70 Phrases About Traveling The World

Today we bring a compilation of phrases about traveling.

First of all, according to the RAE, traveling is: Moving from one place to another, generally distant, by any means of transportation.

Other people would define it as growing as a person, adventure, joy… And traveling is not simply moving from place to place, it is getting to know cultures different from yours, getting to know places, living experiences, feeling freer.

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We are in summer, and this is the time of year when more people tend to travel to discover new cultures and environments.

There are true travelers (travel lovers) and others who do it less frequently either for money or the desire to go. Whatever type of traveler you are, you will surely find phrases here that resonate with you or inspire you on your next trip.

  • Remember: Traveling is the only thing we pay for and it makes us richer

Table of Contents

Phrases about traveling, travelers and the corners of the world

So that, Let’s start with the collection of reflections on travel.

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1. The wise traveler travels slower, but sees more (Carlos Olmo)

Spiritual journeys are not rushed, but rather they allow us to enjoy the landscape, slowly.

2. Traveling: it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller (Ibn Battuta)

Taking a trip can leave indelible marks on our memory and our way of being.

3. Traveling, sleeping, falling in love, are three ways to go to places you don’t always understand (Ángeles Mastretta)

Leaving the comfort zone can always become an adventure that is beyond our control.

4. Travel concept. Sunglasses, world map, beach shoes, sunscreen, passport, planeickets, beach ball, hat and old red suitcase for travel on the wood background

A travel phrase in English that compiles objects and accessories to go enjoy the beach.

5. Traveling is essential and the thirst for travel is a clear symptom of intelligence (Enrique Jardiel Poncela)

Many authors have linked the traveling spirit with greater intelligence. Will it be true?

6. You travel around the world in search of something and return home to find it (George Moore)

Even if you don’t love seeing the world, there is nothing like returning home to realize many important things.

7. The real miracle is not walking on water or flying through the air: it is walking on earth (Houeï Neng)

Feet on the ground and mind in the clouds. This is how some explorers live.

More phrases about knowing the world

We continue with other reflections from great travelers.

8. The world is too beautiful to travel only online (Anonymous)

If you lock yourself up at home, you will not be able to see the most wonderful places in the world with your own eyes. Nor know cultures in depth.

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10. Travel is a part of education in youth and, in old age, a part of experience (Francis Bacon)

Throughout life, traveling gives us unique experiences and knowledge.

11. Traveling tends to magnify all human emotions (Peter Hoeg)

Expand our emotions thanks to new adventures. Sounds good, right?

12. Life is a daring adventure or nothing (Hellen Keller)

Either we risk living, or this will have no meaning beyond the boring routine.

13. Not all those who wander are lost (JRR Tolkien)

The author of The Lord of the Rings reminds us that wandering can be the best way to stay alive and maintain your sanity.

14. We travel not to escape life, but so that life does not escape from us (Anonymous)

An inspiring phrase about travel and the way it fills us with vitality.

15. The traveler sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he has come to see (GK Chesterton)

Ingenious comparison of two ways of moving around the world.

16. Traveling makes us modest (Gustave Flaubert)

This activity can change the attitude we adopt towards life.

17. Once a year, go somewhere you’ve never been (Anonymous)

This phrase encourages us to go out and see the world following a simple maxim.

18. People don’t start journeys, journeys start people (John Steinbeck)

This writer tells us about the transformative nature of the habit of traveling.

19. Take only memories, leave only footprints (Chief Seattle)

A memorable phrase about the optimal attitude for traveling authentically.

20. The journey does not become an adventure until you leave it behind (Marty Rubin)

A reflection on the threshold at which adventures begin.

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21. The great journey of discovery does not consist of seeking new horizons but of having new eyes (Marcel Proust)

Proust reflects on the nature of discovery through travel.

22. The place you go becomes part of you (Anita Desai)

A simple phrase about the mark that the trip leaves on us.

23. Human beings cannot discover new oceans until they gain the courage to leave the shore behind (Andre Gide)

Nice metaphor about the explorer character.

24. There is a sunrise and a sunset every day; don’t miss any of them (Jo Watson)

Another of those life maxims to be guided by.

25. Traveling is a way for our minds to stretch (Ralph Crawshaw)

An imaginative image about the psychological properties of traveling.

26. There are many roads, but only one journey (Naomi Judd)

The journey is what teaches us and gives us new experiences.

27. The main thing you should remember on this trip is to be nice to everyone and always smile. (Ed Sheeran)

With good manners we can get anywhere.

28. A trip is like marriage. The sure way to be wrong is to think you control it. (John Steinbeck)

Marriage is one of life’s most eventful journeys, where every day is a new adventure.

29. Travel is fatal to prejudice, intolerance and narrow-mindedness (Mark Twain)

By traveling we can overcome all these deficits.

30. Traveling is living (Hans Christian Andersen)

The metaphor of life as a journey we undertake has been repeated throughout the history of humanity.

31. It is dangerous business, Frodo, to go out your door. You enter the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no telling where you might be swept away (Bilbo Baggins)

The journeys that Tolkien narrates in his novels are unforgettable.

