How Does A Divorce Impact Men And Women?

How does a divorce impact men and women?

When talking about a divorce and its consequences, women are generally thought of as the most affected gender ; However, similar responses have been demonstrated that entail certain differential factors between men and women when facing the crisis.

Such factors are determined, for example, by the causes of divorce, be it infidelity, financial problems, and lack of tolerance, among many others, in addition to which of the two members of the couple makes the decision.

Differences between the psychological impact of divorce on men and women

Let’s see then the most common aspects that have been found on this topic, according to studies carried out at the universities of California and Nebraska, in addition to other data obtained in consultation and research that I have carried out in my profession.

1. Generally, a man, when divorcing his partner, also goes through separation from his children

This leads man to feel a deep emptiness and in the case of women, assuming greater responsibility when they stay with their children.


2. The trials faced after a critical and sexist society

We have become accustomed to making judgments simply by what we observe without knowing the causes or the feelings that others carry inside.

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3. The financial aspect

When it comes to money, it can become the worst enemy, not only by reaching an agreement on responsibilities, but by taking on new challenges when it comes to taking control of money management and its organization.

The financial aspect has always been debated in that women are more impacted when it comes to taking that control, going to work (those who did not do it), being aware of payments on time and that nothing is missing for the well-being of your children compared to men who also find a large number of complaints and demands due to the lack of financial contribution to support their children.

4. If it comes to the emotional part, depression and anxiety are very common in both genders

Here the difference is marked in the way in which that chaos is faced, since the man tries to mask his sadness, he interacts much less and looks for outlets such as alcohol, looking for a woman or solitude. While women are more likely to seek help, vent to friends, even cry, write or take moments for herself, go out with her friends or drink alcohol.

5. Physical well-being

We cannot ignore the physical consequences that a breakup brings, since continuous illnesses, eating disorders and even physical neglect can be seen in both genders.

6. Self-esteem suffers a blow in men and women

This is because in the event of divorce An inventory begins to be made of what was given during the time the relationship lasted, thinking that you failed, having thoughts of an uncertain future or imagining your ex-partner having a new relationship or feeling that you are no longer the other person’s priority. It is a game of ego, of pride, which is a hidden monster when it comes to reaching an agreement or ensuring the well-being of the children.

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It’s important to put attention on The points described above can occur in any of the two cases of gender, or it may or may not be your case. What I do consider important to highlight is that both men and women are impacted by a crisis situation, without the need to blame ourselves, without judging ourselves about what the reason for the divorce was, but accepting that in the face of pain it becomes lighter when we tell with the support of a professional who provides us with the appropriate resources to transform families and start again from a state of well-being.