How To Enhance Your Charisma Through 6 Habits


Charisma is one of the most valuable elements of all those related to personality and social relationships. However, it is not easy to reach a point where we completely master what can make us charismatic. At the end of the day, talking to others, expressing yourself to connect with someone, is complex.

In this article we will review several ways to enhance charisma from the foundations of significant social relationships.

Enhance charisma through habits

Follow these steps to start training your charisma on a daily basis.

1. Sleep well and eat well

It seems like an unimportant detail, but this step is basic. Unless you are a person with a very high energy level, you will not be able to give your best version in social relationships if you always suffer the effects of fatigue and sleep.

If fatigue dominates you, you will naturally and spontaneously tend to adopt a passive attitude, both physically and psychologically. Your non-verbal language will express much less, and your way of managing conversations will be much more conservative than normal: you will maintain a low and discreet profile so that the other person takes the initiative, just because of something that happens to you and although the interlocutor does not even pretend to be the dominant party in this relationship.

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Therefore, maintaining fundamentally healthy living standards is something that will allow us to be 100% in this type of social interactions. It seems not, but although technically speaking and interacting with others is not a sport, It is something that requires a lot of energy if done right After all, the brain is a set of organs that consume a large part of the nutrients available in our body, and communicating and adapting in real time to what the other is doing is a task that requires constant attention.

2. Free your hands

One of the blunders that many people make when it comes to relationships is believing that speaking is simply about using your voice and moving your head. Putting your hands in your pockets or crossing your arms are the clearest signs that you have fallen into this trap.

Something as simple as forcing yourself to always have your hands free will make us gain ease when it comes to mastering this very basic aspect of non-verbal communication Once this is done, it is easier for the rest of the non-verbal components of the expression to be released.

3. The importance of eye contact

When speaking, it is very important to look in the eyes. This is “the backbone” of the non-verbal part of conversations, the foundation from which everything is built. However, don’t become obsessed with looking right in the eye, as this will only make you nervous. It is better to limit yourself to trying not to look at the ground, at the person’s chest or to the sides. This way, naturally the two glances will meet non-consciously, without us realizing it.

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4. Cultivate your inner world

If we had to reduce the meaning of the concept of charisma to a minimum, that definition would be something like: the fact of having personality and knowing how to express it in a clear and distinctive way. Deep down, each person with charisma is charisma in their own way, since there are practically infinite ways to be charisma. There is a common element to all of them, but there is also something unique.

In order to improve one’s charisma, then, it is essential to develop one’s own philosophy of life and, in general, a cultural background that makes it easier to connect easily with many types of people Knowing about music allows you to relate better to some, knowing about psychology helps to converse with others… Therefore, books and in general all cultural products become, in this way, means through which to reach more people, and in a deeper way.

5. Be interested in what excites the other

This is something as important as it is simple. To enhance charisma, the communication we establish with other people has to be based on things with meaning. Ask not about work, but about projects, not about studies, but about areas of interest… in general, have the other person explain little stories about their life that mean a lot to her. The simple act of remembering them and explaining them to someone achieves two effects.

On the one hand, our interlocutor will have a pleasant time being the center of attention when it comes to telling something in which he or she is the highest authority; You have to be very shy so that the feeling of vulnerability overcomes the desire to express something about what motivates us.

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On the other hand, these kinds of conversations are an excellent way to create a fluid conversation, that is not limited to being a succession of monosyllabic questions and answers Furthermore, when talking about relevant aspects that have to do with each person’s philosophy of life, it gives rise to talking, exchanging opinions and showing each person’s perception of reality. It is the ideal context to capture our personality, combined with what we saw in the previous point.

6. Don’t forget the names

Another little trick to gain charisma is simply remember the names of those people with whom we have interacted and, if possible, those important things about themselves that they have explained to us. It is, in short, another way to demonstrate that those conversations from the past were something with real value, something that deserves to be remembered.