13 Practical Strategies To Improve Memory

In a previous article by Psychology and Mind We already explained that memory is a very complex process in which we not only archive memories and sensations mechanically as if we were a computer.

Human memory is closely linked to the emotions that memories produced in us in their day, as proposed by psychologist Gordon H. Bower. But, in any case, that we are able to remember many details of our past We also need our brain to be in top shape

Trained memory, effective memory

The memory It is an intricate mental process through which we store thoughts, memories, skills and experiences.

If we are able to take care of our cognitive functions, we will be able to enhance the capacity of our memory to retain data. This is especially interesting for people of a certain age, who suffer a slow but progressive deterioration of their cognitive abilities in general and memory in particular.

Habits to train memory

To improve memory (in the case of young people) and to delay its deterioration (for the elderly), There are different habits and strategies that help us develop our memory capacity, as well as to preserve it and make it more efficient. To do this, it will be necessary to follow some simple training guidelines.

In the case of older people, there are often many cases of symptoms (more or less obvious to family members) of memory loss. These symptoms can be normal and consistent with age, but in other cases they can be serious and require professional diagnosis. In these types of more severe cases, it will be necessary to put yourself in the hands of a specialized doctor, in order to obtain an indicated diagnosis and treatment (if necessary).

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The dangers of not enhancing memory

If we do not exercise our memory in our daily routine, we may begin to notice that we are less able to remember specific data and perform tasks in which we used to have sufficient skills. As in any other aspect, not exercising your memory is the easiest way to lose it little by little.

But there is good news: If we exercise it a little every day, we will improve it and enhance it Constant and sustained learning over time helps us create certain habits and positive cognitive mechanisms for our memory. Memory ability can be developed if we are patient and perseverant.

Keep memory in good shape

Basic healthy habits to strengthen our memory

Routine memory strategies that can help you

Some conclusions

The essential thing when it comes to exercising our memory is to be constant and perform exercises and habits routinely. In this way we will improve our short-term memory, which is the one that is most often damaged as we get older, and is the one that can be altered in later life. cases of dementia or Alzheimer’s.

If you exercise your memory with these simple strategies, you will notice that you can remember much better