How To Change? 7 Habits To Learn A New Way Of Being

Do you think you can’t make a personality change? Discover how to change your way of being by learning new habits that will shape your attitude.

How to change? Discover the best method to do it

There are certain moments in our lives that encourage us to make a shift in thinking or even push us to change our personality. In this way, you feel that you are no longer in the right place and you need to renew your way of being. At this moment you may be wondering how to change and if this can be possible.

Can personality be changed?

There are many psychology experts who agree that it is possible to carry out a personality change although in general terms this can be very difficult. To achieve this, it is not only enough to correct some aspects of your character but you must also take into account your way of thinking and seeing life. In this way, there must be a change in thinking with which we question our behavior patterns, habits and even the beliefs that lie beneath the surface of the most general traits of the personality with which we show ourselves.

Want change personality, whether in some aspects that make us uncomfortable, it is a completely normal situation today. Although this is a completely rational feeling, sometimes you want to make a personality change simply because you have deficiencies in your mental health. In these cases it is vital to go to a psychology specialist to treat these types of negative thoughts about our personality.

The best years of your life are those in which you decide that your problems are yours alone. One thus realizes the control of one’s own destiny.

Albert Ellis

Why do we have a certain personality?

We all have a personality that we have formed throughout our lives, every day we are different. We have incorporated correct strategies for certain problems or we have not found solutions and this distresses us and causes anxious reactions or the solutions we have chosen make us get by but we really know that they are not the best even though they seem to fit more with our character.

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In the case of a person with psychological problems, this discomfort becomes obsessive and, to reduce the anguish, they get used to applying all those erroneous ideas or strategies they have already learned and everything gets even worse. We are born with a genetic base inherited from our parents, but the basic thing in our character is the experiences we have lived, the daily learning that makes us unique as individuals and modifies our personality constantly. It is for this reason that to know how to change your way of being you must ask yourself what has shaped your personality.

How to change our personality?

How to change your personality?

We can always choose how to act (either in the usual way or in a different way) it only depends on our courage, on whether or not we risk discovering what it means to act differently than usual, to achieve a better goal. Therefore, in order to carry out a personality change We can follow the following tips.

  1. Change habits: One of the bases of personality or way of thinking is formed by habits. To change personality or way of being, we must learn to make new habits that go in the right direction to become the person we want. In this way, to set up a new habit or break an old one we must dedicate a lot of practice, time and effort.
  2. Change your personal beliefs: One of the worst obstacles that do not allow personality change It is precisely our beliefs. That is, if you don’t believe you can change you will never achieve it. On many occasions, what is behind these beliefs is the control that our mind exercises to keep us in our comfort zone.
  3. Praise your efforts: According to various psychological investigations to achieve change personality or changing things for other skills, it is essential to recognize the effort we are making. In this way, don’t just focus on the result, also value everything you are doing to reach your final goal or personal success.
  4. Pretend that you are as you want: One of the most productive ways to get change Both our way of thinking and our way of being is precisely faking those attributes that we want to have. So much so that if you pretend to be an extrovert and try to be one, despite being an introvert you can learn to bring out this personality when you need it. For example, in cases where a person lacks self-esteem, pretending that they have a lot or that they love themselves can also be a good method to end up enjoying a more than healthy self-love. Changes in our way of being
  5. Leave the tags behind: Label yourself with a series of traits in your personality or character can be a barrier to being able to improve in various aspects. So much so that opting for a change of thought will not be an option if you already perceive yourself as a still being with no capacity to change. These types of attitudes are not only harmful to yourself but will also prevent you from living a full life since in reality everything is constantly changing on a day-to-day basis.
  6. Practice gratitude: Although you may not want to know how to change to improve your empathy towards others, these types of actions can be a real advantage in being able to change personality So much so that through acts of kindness you can come to accept some traits in yourself that perhaps you didn’t like before.
  7. Live more experiences: As we have already mentioned, change is part of life. Therefore, if you want to know how to change your way of being or how to change your personality, you may just need to speed up the process a little. To do this, leaving your comfort zone and having many more experiences will undoubtedly be one of your best allies to achieve what you want in your personality.
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Sometimes the change It is only possible by facing our psychological problems. Therefore, perhaps your solution is to go to a mental health specialist. Psychological therapy does not aim to change anyone’s character; It seeks to reorient, polish or correct certain constant behaviors in the person that were acquired incorrectly with the intention of solving a specific problem. These behaviors are repeatedly applied to other situations in order to solve different conflicts that, obviously, are not resolved and cause the same initial helplessness to be felt.

At the end of our day, change is something we cannot avoid. This happens because each day is an opportunity to live new experiences that shape our personality. Therefore, to know how to change it We should only try to follow the direction towards our personal goals. Change for the better is always possible.