15 Gender Biases In Yang Liu’s Pictograms

In his last book Man meets Woman (“Man meets woman” would be the Spanish translation), the Chinese artist Yang Liu reflects and makes a scathing criticism of certain gender stereotypes, through a series of fun pictograms in which the tendency of our culture to adopt a double standard to measure different attitudes or behaviors according to the gender of the person who performs them is revealed.

In this series of pictograms fantastically made, you can observe how culture modulates society’s thinking to impose certain standards according to some aspects or personal characteristics of each person.

Gender prejudices, still in force

Why is the girl who has a lot of sex a libertine and yet a boy who flirts a lot is considered a seductive ? Do men speak little and directly and women are more complicated and indirect in their communication? These and 13 other gender prejudices spectacularly treated by the Chinese plastic artist.

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Let’s hope these images revive the debate of sexual clichés that, in the 21st century, our societies still suffer from. One more step towards a society that is more aware of sexism, micro-machismo and, ultimately, the different forms of discrimination and inequality.

1. The best weapon according to each gender

2. The great seducer and the libertine vixen

3. What does each gender look for in a relationship?

4. Competition

5. Necessary luggage

6. Women’s magazines and men’s magazines

7. Self-perception of body image

8. What each gender thinks when the other does not speak

9. Is it true that men communicate much more directly than women?

10. Perverted or sexy?

11. The story of sexual experiences

12. Focus or Multitasking

13. Modern and independent man vs Housewife

14. Perverted vs. Daring

15. Ideal partner according to age

What is your opinion of the work of this Chinese artist?

Do you think that the sexual and gender stereotypes that you describe in your designs remain in your society? We await your opinion.