How To Know If A Person Dislikes You: 8 Signs

How to know if a person dislikes you

In an ideal, fantastic world, all people would get along. There would be no arguments or bad feelings between classmates, neighbors, politicians, ethnic groups… the power of love and friendship could do everything and we would all be very happy.

But the world doesn’t work like that. There will always be someone who doesn’t like us, even if we haven’t done anything at all. It may be our way of being, something we said, or simply something that has penetrated us and now he can’t even see us.

It also happens in the other direction. We are not obligated to like everyone, nor should we feel bad about it. There are people who will dislike us and others who will dislike us.

It’s not worth putting in too much effort trying to make a person who dislikes you like you end up liking you. There are people who simply will never put up with us. That is why it is important know some guidelines about how to know if a person dislikes you to avoid wasting time and energy.

How to know if a person dislikes you

Knowing if a person dislikes you is relatively simple, if you know how. Normally, we can tell if someone dislikes us simply because we get that feeling. People are often not at all subtle when it comes to conveying the displeasure they feel towards another, whether in the form of abrupt gestures, hurtful comments and even insults.

Nevertheless, Others prefer to be more courteous and polite and do not show so directly how much they dislike us Maybe they do it because, really, they feel bad that they don’t like us because they don’t know very well why they don’t like us. However, we must be aware that not everyone can like us, nor does everyone have to like us. Sometimes people just don’t get along. Accepting this is a great sign of maturity.

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Since there is nothing more exhausting than trying to be liked by people who will never like you, we have collected a few signs that can help you know if a person dislikes you. Don’t take it personally, you surely have many good things and other people know how to value you. Human relationships are simply like that.

1. He doesn’t maintain eye contact

One of the signs that can tell you that someone doesn’t like you too much is if they don’t look you in the eyes. People who do not appreciate others have difficulty maintaining their gaze. Eye contact with someone they dislike is uncomfortable, annoying, tense. They can’t keep it

At first it may seem that you are distracted, disconnected from reality. However, if they don’t like you, what happens is that they are not paying attention to you, they don’t care what you say or what you are doing.

However, we should not underestimate the fact that there are people who, as a matter of course, find it difficult to look in the eye. Just because a person doesn’t look us in the eye doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t like us, but it does mean that we should take it as a a first clue

Therefore, it is advisable not only to take into account the avoidance of eye contact, but also the rest of the signs that follow.

How to know if someone dislikes you

2. He cares nothing about your opinion

Given the issue of eye contact, we move on to the next point to know if a person dislikes you, a more obvious one: they are not concerned about your opinion.

When a person feels good about the presence of another, they are interested in knowing and valuing their opinion. Shows some sign of curiosity towards the other person, wants to know more about them You may both have a different opinion, but if you like each other, the conversation flows and you both get rich.

This doesn’t happen when someone doesn’t like you. That person is not going to waste time or energy actively listening to what you tell them. Much less will he or she be the one who takes the initiative to start a conversation with you. For that person, doing origami with a used tissue or staring at the wall will seem like more important topics than your opinion.

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AND Since he or she does not care about your opinion or what you think of him or her, he or she will not bother to respond to your comments If you know someone in your circle of acquaintances who behaves like this towards you, don’t be naive! He doesn’t want to be friends with you, he doesn’t like you.

3. He makes excuses for not seeing you

One of the most common ways to show that you don’t like someone is to make excuses to avoid seeing them It doesn’t matter if it’s an old “friend” or if it’s your current partner. When someone no longer likes you, they will do everything possible to show it, but in a sometimes subtle way, sending their desires between the lines.

If someone makes excuses to you very often, such as “I can’t go out”, “I’m sick”, “I have to run some errands today” and others, What he is probably telling you is “I don’t want to stay with you.” It sounds crude but he just doesn’t like you, he doesn’t want to see you. You’re wasting your time and you’re wasting his time too.

4. He ignores you in your presence

There is a belief that when a person ignores you, it is because they are actually interested in you and want to get your attention through their indifference. Sometimes they get it right, but very rarely. The reality on many occasions is that if someone ignores you, it is because they really want to keep you away or they can’t stand you

When someone doesn’t like you, they will try to avoid being with you by all means. When he doesn’t succeed, when he is forced to stay in the same place with you, he will simply try to make it easier for him by ignoring you. If you try to talk to him, he will most likely turn his back on you or join someone else to get you away.

Don’t waste your time trying to get him to like you, especially if you don’t know why he doesn’t like you. It is better to respect their space and try to value yourself by your own means Whatever it is about you that he doesn’t like, it doesn’t define you as a person.

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5. Defensive body language

Many times people communicate more with our body than through words. Body language can tell us whether a person likes us or not. If he keeps his arms and legs crossed it could be a sign that he is not comfortable with you or that he is defensive in your presence something that is a sign that he doesn’t like you.

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6. Smile forcedly

Knowing how to hide how much you dislike a person is a true art, and not everyone masters it. There are those who do know how to hide their dislike of another person, but it is normal that in one way or another they end up showing a certain attitude that they do not like the situation in which they have been immersed, having to talk to you.

Some try to be polite and pretend they listen to you, even though they can’t stand you To pretend that this is not the case, they try to smile but with a gesture that is anything but natural, a forced smile that even seems sarcastic and clownish.

7. He tries to get away from you

Another sign that he doesn’t like you is that he tries to stay away from you. It’s no secret that when you dislike someone, you try to put as much distance between the two of you as possible. If he speeds up his pace when he sees you, turns his back as soon as he sees you, pretends he hasn’t seen you, and changes direction basically he wants to see you away.

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8. You don’t think you’re funny

For many, humor is the glue of human relationships Being next to a person who likes to tell jokes can be a revitalizer, a natural mood lifter. But there are limits, because unfunny comedians are hard to put up with.

Whether you are one of them or not, the truth is that a sign that someone doesn’t like you is that they don’t laugh at your jokes at all. At most, after telling him a little story, he will force a smile or say a sarcastic “ha, ha, ha, ha” like that, with very noticeable pauses in between. You don’t need to be an expert in sympathies to understand that if he makes such a comment to your jokes, it’s because he’s not funny. Not at all.