Fear Creates The Need To Move, It Is At Your Side To Help You

I will try to be simple and short to leave a concept that helps us with our fears.

Fear creates the need to move, it is at your side to help you

This emotion that is innate in the human being from your own conception. There is the fear of different things happening than usual which the security zone supports.

Every time we overcome a certain fear, we get stronger, we mature, we improve, we are more capable of overcoming any alteration. For example, when a baby is born he is afraid of being alone, because he has always been connected to his mother, and therefore, that cry of abandonment appears in his absence, which is overcome once he learns that his mother is not attached to him 24 hours a day. you, and if he is always with you. Later, over the years, that moment stabilizes and that baby begins to socialize, he has to go to school, he is afraid of not having family references. He begins to realize that he is in an environment of equals, with whom he relates and avoid that fear of being alone

Our fears are common

With this situation I am guiding you that everyone, regardless of race, country and beliefs we have the same fears, and we are overcoming them in the same way. The best graphic definition I have learned about fear is the door in front of you, which hides something that I don’t know exists, and I have to go through to move forward.

In front of said door we can adopt several exits: flee, ignore it, hide it, mental deceptions in short to not open it. That they condition us to paralyze you eternally in front of that door and imagine, speculate, about something that you don’t know and that only asks you to open it and come out.

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How many times does it happen that we overcome that fear, and we say to ourselves “it really wasn’t that big of a deal”, or “why did it take me so long to make this decision”. Reproaches that don’t help since you see that you can open doors, without further ado. When faced with fear, a solution is possible

In conclusion: Fear will never disappear from your life, it is something you have with you, it better be your companion when making decisions, your ally. Let’s get along, I know you protect me, and my fear, I promise to look before crossing the street. I will take advantage of your impulse to move towards new situations that I inevitably have to experience, yes or yes, sooner or later I have to open and overcome my limits, and leave the fixed zone.

In short, move and solve.