Before The Concern, Promote The Solution

In life there are moments where it seems that everything is going uphill and nothing goes as planned. It is at that moment when we must stop and not buy drama or hide the problem.

Before the concern, promote the solution

We have to pause and see what we are doing wrong, because what does not work always has a component of our attitude, our vision, our expectations with respect to others, but we must take responsibility, it is something that happens to us. Only we must face it and above all take measures to solve it and not wallow in that problem, and get busy abandoning that state that in most cases does not lead to an adequate end to our life.

Hiding that you are having a bad streak is completely deceiving yourself. We must see that everything always happens preceded by something that is carried out in us in an inappropriate way, let’s take responsibility for it, it is not the fault of others, it is not politics, it is not family, it is not work, screwing is our problem and ours must be the way to face it and learn to take solution measures.

Take that most important value in life that is our time, to reflect on our behavior, with ourselves and with the environment in which we find ourselves. Check and identify calmly and with the pause that is necessary to see things with adequate clarity.

Focus on our actions and our solutions and take responsibility for causing change in ourselves so that everything has a true meaning, which from that bad moment we learn that we were overlooking in our behavior.

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To get out of that spiral it is better to act

My humble vision of the situation that stresses us, that overwhelms us, that ultimately paralyzes us is action and solutionremaining in the feeling of dejection and resignation is the most ineffective path in our lives, everything has a solution if we choose the path of action.

I like two approaches in this regard, “Everything has a solution except death and we don’t know when it will come to us, therefore it is not in your hands.” and the second “There is always a simpler solution that we have not been able to perceive until that moment.”.

It simple and direct It is almost always the way to resolve the dilemma that arises when we begin to doubt in our lives. Return to simple things, to clear things to resolve this occupation before it becomes the enormous concern of our day.