9 Leadership Tools That Coaching Offers Us


Being an effective leader goes beyond simply occupying a position of authority. It requires specific skills and competencies, as well as deep self-knowledge. In this sense, coaching is a powerful tool to develop leaders capable of inspiring, motivating and guiding their teams towards achieving shared goals.

The tools that Coaching offers to create leaders

Over the years, coaching professionals have developed tools that, when applied correctly, can enhance leadership in any professional environment.

1. Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences: the variety of human capabilities

Howard Gardner proposes the theory of multiple intelligences, recognizing the variety of human capabilities beyond traditional abilities. Leaders can adapt their communication and management methods to detect and enhance diverse talent within their teams.

2. Team Values ​​List: The Foundation of a Thriving Organizational Culture

Understanding the values ​​that guide a team is essential to fostering a positive, focused and productive work environment. Through coaching sessions, a leader can explore and align her individual values ​​with those of her team, benefiting the long-term commitment of team members.

3. Meditation and mindfulness: the importance of cultivating leader self-awareness

Getting into the habit of meditating regularly helps leaders have better stress management and a better understanding of their own emotions, essential qualities in challenging leadership situations.

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4. Mirror neurons: for a better connection with coworkers

They help the leader understand how their actions and emotions impact the team. Mirror neurons are neurons that function in the following way: When someone smiles, the mirror neurons of the person looking at them automatically cause that person to smile too. It is therefore a very simple mechanism that, when applied correctly, can radically transform the dynamics of a team.

5. Wheel of emotions: understanding emotions for greater empathy

Exploring the wide range of human emotions gives the leader a greater understanding of their own reactions and those of their colleagues, thus fostering better team connection and performance.

6. 360 questionnaire: global feedback

By completing this questionnaire, the leader receives sincere and complete feedback from his colleagues and can more easily identify his areas of development and his skills.

7. 360 personal vision: inspiring towards a common purpose

With the help of a coach, The leader can define his or her individual and team vision of the future and communicate that motivating vision that aligns the team toward shared goals and a collective purpose.

8. Communication and active listening: building meaningful relationships

Coaching offers a multitude of tools and techniques to improve a leader’s communication and active listening skills, fundamental elements in building solid relationships with the team.


9. Tests: a plus towards self-knowledge

Tests are tools that can help you have a deeper understanding of the leader’s personality and motivations. There is a wide variety of tests that the coach can facilitate, among which the following stand out:


In conclusion, to exercise effective leadership is not just about occupying a hierarchical position, but about undertaking a journey of self-discovery and continuous development. Coaching offers a diverse range of tools that empower leaders to meet the challenges of today’s business world with confidence. The tools listed, among many others, allow leaders to inspire, motivate, and guide their teams to success.

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