Awareness And Attitude: What To Do When Reality Combines With A Magical Feeling?


Have you heard that everything depends on you? I heard it too, but the most important thing is when we learn to recognize that there are certainly things that depend on ourselves and others that do not. It is true that you always have the personal decision to assume a positive attitude, but what can help you generate an effective posture?

The answer, simple and complex, a “decision”. Become aware that the results can be diverse, and that the purpose of our life, what gives it meaning, depends on you. When you discover that you have a mission and you begin to align yourself with it, the adventure of living begins to become surprising, with wonderful experiences that add that magical touch to the experience.

In contrast, on some occasions you may feel like a victim of circumstances, when the question arises: Why me? Why does this painful or difficult situation happen to me? But only after the dark night, the sun rises with the light of the new day. Pay attention if this happens to you repeatedly, if you notice that you continue to ask yourself: Why is this happening to me? The first change would come if instead of getting upset, you ask yourself “What can I learn from this?” or “What is there in this experience that is beneficial to me?” Questions that begin to generate goals, desires that allow you to overcome self-pity and can keep you truly motivated.

The power of consciousness

This first step is positive and very valuable, but still limited. Certainly, being aware of a mission, a task or meaning in life is the best help for awareness and essential for taking action. This is how the process develops, your life begins to reveal answers to you, you can notice the results and this, in turn, becomes self-motivation to form goals, even higher and higher ones, a great step on the path. But life contains greater wonders, when you feel that it can surprise you, and it becomes fantastic, when you are invaded by amazement at what is most valuable and turns out to be the simplest and often the closest..

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If you recognize yourself at that moment, as a conscious, real being, without judging yourself, but full of experiences. You will see how you are connecting with that essence that defines you uniquely, your own being. With the good and the bad, the special and the terrible, a connection in the continuum of your life. Because everything that has happened to you is what has formed you and made you what you are today.

By discovering your purpose, and you have to identify what your mission is, you will go beyond success, profits, achievements. You will discover plenitude and well-being, with a balance between your thoughts, feelings and actions, fine-tuned towards the realization of your personal project.. As they align, you will experience greater harmony and inner peace. An experience of flow, when doing what needs to be done. Of giving, learning to see and listen, to be willing. This will be how your reality will become more conscious, the magical touch in your life plan.

There may be times when it will be extremely difficult to change the way you think about a negative or unpleasant event. It can even be unfavorable, if you come to believe that you “should not” think negatively or experience these emotions. In these cases it is more useful to focus on elements that promote well-being, such as emotional management, self-efficacy, or “flow”. Identifying your beliefs is the basis of the magical touch, keep in mind:


Turn intentions into actions

There are great things to reveal: Our thoughts are sometimes primarily responsible for our limited vision in life. If you open yourself inside to “maybe, maybe, I will”, it already represents a possibility for you and a change that allows you to feel how extraordinary the experience of living offers you. You are not alone on the path, and you gain power by becoming aware. Life, more than just living it, you have to discover it, savor it, thank it and honor it. You have to learn from knowledge, but at the same time, from self-confidence. Where you experience your capacity for admiration, where you conclude that it is truly special.

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Add to your thought, the true intention, that will help you turn it into action. This clear distinction, between hope or a simple desire and focusing on what you intend to make come true, will undoubtedly help you generate behaviors for that purpose. It will become an active hope. As a result of that personal decision, you connect to the first step of trust, surrender to that idea and action. To live without judging you, and thus, understand yourself better and love you more every day. Looking to live with passion and enthusiasm.

If you want to manage negative thoughts, control stress or anxiety, therapeutic support can be a great option for you. On the networks you can find those who talk to you about personal development, but your emotional health is worth a lot and professional support is important. Positive Psychology is an invaluable alternative to walk together towards self-discovery. To change those inner voices that limit you, and work for your well-being.

Positive Psychology emphasizes our personal resources, strengths, positive emotions, and vital meaning, but considering the right to feel sadness, anger or any other negative or unpleasant emotion. Look for a middle path, that of balance, in which there is room for frustration and fear, along with awareness. It is the way in which gratitude, optimism and constructive actions can make it easier for you to face doubts and difficulties.

What is beneficial or not will always depend on the context. We should not simplify, a balanced approach is required where all personal experiences have a place, both uncertain, problematic, and those that generate happiness. This is the fundamental difference between Positive Psychology and a current of positive thinking. Personal change will be facilitated with therapeutic support, and you will be able to experience that your life has the magic of marveling and surprising you, where despite the difficulties, you can start over and enjoy, developing resilience and empathy, this is how you will generate the charm. If you can believe it and you can imagine it, you can achieve it. You will be master of your magic.

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