How To Find The Motivation To Make Decisions

How many times do we postpone making decisions with the idea of ​​not having found the true motivation. In this article we are going to explain the steps and what role motivation plays.

How to find the motivation to make decisions

Surely more than once you have thought that you would want something different than what you have, or that you would like a better or different life than the one you have.

Difference between want and desire

And here is the first nuance: wanting is not the same as desiring. In the first case the effort is more intellectual, rational. But in the case of wishing we are referring to something more ephemeral and emotional. So, if you are truly looking for a change that implies a decision, it is not enough to want it, you have to want it.

There are no good or bad decisions, only consequences one way or another. We always project towards the future when we think about our life, but we forget the most important thing and what really matters, which is living in the present.

Do you really know what you want?

It is very easy to fall into frustration when you do not achieve what you are pursuing, and most of the time we believe that we are not putting enough will into it. And it may be true, that not enough intention is being put into it. Ultimately, will is an intentional act, which makes us direct ourselves towards something. But we have to give one more twist, thus reaching the decision.

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If we measure it by the steps that must be taken, the first would be the trend, that which is preferred instead of something different. Then you would have to determine between different options, to conclude with the third step which is the action, the implementation of our plan. When we reach this point is when we measure whether the choice was the best or not at that moment by the degree of satisfaction it provokes in us.

What place does motivation occupy?

You’re probably thinking that you lack that drive, that motivation. You will believe that it is the first step in the selection and decision-making process. No, it is not. You don’t start with motivation

First of all, you have to be clear about what you want. It is not enough to say that you want to be happier. That is abstract, ambiguous, it cannot be measured or quantified. It’s also not enough to want things to go differently for you. We are in the same case. Among the millions of different options you have to outline which one you want.

And once this is clear, motivation appears. When you have a representation in your head of where we want to go, of what the feeling we will have when we achieve it, of what our life will be like.

The following steps are more rational and all that remains is to weigh and ask questions until we conclude the choice.

But never forget that what will make you achieve it is your mental representation of what you want.

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How to find the motivation to make decisions