ADHD Treatment: Medications And Psychological Methods To Combat It

Is there an effective ADHD treatment? Are only medications effective against this disease? Discover what the treatment of ADHD in adults and children consists of.

What is the best treatment for ADHD?

ADHD is one of the most frequent consultations. It is not simply about making a diagnosis for the person who presents the symptoms, on the contrary it is about carrying out a complete neuropsychological profile to see what the person’s strengths and weaknesses are and enhance and reinforce those aspects that are really needed. . In this way, obtain a treatment for ADHD (attention deficit disorder) will depend on the profile of the person who suffers from it.

ADHD treatment, how is it established?

It is essential to work together with the educational or work environment to achieve a effective ADHD treatment Sometimes bringing difficulties to our children’s teachers can help us minimize their learning difficulties by making a curricular adaptation if necessary.

In the case of adults with ADHD, this extensive support in the work environment is even more necessary because far from what it seems, the adult with these characteristics sometimes seems like something that they really are not. The people with ADHD They do not intend to transgress the rules and make great efforts to control their behavior, sometimes without success.

These efforts can lead to school failure, self-esteem problems, emotional problems and serious relationship difficulties. For this reason, it is essential to try to bring the real difficulties of ADHD to the family, so that they can obtain a comprehensive understanding of this symptomatology. After completing the individualized neuropsychological profile, the approach for the intervention is made in constant communication with the school or work center and with the family. It is possible that it is the family environment itself that needs an approach and emotional support. Offering psychoeducation to those close to you and achieving a comprehensive understanding of this disorder can be of great help during the intervention.

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It is not a simple process, but with appropriate treatment and support, compensatory tools can be offered to help patients. people with attention deficit disorder to adapt to the demanding environments in which we currently live.

ADHD Medication

In many cases it will be required both in the ADHD treatment in adults and children of the use of medication adapted to the person who suffers from it. Thus, it is important to know ahead of time that ADHD medications do not work for everyone. Furthermore, the use of this ADHD treatment will not make all the problems or symptoms related to attention deficit disorder disappear.

The ADHD medications In adults or children they usually improve both attention and concentration but do not alleviate other symptoms of this disease such as disorganization or forgetfulness, among other pathologies. That is, despite using pharmacological treatment for ADHD, the reality is that it must be combined for greater efficiency with other treatments.

Although ADHD medication is not enough to combat this disorder, the reality is that in many cases they are necessary to control some of the symptoms. Therefore, it is important to take into account the following realities about the use of the ADHD medication

  • There are different answers

During the use of the ADHD medication, patients respond differently to your intervention. In this way, there are cases where people experience improvement in many aspects while there are other individuals who do not show much improvement. This is because a specific medication must be found for each patient since our bodies react differently to the substances we ingest.

  • They must be closely monitored

He pharmacological treatment of ADHD It must always be controlled from very close. It is vital to take into account how the patient feels and adjust doses to the effects and sensations.

  • They should not be taken forever

Many people believe that ADHD medications They must be taken forever. Although medication should not be stopped quickly, the reality is that the treatment of ADHD with pills for concentration and other symptoms can be left behind, if the patient and the psychologist are able to work without them.

  • Not limited to medication

There are some actions that can help a person combat and seek a ADHD treatment effective without medication. In this way, going to a professional psychologist or establishing new habits can be an effective way to combat this disease.

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The medication for ADHD in adults or children It is not mandatory to use. It should only be used for those cases where the psychologist or specialist has requested your treatment. Furthermore, they must always be accompanied by other treatments.

ADHD treatment in adults

Treatment of ADHD in adults

Psychological support is vital for there to be a ADHD treatment more effective. Although professional help is required, there are a series of methods you can follow to combat ADHD.

1. Regular exercise

Exercising regularly is an effective way to improve any ADHD treatment in adults or children. This happens because through sport both the symptoms of attention deficit disorder and concentration, motivation, memory and even mood can be improved. So much so that one could say that the effects of regular exercise work in a similar way to some of the drug names better known to treat ADHD such as Ritalin and Adderall.

2. Establish good sleeping habits

Poor quality sleep can worsen ADHD treatment in adults So much so that having a regular sleep schedule is essential for people suffering from attention deficit disorder. Therefore, it can be very helpful to establish good sleep hygiene to combat the main effects of ADHD.

3. Healthy eating

Diet is a good ally to improve ADHD treatment In this way, there are many cases in which addressing nutritional problems can be vital to addressing ADHD in adults. Some of the tips that can be followed are the following:

  • Schedule regular meals no more than three hours apart
  • Get enough zinc, iron and magnesium
  • Include little protein and carbohydrates
  • Avoid junk food
  • Reduce sugar and caffeine
  • Add more omega-3 fatty acids
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4. Use relaxation techniques

A ADHD treatment What can greatly mitigate your symptoms is to practice both meditation and relaxation techniques. If these activities are practiced constantly, they can increase both attention and reduce impulsivity, anxiety and depression that are associated with ADHD.

5. Therapy to improve coping skills

Finally, one of the methods to avoid pharmacological treatment of ADHD is to see a specialist. Through the help of a professional psychologist, people with ADHD They can learn some coping skills to combat the symptoms of this disease.

ADHD in children

ADHD in children and adolescents: How to treat them?

In the same way as adults, children can establish a series of methods to improve the treatment of ADHD. In addition to applying everything mentioned for adults, the ADHD in adolescents and children can be treated in the following way.

1. Set a schedule

Routine and time organization can improve some of the symptoms associated with attention deficit disorder In this way, greater organization in your daily life will greatly improve the lack of attention in children or adolescents.

2. Use task organizers and notebooks

Establishing organizational habits is essential to alleviate some of the effects of ADHD. So much so that the use of certain organizational methods can be a very substantial help for the ADHD treatment

3. Use positive reinforcement

It is very likely that the adolescents or children with ADHD They often receive criticism from authority figures. In this way, you must compensate for this type of attitude using positive reinforcement. Every time you manage to organize yourself through what has been established, it can be a good excuse to praise the effort you are making.

He treatment of ADHD in adults, adolescents and children It is difficult to assume because the person must have a lot of will to be able to improve in the fight against the disease. Therefore, it is vital that in addition to going to a professional, both family members and those closest to you help achieve this.