lives contemplating their surroundings and reflecting.

85. To be an artist you have to learn the laws of nature. (Auguste Renoir)

Artists are great connoisseurs of the world around them.