32. Cover the earth before the earth covers you (Dagobert Runes)

We must make as many trips as possible in the time we have to live.

33. The journey matters more than the destination (Tony Fahkry)

Everything we learn in the process is what we will remember for posterity.

34. So shut up, live, travel, have adventures, bless and have no regrets (Jack Kerouac)

Sometimes we regret all the trips we have not taken.

35. There are places where one stays and places that stay in one

Good trips are those that leave an impact on us, a mark, a residue.

36. The truth is that of course there is no trip. We are all arriving and leaving at the same time. (David Bowie)

Bowie’s lyrics take us on suggestive journeys into fantasy worlds.

37. I think as human beings we sometimes indulge in self-pity more than necessary. Throughout my life’s journey, I have realized that overthinking problems and falling into self-pity is not the answer to getting through difficult times (Sonali Bendre)

Even if we have problems, we cannot constantly think about them, since that takes away time from doing more important things.

38. If my ship goes out of sight, it doesn’t mean my journey is over, it just means the river bends (Enoch Powell)

We must not lose our nerve when something goes wrong on our trip.

39. Life is like a journey. Traveling is living twice (Omar Khayyam)

A poetic way of conceiving the journey of life.

40. Nothing is set in stone, a career is an unpredictable journey (Zlatan Ibrahimovic)

It is we who write our future.

41. The trip is my home (Muriel Rukeyser)

Some people feel comfortable on the journey.

42. I am no longer afraid of getting lost, because the return trip always reveals something new, and that is ultimately good for the artist (Billy Joel)

Maturing means learning little by little on the journey of life.

43. “No Rain, No Flowers” ​​is an inside look at my journey of healing and growth (Sabrina Claudio)

Some songs are true emotional journeys.

44. The journey has been incredible since its beginning (Sidney Poitier)

If we are that lucky we can feel lucky.

45. I have always loved life, regardless of all the ups and downs that have filled my journey (Lata Mangeshkar)

A philosophy of life that we can adopt for ourselves.

46. ​​Music is my life, that journey will never end (Shibani Dandekar)

Music accompanies us forever.

47. Everyone’s journey is completely different (Jeremy Piven)

It’s up to us to make it worth it.

48. I try as much as possible to take a moment from time to time, pause and enjoy the journey (Tommaso Ciampa)

A piece of advice that we can all follow once in our lives.

49. Dance music is an emotional journey (Steve Aoki)

Something that lovers of this type of music know perfectly.

50. Life is an endless journey through stupidity (Eddie Griffin)

A pessimistic view of human nature.

51. Loving yourself is a journey, not a destination (Tess Holliday)

There are people who take their entire lives to achieve it.

52. I would honestly say I’m in the turtle race. My journey is a marathon. (Omari Hardwick)

It doesn’t matter being late, the important thing is to enjoy the journey of life.

53. Friends are like traveling companions, who must help each other to persevere on the path to a happier life (Pythagoras)

Our friends can help us make the trip much more pleasant.

54. I don’t like giving advice. I like to give people information because everyone’s life is different and everyone’s journey is different (Dolly Parton)

It is up to us to make the trip in the best possible way.

55. Winning and losing is not everything; Sometimes the journey is as important as the result (Alex Morgan)

A philosophy of life that wise people often share.

56. We are all pilgrims on the same journey, but some pilgrims have better route maps (Nelson DeMille)

That is why not everyone makes their path the same way.

57. Without music, life is a journey through the desert (Pat Conroy)

Music is what adorns our life and gives it color.

58. Life is like a long journey with a heavy burden (Tokugawa Ieyasu)

The way in which we carry this burden depends on each one.

59. There remains the feeling that God is also on the way (Saint Teresa of Ávila)

This was the great consolation of the great religious people of the 16th century.

60. If you want to know more about yourself, go on a trip and the road will teach you

Adverse and favorable situations teach us a lot about ourselves.

61. If we had to stay in one place, we would have roots instead of feet (Rachel Wolchin)

Human beings cannot stay in one place for long.

62. Racism is cured by traveling

Something we can recommend to someone who needs it.

63. Traveling is like loving. It is an attempt to transform a dream into reality (Alain de Botton)

A beautiful metaphor about love.

64. The only rule of travel is: Don’t come back the way you left, come back different (Anne Carson)

Travel always changes people for the better.

65. Today is the first day of the rest of my life (American Beauty)

Every new day is an opportunity to do things better.

66. Walker, there is no path; the path is made by walking (Antonio Machado)

One of the most beautiful verses in Spanish poetry.

67. Traveling is the most intense way to learn

The learnings we find in travel are not found anywhere else.

68. Traveling is adding life to life

That’s why some people love to travel so much.

69. The adventure is worth it in itself (Amelia Earhart)

The journey is what is important, where you learn much more than at the destination.

70. I have so much desire to travel that even traveling I can’t get past it.

Some people live to travel.

I hope you liked these phrases about traveling. What are your favorite destinations? What city, island or town do you recommend?