110 Phrases By Joaquín Sabina To Understand His Songs

Joaquin Sabina is a Spanish singer-songwriter, born in Úbeda (Jaén) in 1949.

Without a doubt, he is one of the most prominent figures in contemporary Spanish music and stands out, in addition to his broken voice and his unique style, for his lyrics full of feeling.

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Best phrases and verses by Joaquín Sabina

Joaquín Sabina is a musician, but he could perfectly have been a street poet. In today’s article, we have selected 110 phrases from his great songs Enjoy them!

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1. When the city paints its neon lips, you will get on my cardboard horse… your days can be stolen from me, not your nights

A beautiful woman crossed Joaquín Sabina’s path and left him speechless.

2. This goodbye does not mask a see you later, this never does not hide a hopefully, this ash does not play with fire, this blind man does not look back

Looking back can be a problem if we want to continue growing.

3. Don’t be too smart, don’t invest in Christ, don’t act stupid

Tricking the staff to get his way…

4. When the final period of the endings is not followed by two ellipses

This is, without a doubt, an “it’s over.”

5. She always had a very high forehead, a very long tongue and a very short skirt.

A quote from Joaquín Sabina in reference to a very problematic woman.

6. Where is the song you made for me when you were a poet? It ended so sad that I could never start it

The sadness of a breakup is painful Extracted from the song “Barbie Superstar”.

7. These lips that taste like goodbye, like vinegar in the wounds, like a seasonal handkerchief

Goodbye kisses invite sadness.

8. And life continued, as things continue that don’t make much sense.

Not all relationships end with a happy ending.

9. But tonight a prisoner opens his freedom

A phrase from Sabina that invites reflection.

10. The worst thing about love is when it passes… the good thing about years is that they heal wounds, the bad thing about kisses is that they create addiction

Heartbreak is, without a doubt, one of the most difficult experiences that human beings can go through.

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11. There was a future in the hungry pupils of mature men

Anyone has seen older men desperate to conquer a young, beautiful woman.

12. Hang on to whoever loves you, don’t die except for love…

Unrequited love can be a devastating experience.

13. And I who had sworn to die without issue, as my father died

A phrase for free interpretation

14. Even if I keep dying for you, I will go with the first one who loves me…

Heartbreak can turn us into desperate people looking for affection in the arms of anyone.

15. It depends on you and on me that between the two of us it remains yesterday night, today morning

A night full of passion that lasts an eternity.

16. Ambiguous hours that mix the drunk and the early riser

At night the best and the worst happen.

17. A kiss is just an assault and the bed is a boxing ring

Going from a kiss to bed is what we all look for with that person we love.

18. There are women who drag suitcases loaded with rain

Saying goodbye in a kiss hurts more than anything in this world.

19. Men cheat more than women; women, better

It is said that women are smarter when it comes to infidelities.

20. And the blood galloping through my veins and a cloud of sand inside my heart, and this streak of love without appetite…

The excerpt of a lyric from a Sabina song. Without a doubt, pure poetry.

21. Now that without knowing, we have known, to love each other, as we should, without loving each other, still

A far-fetched quote but with a lot of feeling.

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22. There where paths cross, where the sea cannot be conceived, where the fugitive always returns, let’s say I’m talking about Madrid

Madrid is a beautiful city where you can get lost.

23. Before you love me like you love a cat, I’ll run away with anyone who looks like you.

When they tell you they love you but in reality they don’t do anything for you.

24. I don’t like investing in chimeras, your hips have brought me here and not your heart

Sometimes, we just feel passionate about someone.

25. How short a time eternal life lasts through the tunnel of your legs

A tunnel that more than one would like to go through.

26. The atrocious thing is not wanting to know who you are, old water, scorched earth

The past must be buried and left behind.

27. Spending money and life, little by little I gave it up for lost

In the end. When it doesn’t work, you have to let it go.

28. Often the most urgent lips are in no hurry two kisses later

You may want to kiss her, but then you want to enjoy her.

29. I fall asleep at the funerals of my generation

A phrase from Sabina that invites you to think.

30. The wooden suit that I will wear for the first time is not even fitted, the priest who is to give me last rites is not even an altar boy.

A quote full of irony.

31. I can get cheesy and say: your lips taste the same to me as the lips I kiss in my dreams…

Love makes us get cheesy with the person we love.

32. Ladies at night, who in the back seat of a car did not ask if you loved them

Another phrase that could well be extracted from some poetic verses.

33. It is not me, nor you, nor anyone, they are the miserable fingers that wind my watch

The seconds and minutes depend on it.

