Am I Stressed? 11 Signs And Symptoms Of Those Who Are Stressed

Do you think you are too stressed? Are you too nervous about everything? Discover the signs that you are in an overly stressed state and how to fix it.


Am I too stressed?


Stress is a well-known term and, above all, widely used today throughout society. Stress is actually something positive for human beings, it allows us to react quickly to a dangerous situation, it makes us alert to act. But when someone feel stressed Continuously, problems can wreak great havoc on our mental and physical health. Find out how to know if you are too tense and stressed.

Am I stressed?

When a person is stressed, is in a state of mental and emotional tension caused by constant coping with adverse situations. According to studies, more than 33% of the adult population frequently experiences situations where they feel stressed. Despite this, there are some signs that may indicate that you are too stressed that you should take into account. Psychologists highlight the following.

  1. Acne: Acne is one of the most visible ways your body can tell you that you are too tense or stressed This is because when a person is stressed they tend to touch their face a lot, which contributes to developing more acne episodes. In fact, this is one of the most common symptoms of stress in the body.
  2. Headaches: Headache is very common in individuals who they are more stressed So much so that on many occasions a stressed woman or man usually has a lot of headaches. Furthermore, stressed people tend to feel this pain very frequently.
  3. Chronic pain: Another of the most common signs of stress What the most stressed individuals usually have is precisely chronic pain. When a person keeps saying that ‘I’m stressed or I’m stressed’ it is very common for them to begin to feel certain physical symptoms that are related to these stressed states. Different research in this regard has shown that elevated levels of cortisol, the main hormone associated with stress, can also be closely related to chronic pain.
  4. Frequent illness: There are people who are constantly fighting against sneezing, coughing, colds, among other conditions. This may be one of the main signs that the person is stressed very often. This is because stress directly affects our immune system and therefore this can cause greater susceptibility to infections.
  5. Decreased energy and insomnia: If you don’t stop saying ‘I am physically and mentally exhausted’ Maybe it’s that you’re too stressed. This is because chronic fatigue as well as decreased energy levels can be due to the presence of prolonged and constant stress. So much so that stress can also be one of the factors that interrupt our sleep and cause insomnia, a fact that may be related to a lack of energy in our daily lives. Signs of being too stressed
  6. Changes in libido: The stressed individuals They experience many changes in libido. In fact, research has shown that those with a chronic level of stress tend to experience less arousal compared to those who feel stressed in a ‘healthy’ way. Therefore when a woman or man is stressed it can affect her sexual desire.
  7. Digestive problems: Digestive problems, such as constipation, can also be caused by stress and its symptoms in the body In fact, someone who is stressed usually experiences changes in their digestive patterns.
  8. Changes in appetite: One of the effects of stress is precisely a change in our appetite. In fact, the stressed people Either they may lose their appetite at all or on the other hand they raid the refrigerator and eat compulsively. In many cases, being tense and stressed has been associated with changes in body weight.
  9. Depression: Depression is another of the signs of stress that can be repeated the most. This is because chronic stress can contribute to the development of depression. On many occasions, individuals who feel very stressed can develop depression that contributes to feeling more stress in their lives, creating a difficult loop to escape from. Therefore, being disgusted with life can also be a sign of be too stressed
  10. fast heartbeat: A fast heartbeat and increased heart rate can also be symptoms of being overly stressed. The reason for this is precisely the constant nervousness to which the stressed people
  11. Sweating: Excess sweat can be one of the signs that you are a stressed person In various studies in this regard, a relationship has been found between excess sweat and being too tense and stressed.
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When you find these signs, what should you do?

The negative aspect of stress (“distress”) is what affects us as people. That is then where psychology acts. Distress is the perception we have of overload in the situations we experience daily (“what we perceive as overwhelming us”).

From the field of psychology, there are several attitudes that we can take to minimize the impact that this stress causes us:

  • Arrange our daily lives so that we do not have so many stressful situations or at least, look for activities that cushion said stress: necessarily take some time a day for ourselves.
  • The most important thing is that we do not perceive all these situations as surpassing or overwhelming us. Really, it is a matter of organizing ourselves, of not trying to solve several things at the same time; see ourselves as capable of facing a certain situation, etc.

Both from the field of psychology and sexology, the fact of be stressed It is a complaint that mental health professionals encounter daily in the office. The fact of saying ‘I’m stressed’ or ‘I’m stressed’ is a fairly widespread condition in our current society.

Experience says that if the patient is motivated to change, and is involved in therapy, positive results are seen soon. Life is always possible to live in other ways.