How To Cultivate Your Self-esteem To Create Healthy Relationships? In 10 Keys


In the midst of the rush, the responsibilities and the desire to be super powerful, the disconnection appears between us as women and our femininity, which becomes evident through hormonal imbalances, problematic relationships, exhaustion, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem and even psychiatric illnesses.

The speed with which society is transformed in relation to gender roles, and the multiple burdens that increase day by day for women with the aim of achieving standards of success and perfection, have resulted in the adoption of positions and attitudes excessive masculine which confront our own nature and lead to forcing bonds where no limits are established and where even mistreatment or disapproval of who we are is allowed.

Cultivating bonds where we feel comfortable, supported and valued, and being able to express our femininity and contribute from there, is key to taking care of our physical and mental health and from here to build realities that are interesting and that allow us to strengthen ourselves and exist with freedom.

Actions to cultivate self-love

This is why it is key to stop for a moment, observe ourselves, reconnect and cultivate our femininity. And although putting into practice actions aimed at this purpose goes beyond conquering a partner or attracting the acceptance of others, the exercises that I propose below allow you to recognize your own power and from here, give yourself the value you deserve. . Only in this way, by recognizing and understanding who you are and the force that inhabits you, can you teach others how they should treat you to be part of your life and build deep relationships based on unconditional love and mutual growth.

1. Fall in love with yourself

Create and learn new things, observe your power to engender. Develop activities that allow you to see your power to give life. Make way for new projects, paint, write, sing, do some activity that allows you to expose your talents.

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2. Let yourself be taken care of by others

Accept acts or words of love without reproach, without fear, without saying “No thanks.” !Yes, thanks! to everything that makes you feel happy and valued. Accept the best that others have to offer you. Don’t be ashamed of letting others give you. You are a being capable of overflowing with love, capable of transforming love into life, so allow others to fill you with joy, so that you can then overflow and share it.

Allow your partner to be useful, play their role, give their best, because this leads them to move, to explore, which also strengthens their nature. Learn to ask, within you is also the ability to request what is important to you, do it without fear, with love, purpose and clarity.

3. Take care of your body

It is not about aesthetics exclusively. Eat healthy, exercise, give yourself quality time. Dance in front of the mirror, swim and focus on the strength of your body, run and feel how free you can be, practice yoga and enjoy your flexibility, walk your nervous and muscular system to allow you to move, climb the stairs when possible, practice any activity that allows you to connect with your vitality, feel the strength and power you possess and at the same time leave your comfort zone. Even if you have physical limitations you can do it, doing physical activities that are not usual for you and that require some effort.

4. Explore your sexuality

Look in the mirror and touch yourself, talk to yourself with love, enjoy who you are. Take care of your skin, comb your hair, massage your legs. Admire your beauty, love your scars and imperfections, because they tell a story. Dedicate yourself days of personal pleasure, go on dates with yourself, make yourself beautiful and enjoy your beauty.

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Stimulate your senses, allow your body to delight in the aromas, light and colors, the music, the flowers, the fabrics, the flavors of water, fruits, nuts, enjoy the multiple stimuli with your whole body. what the environment offers you. Seduce yourself, and allow yourself to seduce others, with your look, your movements, your voice, warmth, your freshness, your life story, your fears and your dreams.

5. Reconnect with the healthy and curious inner child that lives in you

Connect with your innocence, with your desire to explore, to play, to move freely, and leave your insecurities, fears and prejudices behind. Stay happy, smile, dance while you walk, sing or hum when you are alone, jump in the street, allow yourself to have fun. Trust, even if later people don’t act the way you expect. Allow yourself to remain amazed at the world, its magic, its immensity and the wonder it hides. Train yourself to make new friends, to talk to strangers without fear, overcome fear and smile at whoever you meet.

6. Get inspired by other women

Read and listen to podcasts or videos from other women that motivate you, from whom you can take the best. Investigate, understand and honor your female lineage: Who are the women where you come from? What were their struggles, pains and contributions to making you the woman you are? Connect with other women, create circles of support. Hang out with women of all ages, learn from them, listen to them, support them, lean on them, find everything valuable that their lives can add to yours and add to theirs.


7. Connect with your sweetness

Contemplate the beauty of nature. Enjoy taking care of yourself and others. Caress, water your plants, enjoy the simple, the delicate, the subtle. Take care of the fragility of life, incorporate conscious consumption practices, learn techniques to care for the environment, incorporate practices of service and care for others.

8. Become aware of your hormonal cycles

Observe your physical and emotional changes. Women are cyclical in many aspects, so keep a calendar that day by day allows you to understand the transformation that your body experiences and the relationships or patterns that appear.

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9. Connect with your emotions

Observe and discover what excites you, what hurts you, what makes you happy and what you fear. Keep a diary of emotions, thoughts or stories, which allows you to collect your experiences and make them visible to you. Cultivate positive emotions such as kindness, gratitude, compassion, with yourself and with others. Write down those situations that you have experienced and from which you have learned because although they may be painful, they have allowed you to get to know yourself.

10. Meditate

Use tools such as tantra, yoga, forest bathing, gardening, prayer, cooking or any activity that allows you to disconnect from the demands of the outside world and connect with the calm of your being and the divinity that is within you.


Remember that this is a process in which by dedicating time, attention and care to yourself, you will cultivate genuine self-love, which will contribute to strengthening your abilities, which will allow you to see what you are made of and will contribute to strengthening your body and your self-esteem.

If you are able to recognize the woman you are, to accept your femininity and use it with wisdom and forcefulness, you will know how to give yourself the right place and without a doubt you will project it, in this way the hearts that approach you will understand your value and the treatment and respect that you deserve and with which they must correspond and without a doubt you will not give way to people who are not prepared to receive the best from you.

Cultivating self-esteem is a daily job, which involves continuous practice and perseverance, however it is without a doubt the best project you can carry out in your life. If you are looking for closer support, do not hesitate to write to me and together we will find the best way to polish that diamond that you have in you.