34. I gave him my nights and my bread, my anguish, my laughter, in exchange for his kisses and his haste

People change when we are in love.

35. Worse for the sun, which goes into the cradle of the sea at seven o’clock to snore, while a servant lifts the moon’s skirt.

Nice words from Joaquín Sabina.

36. Unstable weather is announced between the two, storms appear in your eyes

There are women who are a tornado.

37. Water extinguishes the fire and the burning of the years

A quote that can be interpreted in different ways.

38. Don’t get lost if I shout at you, get lost

Some funny words full of humor.

39. And what about the critic who, indignantly, accuses me of playing too much Russian roulette?

Sometimes we don’t look at ourselves and blame others

40. Why invest in cans of boba soup? It’s like varnishing your own coffin.

A phrase that has the meaning you want to give it.

41. It is convenient to let a good reputation fall at the foot of the bed, today you have an opportunity to show that you are a woman as well as a lady

You don’t have to always be tough.

42. Who cares after death if someone has their vices?

Many enjoy their vices and use these phrases to deceive themselves.

43. Where do you think you are going, what do you think I am, don’t look back, I’m gone

One eventually gets tired and leaves…

44. The night you lost your fear of fear was so short that it still lasts

When you step forward and overcome your fears.

45. May dreams be true lies

Dreaming is free and has a lot of meaning.

46. ​​It depends on you and me that between the two of us it remains yesterday night, today morning

The magical nights will always be remembered.

47. This cowardly way of not telling us no, be with you, be without you so bitter

It’s not always easy to confess.

48. I perhaps look for an encounter that will brighten my day and I find nothing but doors that deny what they hide

When you only think about looking for happiness, you rarely find it.

49. I will call her tomorrow today I was late, this cowardly way of not saying no

An excuse that affects yourself, a way of self-deception.

50. There are women who don’t even tell the truth when they lie.

Irony is part of this sentence.

51. You better learn to live on the dividing line that goes from boredom to passion

Passion moves the world, it moves people.

52. I am not addicted to opera stars; They cultivate the muscle of the vocal cords and seem to me more like athletes than artists.

A comparison between opera singers and athletes.

53. Stranger was that summer, when it didn’t stop snowing…

Humor is an essential part of this curious quote.

54. I never had more religion than a woman’s body

Their God are, and will be, women.

55. The good thing about years is that they heal wounds, the bad thing about kisses is that they create addiction

Kisses are addictive, especially those from that special person.

56. How difficult it is to try to escape unscathed from this magic in which we have become trapped

Prisoners of love in a prison that many want to be in.

57. My plan is to grow old without dignity

A beautiful phrase from Joaquín Sabina, giving a touch of humor to life.

58. When I am good I am good, when I am bad I am better

When you do what you want without thinking about what others think of you, you are happier.

59. There is no nostalgia worse than longing for what never ever happened.

The only thing we can regret is not having done it.

60. Love is an epidemic that ends with time

Love expires if you don’t take care of it

61. He was one of those individuals who keep silent so as not to make noise, a regular loser of so many battles that oblivion wins.

When you disagree, you better defend yourself.

62. Love is the game in which a couple of blind people play at hurting each other.

Love is blind and can sometimes be harmful.

63. The kisses I lost, for not knowing how to say: “I need you”

In love you have to be sincere, if not we may regret it.

64. When death comes to visit me, take me to the south where I was born. There is no room for anyone here

A quote that talks about the end of days.

65. Everything I have that is nothing I gave it to you

He gave everything he had because that’s how he felt.

66. When only these verses remain of her and me

Love ends and you have to accept it.

67. I no longer close the bars, nor do so many excesses, the love songs are getting sadder and sadder

There are people who prefer to go out drinking when they leave it with that person they love.

68. You who were a master in the difficult art of not getting wet in a downpour

Sabina talks about those people who always overcome adversity successfully. From the song “Suicidal Drivers.”

69. Tomorrow is the eve of the day after, after flowers at the wake

Tomorrow is a new dawn and we must take advantage of it.

70. Singing is shooting against oblivion, living without you is sleeping at the station

Forgetting someone you love is not always easy.

71. You know better than I that only the kisses you have not given, the lips of sin, penetrate to the bones…

The kisses of that person you love reach the bottom of your heart.

72. I can be dignified and say: Take my address, when you get fed up with cheap loves for a while… you call me

Bad experiences in love can make you realize what you have lost.

73. I prefer war with you, to winter without you

When you want to be with someone, even if it goes wrong, you prefer it to not seeing them.

