How To Close Life Cycles And Not Die Trying?

How to close life cycles and not die trying?

Stage closures are hard and sometimes it is very difficult for us to say no, whether at the time of ending a relationship, at the time of closing a work phase of our life or at the time of ending a friendship that is exhausting us.

When we talk about cycles we are referring to the processes of life that have a beginning and an end. In this sense, It is important to know how to close the cycles when a process has finished ; but there is a problem when trying, and it is the emotional component of all this. This makes us human and makes us feel, but that doesn’t mean we can think that we won’t be able to turn the page.

For this, it is essential to know that closing and healing emotions is painful, which makes it at certain times something that we want to avoid so as not to face it, but standing up to our emotions will help us learn that it should not send us those negative stimuli.

The 5 proposals to close a cycle

The first thing to do is know the difference between closing cycles and losing something Closing chapters in your life always brings pain, obviously, but luckily this is never sudden or extremely painful like a loss is. The opposite happens with loss; This is not given voluntarily and brings pain because it is usually misunderstood; When faced with it, we felt tremendously unhappy and thought that we did not deserve it.

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Taking the above into account, let’s look at several key ideas to know how to close a cycle of your life.

1. Begin a psychological therapy process

It is a good opportunity as a work of self-knowledge Here we can see what our weak points are and work on them with the help of the therapist to become emotionally stronger and, above all, not fall into the same mistakes again. It is important to follow the specialist’s criteria and above all maintain trust in him.

2. Say goodbye and create balance

You decide to finish the stage, and it is important that you start thinking about what it gave you and the mistakes you made so as not to repeat them again Tip: make a list or a letter with conclusions that you send to yourself about the good and bad moments you experienced, that will make you grow.

3. Start new hobbies

It is important May you continue rediscovering that inner Self to know that you have things inside you that you have not found yet It is also a good opportunity for you to resume hobbies that you abandoned, don’t close yourself off.

Start new hobbies

4. Forgive yourself

Here I want you to accept yourself and be able to tell yourself that what you experienced was positive, and above all that now you are stronger in order to start new stages It is important not to think that if what we experienced previously ended badly it was our fault (maybe it was); Right now what you have to do is accept that right now it is impossible to change the past and the only thing you have is the present.

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5. Forget about finding a magic answer

Stop trying to see a master answer to your problems, really. There is no answer to everything And just because a problem comes to you does not mean that you have to solve it as if it were a mathematical problem; Thought works by analogy, and it is normal to maintain memories. Please don’t punish yourself.

A final thought

Sometimes we hold on to pain and use it as an excuse not to move forward, focusing on thoughts from the past that we believe were better and above all with the idea that something negative will happen to us again, but that is not the case. Closing a stage means ending something to improve and that is what we should focus on.

I want you to draw conclusions, and above all, think about whether in other moments of your life it has taken you a long time to overcome these problems, and above all if it is worth facing them again on your own.

Obviously there are different types of cycles that we want to close (remember from the beginning) that will appear in your life; before them, above all we have to understand that some will be easier to close than others, and that therefore Sometimes we may need help from a specialist

Need help?

Perhaps you need a little push to be able to overcome and settle negative thoughts regarding the closure of a stage for personal reasons or loss. That’s why I want to offer you my help and experience so that you don’t waste time and be as efficient as possible. Do not hesitate to contact me to start your online therapy.

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