10 Tricks To Be More Sociable And Fun

Being a person with the ability to communicate with others, knowing how to speak in meetings and meeting new people is what defines the sociable people

If, in addition to these qualities, we add a certain self-confidence, spontaneity and desire to live, we can be faced with a sociable and fun person: those types of people who make us have a good time and who manage to arouse sympathy from almost everyone.

Being sociable: an advantage for different areas of life

In addition to the clear advantages that being sociable can bring in leisure environments, it is also worth noting that, increasingly, Companies value sociability and communication skills

In a world where machines replace human work, the virtue of knowing how to communicate well and connect with interlocutors is becoming more important, and it is for this reason that corporations look for professional profiles that empathetic and open-minded people that help them know the tastes of their potential clients or that they know how to connect with managers from other companies.

10 tricks to be more sociable, fun and empathetic

If you are a slightly shy or reserved person, you should know that social and communication skills can be learned. In fact, connecting with other people is one of the most trainable abilities we have. We are social beings by nature, and If you put these tips and tricks into practice you can improve in this aspect

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1. The importance of trusting yourself

This may be easy to say, but It is not so easy to put into practice if you start from a slightly reduced self-esteem Or you have gotten used to thinking that meeting people is not your thing. You have to know that we all have things that make us unique and special, curious stories and a vision of reality that distinguishes us.

If you are able to value yourself, you will be able to approach those people you want to meet with confidence, and It will be much easier to connect personally and emotionally

2. Don’t be afraid to talk to strangers

One of the things that will decisively help you improve your social skills is Throw yourself into the ring and start talking to people you don’t know very well For example, you can try to talk to people you trust more, about topics that are comfortable for you, such as some current news or something that genuinely draws your attention to your interlocutor. You will see how the vast majority of people react positively to your questions.

Little by little, if you practice this point, You will notice that it is less and less difficult for you to start conversations and you dare to talk to people who previously imposed more pressure on you

3. Look into the eyes of your interlocutor

It is important that you get used to have eye contact with the person you talk to. Not only will you convey greater self-confidence, but it will also allow you to connect and generate empathy with your interlocutor.

Also note that It is very positive that you can have touches of humor Surely the person you talk to will value your humor and empathize with you more. Of course, it is not a good idea to exceed certain limits in humor. At least in the first contacts, let’s use a pleasant type of joke that cannot cause discomfort.

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4. Be genuinely interested in your interlocutor

Do you like it when another person is genuinely interested in you? It is very likely that you will answer yes to this question. We like to feel valued, and therefore It feels good to us that there are other human beings who want to know us better

If you like other people to be interested in you, the same thing happens to other people. Therefore, It is a good idea that you are the one who promotes the interaction Without appearing to be interrogating them, fluid and enjoyable communication can give you the tools to be more sociable and fun. Above all, touch on topics that can unite you, such as common interests.

5. Don’t limit yourself to interacting with your close circle

You should encourage yourself to start conversations not only with the people who are around you most of the time, but also with people you coincide with in more informal contexts and situations If you always surround yourself and talk to the same circle of people, you will tend to stay in your comfort zone.

Look for places and situations where you can meet new people and put into practice your sociability and your ability to communicate and empathize.

6. Keep in touch

If you know someone you would like to meet again on another occasion, do not hesitate to ask for some form of contact (facebook, phone, email…). This way, you will have a quick way to hear from that person again and, if you both want, you can meet somewhere again and resume your friendship.

In our age of technologies and social networks, many friendships can stay alive over time thanks to this medium Take advantage of it.

7. Join activities that are carried out in groups

If you carry out activities with more people (such as training courses, team sports, discussions on a topic that interests you…), you will force yourself to meet new people and cooperate

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This can be very useful if in your daily life you don’t have places to expand your horizons. Surely joining one of these groups, or even going to the gym, It can be very helpful when developing your sociability

8. Be someone who is pleasant to be with

Don’t underestimate the importance of smiling, being gentle, and having good manners with other people. It is easy to deduce that We are all attracted to those people who make us feel good

This is one of the most important tips if you want to develop your sociability and empathy, because if you are kind you will notice that others begin to treat you the same well in return.

9. Practice whenever you can

Your family circle and your closest friends can be a good test bed for opening up and socializing. You can put all the techniques and tricks mentioned above into practice with them: Be interested in their lives, keep in touch if you are not close to them, empathize with them do activities out of the ordinary…

If you have an exciting and active life, you will not only be more sociable and interesting but you will attract more people to want to meet you.

10. Don’t worry if an interaction doesn’t go as you expected.

Losing the means to relate to others as well It means accepting that not everything always turns out the way we want In fact, you have to keep in mind that sometimes the people you’re trying to interact with won’t be in the mood. It happens to all of us sometimes and we don’t have to think about it any further.

No problem! Don’t take responsibility for it. For every person who is not in an open state of mind towards you, you will find several who will want to get to know you. Learning to be more sociable and fun also involves fighting shyness and being more open with others, even if sometimes someone may not be very nice to us. This should not affect us.

If you are kind, open and friendly, You will meet people who will bring positive things to your life This is not a 100-meter sprint, but rather an attitude that you have to consider in the medium and long term. You will notice how your life changes for the better as you progress.