The Best Names For Unicorns

The names for unicorns They can be inspired by nature, mythology, fantasy or simply your creativity. Discover more names in the following sections of the article.

Names for unicorns

Names inspired by nature


Star is a charming name that evokes the magic of the universe and the light that shines in the darkness. This name captures the resplendent beauty of a unicorn and its connection to the cosmos.


The Moon is a symbol of mystery and transformation, and the name Luna reflects this magic in a unicorn. Associated with the night and intuition, this name conveys a feeling of serenity and charm.


Rainbow is a name full of color and joy, which represents the diversity and beauty of nature. For a unicorn, this name symbolizes the magic and hope that a rainbow in the sky brings.


Clouds evoke images of softness and lightness, and the name Cloud reflects this feeling in a unicorn. This name brings with it an atmosphere of calm and tranquility, like floating in a clear sky.


Flowers are symbols of beauty and renewal, and the name Flower for a unicorn represents the delicacy and flourishing of nature. This name is ideal for a magical being who radiates love and harmony.

Names based on mythology


Artemis is a name that evokes the image of the Greek goddess of hunting and nature. Considered a feminine name, it represents strength and independence, qualities associated with the goddess Artemis in Greek mythology.

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Aurora is a name inspired by the Roman goddess of dawn, known for her beauty and luminosity. This feminine name conveys the idea of ​​new beginnings and hope, reflecting the symbology of the goddess Aurora in classical legends.


Calypso is a name that is related to the figure of the nymph from Greek mythology, known for her charm and her ability to cast a spell on those around her. This feminine name suggests mystery and attraction, symbolizing Calypso’s power of seduction in ancient stories.


Diana is a name that refers to the Roman goddess of hunting, the moon and wild nature. This feminine name conveys connection with nature and protection of the most vulnerable beings, reflecting the duality of strength and compassion associated with the goddess Diana in Roman mythology.


Eirene is a name that comes from the Greek goddess of peace and tranquility. This feminine name suggests harmony and serenity, evoking the image of the goddess Eirene as a symbol of peace and harmony in Greek mythology. Discover the magic of these names based on mythology to give your unicorn a special touch!

Neutral names for unicorns


Luminous like a ray of light in the darkness, Aether is a perfect name for those unicorns who transmit positive energy and peace. Its meaning evokes the ethereal and the celestial, representing the purity and magic of these mystical creatures.


Sky blue

With a meaning related to the celestial and the divine, Celeste is a majestic name for a unicorn. She evokes the serenity of blue skies and the harmony of nature, reflecting the beauty and grace of this magical creature.

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Éon is a name that transcends time and space, symbolizing eternity and immensity. Perfect for a unicorn that represents the connection with the infinite and timeless, this name evokes the magic and mystery of these fantastic beings.


With a meaning related to harmony and balance, Harmony is a name that reflects the peace and tranquility that a unicorn can convey. It represents the union between nature and magic, creating a positive and comforting energy.


Mystic is a name that evokes the mysterious and enigmatic, perfect for a unicorn that represents magic and fascination. Its meaning reflects the connection with the unknown and the supernatural, creating an aura of mysticism and charm around this fantastic creature.

Names with a touch of fantasy

In this section, we will explore some names for unicorns that evoke mystery and magic, ideal for giving a special touch to your imaginary creature. Discover some lovely options below:


Luminaris is a name that suggests light and radiance, perfect for a unicorn that shines with its own charm and energy. This name evokes the image of a radiant and heavenly being.


Althaiel is a mystical name that conveys elegance and grace. With an ethereal and charming air, this name reflects the unique beauty of a unicorn endowed with magic and charm.


Zephyria is a name that evokes the soft and comforting breeze, associated with freedom and serenity. Ideal for a unicorn that represents the delicacy and harmony of nature.


The name Mystique suggests an aura of mystery and enigma, perfect for a unicorn endowed with special powers and secrets to discover. This name invites you to explore the unknown and the fascinating.

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Astreon is a name that conveys strength and nobility, inspired by the stars and cosmic greatness. Ideal for a unicorn that stands out for its bravery and indomitable spirit.