How Many Types Of Female Orgasms Are There And How To Experience Them?

Are there different types of female orgasms? What is the difference between the female and male orgasm? Discover all the keys to rediscover female orgasms.

Types of female orgasms

Although at some point or another we have all experienced an orgasm, the reality is that there is a lot of ignorance around them. Especially in the case of female orgasms, since sex has been taboo in the female gender for many years. The female orgasm has many curiosities that, knowing them, will give you knowledge capable of making you enjoy your sexuality much more. Here we will discover everything about women’s orgasms.

Differences between male orgasm and female orgasm

For women to reach orgasm It usually has more complications than men. The reason for this is that it is very good to know that physically we have the clitoris, the erogenous zones and how the largest organ of sex, the brain, is stimulated through synaptic connections. But the brain without senses does not work, it remains in standby mode waiting for information that we have to be aware of perceiving and channeling. If this information is blocked, no matter how much we play certain sexual games, we will not be able to fully enjoy our own pleasure and that of others.

Although in the male sex the emotional factor is also important, the orgasm in women he is most harmed through his emotions. Therefore, sex must be practiced consciously. To start this type of sex you have to start with self-knowledge, for example a very good option is through masturbation. We would have to focus our attention on the sensations of what gives me pleasure, in what situation, at what moment, what expectations arise, what I desire, what I fantasize in order to let myself be carried away by the pleasure and enjoy it fully. . With this knowledge we will be able to transmit it to my partner and thus not fall into the false myth that my partner has to know everything. By practicing conscious sex we will not focus on the orgasm but rather it will be relegated to the background and greater importance will be given to sensations. Despite this, achieving the best female orgasms is a matter of learning and self-exploration.

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Types of female orgasms

There is not only a type of female orgasm, there are actually different ways in which a woman can be erotically stimulated to enjoy sexual relations. According to sexologists, we find the following female organs.

Clitoral orgasm

Normally the clitoris and female orgasm They are usually closely related. Women usually experience pleasure at this point and that is why clitoral stimulation usually causes them to experience an intense orgasm.

g spot orgasm

The so-called g spot women It is located on the front wall of the vagina, halfway between the vaginal opening and the cervix. On many occasions you can obtain intense orgasms through this point. In order to experience this type of orgasm for women, it is vital to try to experiment within that erogenous zone.

Combined orgasm

When the female orgasms come from various sources of pleasure you can experience a more intense climax. In this way, in order to reach one of these types of female orgasms, more than one area must be stimulated at the same time.

anal orgasm

Anal sex is not usually a popular option among women. In fact, on many occasions women prefer not to experiment with this area of ​​their body. Despite this, one can also experience a orgasm through the stimulation of this part of the body.

Types of female orgasms

vaginal orgasm

There are some erogenous zones which are found precisely in the depth of the vagina. In this way, in order to experience vaginal orgasms, you must experience the various pleasure points that can be found in this place on the body.

female erection

In some cases the stimulation can cause the so-called female erection On these occasions, the orgasm in women ends with the expulsion of a liquid in the same way that occurs in the male orgasm.

nipple orgasm

Breasts and nipples are also important erogenous zones for women. In fact, there are women who can experience an orgasm just by caressing or kissing her nipples.


The multiorgasms They are one of the most sought-after pleasures for women. There are some women who can experience various orgasms during sexual relations since they do not experience a refractory period after climax.

Main problems that prevent female orgasms

There are some psychological problems that can cause women to be unable to enjoy even the clitoral stimulation or any erogenous part to reach an orgasm during sex. According to psychologists, the main mental reasons that prevent an orgasm in women are the following.

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1. Body image

Body image in women is very important to achieve female orgasm According to a study published in the Journal of Sex Medicine During 2010, the great impact that women’s body self-perception had during sex was demonstrated. In this way, it was discovered that concern about weight, physical condition and the sexual attractiveness that they believed they aroused in others were related to this.

The more they perceived themselves as having a greater degree of body image satisfaction, the greater their sexual satisfaction. So much so that in some cases the women explained that during their sexual relations They imagined themselves as a spectator and could even criticize some parts of their body. This is why self-esteem is very important both for ourselves and to enjoy the female orgasm to the fullest.

2. Sexual stigma

On many occasions, society is obsessed with the sexual frequency at which we have sex. But in the case of women, sometimes the taboos around sex can prevent them from enjoying some sexual relationships. That is why, according to research carried out by the Kinsey Institute in 2013, it was found that women were unable to achieve real orgasms during casual sex. The reason for this problem is that in many cases to obtain the female orgasms You must talk to the other person and during sporadic encounters many women find it difficult to say what they really want due to the sexual stigma around it.

Why doesn't a woman reach orgasm?

3. Stress

Stress is one of the influences that can most affect the woman orgasm In many cases, achieving a female orgasm can be impossible due to the stress of everyday life. On many occasions, the lack of sexual desire on the part of the male or female sex comes hand in hand with excess stress in their lives.

4. Problems in the couple

Lack of communication or crises within a relationship can be the reason why a woman does not reach an orgasm. On many occasions, achieving pleasurable sex from the female sex It depends on the connection with the person next to you. For this reason, it is essential to talk and communicate when there are certain problems within the relationship.

5. Sexual trauma

When a person has experienced trauma related to sex, it is vital to try to understand them and not force sexual relations. In these cases, the person must work not only to put aside bad experiences related to having sex but also to lose the fear of experimenting around others. female orgasms

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6. Poor physical health

On some occasions not having a female erection or reaching the female orgasm may be due to some effects on our physical health. When you suspect this, it is vital to go to a doctor to be able to enjoy good health and pleasant sex again.

7. Other psychological problems

In other cases, the female orgasm due to a series of psychological problems that can occur in the person who cannot reach it. In women, orgasms usually have a more emotional or emotional component than in men. For this reason, achieving an intense orgasm depends on it. If you think that there is something that is limiting your pleasure or reaching orgasm during sexual relations, you can always consult with a professional psychologist to resolve your doubts about it.

How to achieve a female orgasm?

If you have a time where you are not experiencing the climax in your sexual relationships, you can try to remedy this situation through the following psychological tips.

  • do exercise

Sometimes we can’t reach the orgasms because we have excess nerves and/or stress in our body. Because of this, many people may experience little sexual appetite or even the inability to enjoy sexual relations. In these cases it can be vital to try to do physical exercise to relax our mind and body.

  • Give affection to our partner

Maybe we are in a bad time and that is why it is more difficult for us get an orgasm In this way, we can feel better about ourselves if we give and receive more affection from our partners. There are many benefits around kisses, hugs and caresses and all of this can contribute to experiencing better female orgasms.

How to reach a female orgasm?

  • Achieve a positive body image

Even though you take better care of yourself or exercise more, perhaps the root problem of not having a positive body image is precisely that you do not have a good self-perception of yourself. In these cases, working on your self-esteem will be essential to put aside this type of behavior towards you.

  • Read about sexuality

You may not be able to reach female orgasm because you are not experimenting enough on yourself. Therefore, you can begin to educate yourself on the subject and be more open to leaving your comfort zone.

  • Improve intimate communication

In some cases what fails is not the desire, but the communication during the sexual act. If you find it difficult to open up during these times, you can talk about it at other times. The important thing is that you both enjoy this act and manage to reach or experience any type of orgasms

Experience the pleasures of female sexuality It is essential to discover what sex really is. On many occasions, consulting with a sexologist can be the little push you need so much to revolutionize your bed. The key to the female orgasm is to be open and experience through the senses.