Advantages And Disadvantages Of Teleworking On A Psychological Level

How to deal with teleworking? Is teleworking really better than in-person work? Discover the pros and cons, as well as tips to better cope with working remotely

Tips for organizing teleworking

After the arrival of the coronavirus, teleworking has been established as a new way of working. In this way, there are more and more people who adhere to telematic work as a way of facing employment. But what are the advantages and disadvantages of teleworking on a psychological level?

How to deal with teleworking?

Having to work from home is a problem or an advantage depending on how you look at it. You just have to keep in mind that this requires discipline different from what we normally follow. In some cases, teleworking is done several days a week, or even some of them did it regularly, and from them I have learned that a series of basic rules must be followed.

Tips for organizing teleworking

1. Schedules

It must be clear that this is not a vacation and that it must be keep a schedule just like we would do if we were in the office. Rigor is important, because otherwise there is no value in doing this work.

2. Space

Let’s search a workspace suitable for our concentration. It is important that this is not in common areas of the house and in transit, and also to warn the people with whom we live that we must not be interrupted and must be respected just as they would if we were not at home.

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3. Communication

It must be taken into account that it will be necessary enable a phone for work use, so we will depend on the cell phone or moving the phone from home to that space.

Advantages and disadvantages of teleworking

We must keep in mind the pros and cons of teleworking to be able to face this situation in the most convenient way. According to psychologists There are the following sales and disadvantages of teleworking

Advantages of teleworking

1. More time for yourself and greater flexibility

One of the main advantages of teleworking On a psychological level it is that people can enjoy more time for ourselves. Furthermore, in some cases this goes hand in hand with greater time flexibility. When this happens, people can dedicate more time to themselves, something that contributes to improving their emotional state.

2. Greater productivity

He telematic work It gives people more ability to concentrate. Furthermore, by not wasting time commuting, people have more time to rest and this improves productivity in all aspects.

3. It helps us be more organized

Organization is one of the skills that we must all have if we want to enjoy a better life. In fact, one of the advantages of teleworking is that people can organize all areas of their lives in a more effective way, both their personal and professional lives.

Disadvantages of teleworking

1. Lack of social contact

The lack of communication with other people, as we normally have in the office, makes us feel a sense of loneliness. This is partly solved by using the telephone to maintain contact with them, but technology allows us to have videoconference communications, which are a much friendlier form of contact. Likewise, this is undoubtedly one of the disadvantages of teleworking that can contribute the most to developing psychological problems such as depression or anxiety.

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2. Excess stress

On many occasions, people do not have a workspace that is quiet to be able to carry out teleworking in the best way. Not having this place can create excess stress in people and this ends up taking its toll on a psychological level.

3. Imposter syndrome

Another of the disadvantages of teleworking It may be the inability to know whether a good job is actually being done or not. The lack of contact with other people in the company can lead to confusion and the so-called imposter syndrome.

New paradigms

It must be clear that these are the new paradigms that we will have in the future, where working from home will be more common than what we have now, and therefore looked at positively, we must keep in mind that this situation will be training for the future that awaits us. And above all, calm down, do not get upset and follow the instructions that the official organizations give.