55 Funny And Funny Sayings To Laugh

Today we bring you a compilation of funny sayings that really make you break the bank. If what you are looking for is fun in the proverb, this is your article. Keep reading to see them.

Funny sayings are common in proverbs, as many of them talk about life, friendship or others.

We leave you without further ado with some of the most famous funny sayings, but you can always contribute funny sayings in the comments section so that everyone can know and enjoy them.

Funny and funny sayings from the Spanish proverb

1. With a good understanding, less slaps.

2. Water you shouldn’t drink… pull the lever!

3. One who got up early, found a dollar. But he who lost it got up earlier.

4. To the ox by the horn and to the man by the word.

5. It is wise… to change the old woman.

6. We are shitting and the water is far away.

7. Armadillo that falls asleep becomes a charango.

8. Mouth of honey and hands of gall.

9. There are two words that will open many doors for you: Pull and Push.

10. Raw bun, makes your ass fat.

11. We all have an ass for the greatest fortune in the world.

12. Plant a tree, make a dog happy.

13. The exception to the rule… lasts 9 months.

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14. Idleness is the mother… of a good life.

15. Fox meat, it does not age.

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16. Faces we see, below we do not know.

17. The union makes the… third.

18. Five minutes of excitement… Nine months of swelling.

19. With me you will walk barefoot, but with a full belly.

20. Good students and good horses always finish their career.

21. From the plate to the mouth… There is a distance of 34 cm.

Funny proverbs and sayings

22. Men are carried by horses, fed by cows, clothed by sheep, defended by dogs and eaten by worms.

23. Tell me who you are hanging out with and I will tell you their first and last name.

24. A phallus does not enter a closed mouth.

25. If your butt itches, give me a smile.

26. He was left like a rose, without an ass and without a thing.

27. Old saints do not perform miracles.

28. The heart does not age, it is the leather that wrinkles.

29. A bird in the hand is better than a father at 18.

30. Good students and good horses always finish their career.

31. Old saints do not perform miracles.

32. Young doctor, new cemetery.

33. Unfaithful woman: libertine; unfaithful man: hero.

34. Curse of an old fox does not reach heaven.

35. Uglier than someone scared at midnight.

36. Young doctor, new body in the cemetery.

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37. The evil of the cuckold: he does not know it and everyone knows it.

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38. The man promises and promises… until he puts it in and once he puts it in, he finishes what he promises.

39. The oven and the old woman heat themselves through their mouths.

40. He who gives first, gives them twice.

41. He who sows wind… has a bad stomach.

42. He who laughs last did not understand the joke.

43. He who has a straw ass does not go close to the candle.

44. With the mouth closed… The phallus does not enter.

45. In the soapmaker’s house… He who slips dies.

46. ​​Don’t leave until tomorrow… What you should have done yesterday.

47. No matter how early you get up early, you can see cows in nightgowns…

48. It’s not the fool’s fault… but the one who makes him the manager.

49. The truths of Perogrullo, who called the closed hand a fist

50. The occasion makes the thief

51. The host and the fish stink after three days

52. The ox spoke and said mu

53. Something will have to the water when they bless it

54. Food made, company broken

55. In a hundred years we will all be bald

As you have seen, funny sayings are really fun. The truth is that sometimes we need a little humor in life to be able to cope with the frenetic pace of life that we all lead.

Do you want to contribute a saying? Do it in the comments area!