High Abilities In Adults: 8 Signs To Detect Them

What are adults with high abilities like? How do I know if I am a person with high intellectual capacity? Discover its characteristics and the emotional problems it entails.

High abilities in adults

Both psychologists and scientists dedicated to the study of the brain have many theories to explain human intelligence due to the complexity that this virtue entails. Probably, you relate to gifted people with a high IQ (Intelligence Quotient), but the reality is that high abilities in adults They are not only measured through this test.

What are high abilities in adults?

The intelligence and high abilities in adults, adolescents or children It is not only about an IQ, that is, in the score of the tests that measure this IQ. This is due to the following:

  • They measure specific skills: IQ tests measure skills such as reasoning, memory, and problem solving. Therefore, they cannot capture the broader picture of the High capacities in general.
  • They do not measure important capabilities: A high capacity test It does not evaluate very important traits such as creativity or emotional skills.
  • Autism: Research found that people with autism often have higher intelligence than standardized IQ tests indicate. This is because high abilities in autistic people can be ‘unbalanced’ in a way that can negatively affect certain task performance and social interactions.

Taking this into account, many experts believe that a high capacity test It cannot give a clear picture of intelligence, in part because there are several types of traits to consider.

What are people with high abilities like?

There are a series of characteristics that are usually linked to the high abilities in adults Mainly, we can highlight the following:

  1. Empathy: The ability to experience things from other people’s perspective is a key component of emotional intelligence. Therefore, empathy is a common trait in most gifted or highly capable people
  2. They value solitude: The people with high abilities They usually require a lot of time to relax and recharge their energy alone. Finding satisfaction in your own projects is another characteristic of high abilities. In fact, studies have shown that people with higher intelligence felt less satisfied with life when they spent more time socializing with friends.
  3. Strong sense of self: Self-awareness is also one of the characteristics of high abilities in adults Therefore, gifted people usually have a good perception of their abilities, values, and goals in life.
  4. Insatiable curiosity: A high intellectual capacity It is usually synonymous with great curiosity about everything that surrounds them. They enjoy reading, art, and exploring other languages ​​and cultures. This is because curiosity, in all its manifestations, is closely linked to intelligence.
  5. Observation skills: Working memory is the ability to notice and observe specific pieces of information. That is, a gifted adult They usually have a good eye for patterns, a great memory for things they read or hear, or a deep understanding of the nature around them.
  6. Body memory: Dexterity and coordination can also be signs of high abilities in adults That is, the ease of remembering movement patterns and the ease of replicating them without much effort can be a sign of high intelligence.
  7. Handling challenges: Life is not always simple, yet some people may find the challenges that come their way in life easier to handle. The ability to adapt to events is a key component of intelligence. That is, being able to adapt to new situations is one of the characteristics of a gifted adult or one with a high intellectual capacity
  8. Excessive worry: Worrying means preparing for the possibility that something unpleasant could happen. In fact, people who suffer from anxiety typically spend a lot of time worrying, even about things that are unlikely to happen.
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According to some research, there are certain links between verbal intelligence and the tendency to worry or ruminate too much. That is why one of the signs of high abilities in adults It would be precisely excess worry.

Characteristics of high capacities

Are you a gifted adult?

In addition to the signs that we have described, you can also answer the following questions to find out if you really can have High capacities:

  • Are you an emotionally intense and very sensitive person?
  • You learn fast?
  • Do you often feel out of place in the world?
  • Do you get excited easily?
  • Do you ‘absorb’ the feelings and/or emotions of other people?
  • Do you set extremely high standards for yourself?
  • Are you independent?
  • Do you feel very frustrated when faced with a sign of injustice?
  • Do you downplay your achievements and abilities to appear ‘normal’ so others don’t attack you?

If you feel identified with some of the previous questions, then you may be a person with high abilities Even so, it is important to go to a professional psychologist to have a clear diagnosis.

High abilities and emotional problems

most of people with high abilities They have usually suffered certain negative situations since their childhood due to this virtue. In fact, children with high abilities often worry about existential issues such as death or the meaning of life. Furthermore, over the years, these voids or negative feelings can lead to the following emotional problems:

  1. Existential depression: One of the main problems presented by adults with high abilities It is precisely the propensity for existential depression. This type of depression involves seeing discrepancies between how things could ideally be and how they really are.
  2. Low performance: Due to the constant judgments of others, people with high abilities They often learn to adapt socially to try to avoid envy, attack, and misjudgments from others.
  3. Crisis of conformism: Also because of social adaptations, many adults with high abilities They silence their true self to settle for a life they don’t want, instead of making decisions that are true to their nature.
  4. Loneliness: Finding true companions or partners is often a challenge for a person with high intellectual capacity This is because they get bored or understimulated easily, which may cause them to have trouble finding people who can keep up with them.
  5. Empathic Overwhelm: One of the characteristics of high capacities It is the tendency to ‘absorb’ the feelings and emotions of other people. For this reason, many people with this virtue tend to become overwhelmed in crowds or certain social environments.
  6. Procrastination: Perfectionism is a very common trait in women people with high abilities which also causes a task to be delayed in many cases due to everything you should do.
  7. Creative blocks: The high abilities in adults They can also translate into creativity blocks caused by self-doubt or fear of failure.
  8. Imposter syndrome: The gifted people They are very prone to internal self-criticism, which makes them focus more on their defects than on their virtues. Imposter syndrome is a discrepancy between how they see themselves and how others see them.
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These are some of the main problems that users may experience. adults with high abilities and that require consultation with a mental health professional. Identifying high abilities in adults can help you know yourself better and learn to live with it.