How To Cultivate Healthy Habits To Have A Strong Mind?

How to cultivate healthy habits to have a strong mind?

We all talk about balance, having a healthy body to have a healthy mind, but there is something more; have a really strengthened mind Becoming someone who, no matter how much they fall, gets back up strengthened by what they have learned, although this quality can also be seen in someone who cannot take it all or who allows themselves to feel what they feel without fear.

Having a strong mind is not being able to endure a lot of suffering, but be able to turn this suffering into something useful that invites us to overcome a problem and gives us the power to do so. A mind prepared for adversity is what allows us to stay focused on what matters despite adversity.

Habits that help you have a strong mind

If we are so stressed that we don’t think, we don’t sleep and we just survive, little by little we lose the ability to think clearly and decide the steps we take. “Survival mode” is very good for facing extreme situations, but “calm mode” is better for being able to make decisions that allow us to get out of those difficult situations.

Much is said about good habits, but little is done about them; They are part of those New Year’s resolutions, after the holidays or after a period of excess. Why is it so difficult for us to acquire healthy habits that allow us to have a strong mind? It’s easy to blame laziness, lack of energy, or routine and these may be the causes, but focusing on that and limiting ourselves to reproaching ourselves for things only takes away our energy.

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What you need is be clear about what you want, know why you want it, know the obstacles that prevent you from moving forward and commit to your goal convinced of how important it is.

The first healthy habit to work on is how I face challenges, it is the first stone that provides a solid foundation on which to establish other new habits. I propose this three-step method: clean, commit and act

1. Clear your mind, get a calm mind

It is common to hear phrases like: “what I want is to be calm, I would be happy if I didn’t have this problem, when this happens I will be able to rest”… These phrases show that we feel that the situation is not under our control.

So the first thing is to know that to fulfill our desires or needs we need to flee from unattainable dreams or from wanting to change what does not depend on us We have to listen to ourselves honestly and be realistic about what we want and what we can control.

By separating what we can control from what we cannot, We stop fighting for what is not in our power and focus on what is in our power, we regain control and stop feeling helpless. We cannot control life or its ups and downs. The point is, therefore, to make yourself strong in the face of adversity; If you make your mind strong, you will see obstacles as a surmountable challenge and not as another problem that weighs you down and steals your energy or limits your well-being. If we do not have a favorable external environment, we will have to work more internally to achieve that calm or inner peace.

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Thus, we see that first we need to delve deeper into our objective and see what things make us feel good about ourselves, that is, they give us calm, they make us feel strong, etc. Write the answer to this question: what is it that you need or want to achieve and what are the things that make you feel that way when you do them?

clear your mind

2. Commit to what you want

Once we know what we need to get what we want and the obstacles have been identified We begin to value the strength of our desire, the importance of this Let’s start from the hypothesis that we will take as true that “if you don’t make an effort to achieve it, it means that you don’t want it that much.” Let us decide to put all our potential at the service of our desires.

You will be able to overcome vicious circles, negative or hopeless thoughts… How? Write step by step what you would do or should do to get what you want. Decide to assume that there is no other option because it is what you want and no one but you can stop you. Write down everything that harms you or does not allow you to move forward, consider how to overcome each obstacle

3. Act with internal coherence to have peace

Part of the conflicts in our daily lives are internal; When one does not live the way he wants, he does not feel how he wants to feel, he does not do what he wants to do… this conflict, internal or external, is an alert that invites us to fight for what we want.

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There are circumstances in which living coherently is difficult for us, and if we cannot resolve these circumstances, conflict arises.

So we see that after being clear about what we want and committing to it, By choosing a path focused on what we want and can achieve, new options open up for us This allows us to act, we will take steps to have a calm mind by acting not in automatic mode, but in tune with what we want to achieve or how we want to live. This does not prevent life from giving us setbacks, but it allows us to have a strong mind to face the obstacles that come our way.

If you are in the middle of a storm and you need to make decisions or for something to change, find a space, a place, a time to think calmly and start working on yourself; Thus, find the strength to decide to make the changes you need to have a calm mind and be able to better face difficulties.