Things That Only Highly Sensitive People Understand

Things that only highly sensitive people understand

Highly sensitive people have great emotional depth, need to spend time alone and have an excess of empathy, among other specific characteristics. It is estimated that approximately 15-20% of the population can be classified as highly sensitive(1). This trait, present in all areas of life, brings unique experiences and challenges for those who possess it.

However, recognizing this trait not only improves the daily lives of highly sensitive people (HSPs), but also enriches society due to its emotional and sensory depth. In this PsychologyFor article, we reveal some things that only highly sensitive people they understand and that can help you understand them better.

They have great emotional depth

If something characterizes PAS people, it is their ability to experiencing emotions with a higher than average intensity. They experience both the joys and the sorrows with great depth. For example, a movie scene may bring uncontrollable tears, while an argument may leave a deep emotional mark on them. However, this intensity is not limited to negative emotions, because in positive experiences they also feel fullness and are usually incomparable to other people.

They are overloaded with sensory stimuli

Noise, bright lights, crowds, textures, and even tastes can be particularly stressful for HSPs. This sensory sensitivity often causes HSPs to prefer calm and controlled environments, where the stimuli from the environment are balanced. A particularly busy day at the mall can be terribly exhausting and cause a person to need time alone to recover.

They need to spend time alone

One of the things that only highly sensitive people understand is that, in order to process and recover from emotional and sensory overload, they need regular periods of solitude. This time alone allows them to recharge and return to a state of emotional balance. It is not about avoiding socializing, but rather a fundamental need for your well-being. At this time, we recommend reading this article on How to deal with emotional overload.

Things Only Highly Sensitive People Understand - They Need to Spend Time Alone

They perceive the nuances and details

Another characteristic of HSPs is their ability to observe and appreciate details that other people miss, such as subtle changes in someone’s body language or tone of voice. Although this ability allows them better understand the emotions and thoughts of others can also be counterproductive, as it sometimes causes an overinterpretation of social signals.

They have an excess of empathy

One of the things that only highly sensitive people understand is the pain of the world. HSPs are often excellent friends and listeners; However, their high empathy can make them absorb other people’s emotions and make other people’s problems their own. In fact, high sensitivity implies a deep awareness of the difficulties and injustices suffered by people and groups.

They feel greater vulnerability to stress

Due to their high sensitivity, PAS may be more prone to stress. What’s more, situations that other people may consider normal and challenging can be extremely exhausting. For example, a competitive and demanding work environment or a job focused on customer service can affect the emotional and mental well-being of highly sensitive people. First of all, we recommend this article on How to improve your emotional well-being.

Things that only highly sensitive people understand - They feel greater vulnerability to stress

They seek a (greater) meaning in life

What is the meaning of existence? Is there life after death? What can I do to help more people? Highly sensitive people often seek a deeper meaning in both their existence and their actions. That is, they are not satisfied with a superficial attitude towards life and They tend to reflect on the purpose of their actions and relationships. Often, this search for meaning can lead them to pursue career paths and people that resonate with their deepest values.

They react negatively to criticism

Just as highly sensitive people analyze and interpret—sometimes wrongly—the small gestures of others, they also internalize the words and actions of other people. For this same reason, criticism, even if it is constructive, can deeply affect HSPs. They feel hurt or discouraged by comments that other people they would consider harmless.

They feel a deep connection with nature

HSPs often find comfort and peace in nature. Natural environments are the perfect place to take refuge and disconnect from the demands of the modern world. Walks in the woods, a walk on the beach, or simply being outdoors can be extremely revitalizing. For example, it may also be good for them to do a forest bath.

Things that only highly sensitive people understand - They feel a deep connection with nature

They are very creative

Another thing that only highly sensitive people understand is that higher sensitivity usually leads to great creativity. For this reason, many HSPs are artists, writers, musicians or are dedicated to professions that require innovative and original thinking. The ability to feel and perceive the world intensely The environment that surrounds them fuels their creativity and allows them to conceive wonderful works.

They have difficulty saying “no”

The desire to help and avoid conflict can cause take on more responsibilities than they can handle. Furthermore, highly sensitive people often find it difficult to reject proposals, even when they are aware that they must do so to take care of themselves. All of this leads to an increase in stress levels and greater psychological, emotional and physical exhaustion.

They are sensitive to injustices

The PAS have a strong sense of justice and equity. So much so that the inequalities and cruelty of the world affect them deeply. However, this sensitivity can lead them to get involved in social and humanitarian causes, seeking to make the world a more just and compassionate place.

Things that only highly sensitive people understand - They are sensitive to injustices

They need to forge deep relationships

Likewise, highly sensitive people They value sincere, deep and authentic bonds. That is, HSPs prefer to surround themselves with people who understand and respect their sensitivity rather than connecting superficially. These types of relationships provide them with a sense of belonging and emotional support that is essential for their well-being.

This article is merely informative, at PsychologyFor we do not have the power to make a diagnosis or recommend a treatment. We invite you to go to a psychologist to treat your particular case.

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