The Main Advantages Of Online Psychotherapy For Patients

The main advantages of online psychotherapy for patients

Online psychotherapy is an increasingly widespread and popular form of psychological intervention, but it is still relatively common that many people have never heard of it.

In this sense, the theory is easy to understand: online psychological therapy is a form of psychotherapy in which the patient and professional are not face to face, but rather the sessions occur through a digital platform on the Internet (mainly through programs video call). However… what benefits does this imply in practice?

In this article We will review the advantages that online psychotherapy offers the patientpointing out the aspects why many people choose this format and prefer it to face-to-face.

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The most important advantages of online psychological therapy for patients

These are the most positive and beneficial aspects of online psychotherapy from the patients’ point of view.

1. Provides the effectiveness of face-to-face psychotherapy

The first and most important thing is that online psychological therapy offers the same effectiveness as online therapy in the vast majority of cases. The beneficial effects of this intervention are maintained over time once the therapeutic process is finished in the same way that occurs with face-to-face psychotherapy. In addition, many of the therapeutic resources used in the consultation also have a digital version.

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Accessible online therapy
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2. Saves time

Another advantage of online psychotherapy is that it saves the patient travel time, both to the idea and back., which could perfectly mean having an extra hour of free time every time you “go to the psychologist.” Additionally, at the start of each session, the patient is more likely to be more relaxed and rested.

3. It’s easier to include in the schedule

Because the time dedicated to psychotherapy does not include the trip, it is easier to “sneak” these sessions into the schedule. In this way patients can avoid overlaps and arriving late to the sites.

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4. It makes it possible to go to therapy in a familiar environment that the patient knows

In most cases, online psychotherapy sessions are carried out with the patient at home. This makes some people feel more comfortable and relax more easily in the first sessions.being less “defensive” due to the stress of expressing insecurities and fears while being surrounded by an unknown environment.

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5. Makes therapy more accessible for people with mobility issues

Some people who need professional psychological support but suffer from certain physical complications that make it difficult for them to move. This fact means that a good part of the elderly population does not consider going to the psychologist. However, The online modality is available wherever there is an Internet connectionso today practically everyone can use it.

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6. It is more economical

Since online psychotherapy allows you to reduce costs since it is not necessary to receive patients in the consultation and the process is carried out through digital platforms, This is reflected in the final price the customer pays.. In this way, psychological intervention services over the Internet are also more accessible financially.

6. Provides extra anonymity

Although face-to-face psychotherapy always guarantees confidentiality in the sense that the information provided to the psychologist will not be disseminated, online psychotherapy provides extra discretion, because it is not necessary to go to the psychology consultation. In fact, it is not necessary to leave home.

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7. Makes it less likely to abandon therapy

With online psychotherapy, being traveling is not an excuse for not attending one or more sessions with the psychologist. This prevents patients from being tempted to throw in the towel and abandon treatment. In this way, there is a lower risk that all the progress made up to that point will be for nothing due to the interruption of that process.

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