10 Tips For Highly Sensitive People (HSP)

How to deal with high sensitivity? What advice should we follow if we are highly sensitive people or HSPs? Discover how to deal with the characteristics of highly sensitive people.

Tips for highly sensitive people

Highly sensitive people, or HSPs, are those who are easily overwhelmed by stimuli, for example, they become stressed by loud noises or smells, as well as are extremely perceptive. PAS people often require a lot of time for themselves to maintain balance and a certain tranquility in their lives. Furthermore, it is important for a highly sensitive person to try to respect this personality trait and do everything possible to not become emotionally exhausted. But what advice highly sensitive people should follow to live better?

What is a highly sensitive person like?

The HSP or highly sensitive people They are more inclined to feel the emotional ups and downs that we all experience, but in a much more extreme way. Although being more reactive to events is not bad, the reality is that one of the characteristics of highly sensitive people is precisely being more prone to experiencing stress.

Reactivity is especially common when people feel overstimulated. In the case of someone with a highly sensitive personality there is greater reactivity to both external and internal stimuli.

Furthermore, on many occasions sensitive or highly sensitive people often feel comments of ‘you are too sensitive’ from their environment. These types of trials can also leave a mark on the highly sensitive people and make them feel bad because of this personality trait.

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Tips for highly sensitive people

Being a highly sensitive person In the era of overstimulation it is not easy. This happens precisely because these people are genetically predisposed to overstimulation and reactivity. As a result, they are prone to having strong reactions to everything that happens both inside and around them. Because of this, there are a series of tips for highly sensitive people that can help you live with this personality trait:

  1. Recognize the triggers for reactivity: Extremely sensitive people or HSPs often have some common triggers that make them overstimulated or cause reactivity in certain situations. The more aware you are of this, the more likely you are to create a strategy when faced with high sensitivity In this way, being more aware, that is, self-awareness allows you to avoid situations of overstimulation before becoming too reactive.
  2. Learn the advantages and disadvantages: Having this personality trait has its benefits and cons. Therefore, learning it can help you handle situations better and increase your self-esteem. He power of sensitivity It is that you are able to see the beauty behind situations, something that can also help you have more creativity and imagination.
  3. Anticipate: Be HSP It does not imply reacting strongly to all stimuli. In fact, there is evidence that depending on upbringing or personality is what determines which stimuli highly sensitive people will react most to. Thus, one of the tips for highly sensitive people to improve this reactivity is precisely to try to anticipate these stimuli. Taking action can help you stop feeling tired due to this emotional and sensory overstimulation. Tips for HSPs
  4. Self-care: The PAS people They feel things intensely. This includes both your own emotions and those of others. Therefore, crowds, noises, and some conversations can be difficult for extremely sensitive people to endure. Because of this, it is important to practice more conscious personal self-care in these aspects. For example, one of the best tips that highly sensitive people can follow is to practice meditation or mindfulness, as these exercises will allow them to better identify their emotions and manage stress.
  5. Establish a sleep routine: Sleep is one of the factors that can make us more sensitive to stress. So, especially for a highly sensitive person it is vital to have a sleep routine that allows you to rest the eight hours necessary to be completely rested during the day.
  6. Remember to reward yourself: Although having HSP traits It is not a defect, it is very possible that you feel bad because you tend to be easily bothered by things that do not bother others. For example, taking time to develop your skills and hobbies can be a way to reward yourself for bad times or tense situations you have experienced.
  7. Take time alone: For sensitive people it is important to dedicate some time to inactivity. Above all, enjoying nature or solitude is vital to recharge your energy from the overstimulation of everyday life.
  8. Perform exercise: Physical exercise can help you combat some of the HSP traits which can increase stress or anxiety. First of all, if you want to follow these tips for highly sensitive people, you should know that it is better to do it before night, since our nervous system takes a few hours to relax.
  9. Speak it: A highly sensitive person or HSP Not only are they more affected by noises, strong smells or other stimuli in the environment, but they may also feel more affected by the behaviors or attitudes of others. In these cases, it is vital to talk about it with people you trust, as this will avoid some negative thoughts that may affect you.
  10. Go to therapy: The more sensitive people They tend to be more prone to experiencing disorders such as anxiety or depression. For this reason, if your emotions are overwhelming you, we recommend that you go to a professional psychologist before it gets worse.
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One of the best advice for highly sensitive people they may receive is that they should pay more attention to their physical and mental health due to their personality. Even so, being an PAS also implies great advantages and skills in life.