74. In fatua New York, the Statue of Liberty provides more shade than the lemon trees

A quote about New York, the city of skyscrapers.

75. Recover the names of things again, call bread bread, call wine wine, armpit… armpit, miserable fate. And call the one who kills, once and for all a murderer

The things clear and the chocolate thick.

76. Do not close the window to the dawn that breaks the glass because now is the beginning of the end

Poetry in its purest form, A phrase to frame.

77. I don’t ask for forgiveness, for what? If he’s going to forgive me, because he doesn’t care anymore

When you stop caring about someone, it doesn’t matter what you do.

78. This fish no longer dies for your mouth, this crazy man leaves with another crazy woman, these eyes no longer cry for you

Maybe in other arms it is possible to find happiness.

79. They wrapped themselves in the wisdom of your and my madness

A rhyme that makes a lot of sense.

80. I trade my wrinkles for your acne

Acne is a sign of youth, wrinkles of old age.

81. And the sun is a tear in an eye that does not know how to cry

The sun gives us life. Sabina uses it in this phrase.

82. In Comala I understood that you should not try to return to the place where you have been happy.

Sometimes you have to leave your comfort zone to continue growing.

83. Even the soles of my shoes miss you

When that person you love leaves, you see them everywhere.

84. For saying what I think, without thinking what I say, I got more than one kiss and more than one slap.

Being sincere is not always well received by others.

85. That child who dreamed that he was writing no longer dreams, heart of Mary, don’t leave me like this

Over time, illusions can fade.

86. Don’t let the mirrors prove you right

One’s own identity goes far beyond appearances.

87. Let the truths have no complexes

The truth exists beyond opinions.

88. Monarchy is a democratic deficit that we suffer by inheritance

One of Joaquín Sabina’s phrases about politics.

89. I sing my loneliness because I have plenty

Having company or not is not something that always depends on one, but the feeling that this produces can be regulated, for example, through the arts.

90. Whenever I confess I give myself absolution

Wallowing in guilt and regret brings no good

91. He was so poor that he had nothing but money

Materialism can be a trap.

92. Death is just luck with a changed letter

A witty observation about death and how easily it can come.

93. What curse separates lovers who have not forgotten each other?

There are situations of separation that cannot be explained.

94. In matters of love the best always loses

Sometimes in the field of love, compassion and empathy do not bring good luck.

95. When I sleep without you, I dream of you

Dreams can be a space in which fantasies are offered as compensation.

96. How small is the light of the headlights of those who dream of freedom

Many idealists have no references from which to draw inspiration.

97. Muses do not accept excuses

Imagination comes and goes, but it is up to us to take advantage of it.

98. At fifteen, the ropes cut off my wings

Social norms can be very limiting and unjustified.

99. Sex vices are not vices

Sabina questions the stigma and taboos that weigh on sexuality.

100. Your voodoo is already hitting the bone

Suffering can make us emotionally hardened.

101. And die with you if you kill yourself, and kill me with you if you die. Because love, when it does not die, kills, because loves that kill, never die.

There are loves that seem to kill, many lovers know it.

102. Now it’s too late Princess. Find someone else to bother, princess.

A verse about letting go of past loves or letting go of dependent and toxic relationships.

103. I live at number 7, Melancolía Street. I have wanted to move to the Barrio de la Alegría for years, but every time I try, the tram has already left.

An allegorical way of telling us about his sadness and the melancholy he feels at not having his beloved nearby.

104. What do you gain by knowing my name? Every night I have a different one

Sabina based her younger years on nighttime excesses in bars and clubs in Madrid.

105. As soon as he arrived he settled forever in my life. There is nothing better than finding a tailor-made love

There are many women who have entered Sabina’s life and she dedicated a song to the most special ones. The verses belong to the song “January Sale”.

106. Owner of a heart so “Five stars” that even the son of a God, once he saw her, went with her. And he never charged her, Magdalena.

“A song for Magdalena.” Song that Sabina dedicated to Mary Magdalene and the profession of prostitution.

107. Tirso de Molina, Sol, Gran Vía, Tribunal… Where is your office, so I can pick you up?

The protagonist of the song is determined to go look for his partner at the place where he works.

108. Being brave doesn’t cost so much. That being a coward is not worth it.

A declaration of intent in favor of courage in any aspect of life.

109. I prefer war with you, to winter without you.

One of the most beautiful declarations of love that we can dedicate.

110. To understand what is happening /You have to have cried inside /Del Calderón, which is my home.

Fragment of the anthem that Sabina dedicated to her beloved team, Atlético de Madrid.