How To Make A Narcissist Miss You

Narcissists are people who have an exacerbated need to be recognized by the environment around them. This leads them to carry out any type of actions with the aim of attracting the attention of their victims. During a romantic relationship, narcissists have the tendency to harm every moment they live with their partners in order to benefit. As a general rule, they enjoy the discomfort and/or suffering of others, so it is not a problem for them. If this continues over time, it is likely that the victim will get tired of being an object in the relationship and the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčseparating will arise. Many times, the processes experienced after separations are complex and relive a series of intense emotions. For this reason, missing someone important can be considered a normal event. However, the link with narcissistic people has extremely negative consequences for those who have shared their life.

If you want to generate the opposite effect so that another person’s thoughts multiply, there are some precise tactics to achieve it. In this PsychologyFor article we tell you how to make a narcissist miss you.

Work on your self-love

Although it may be easier said than done, the main point of this advice is to put it into practice. Self-love is the positive assessment and care that a person has for themselves. To achieve this, it is necessary let go of the demands of narcissists after a romantic separation to prioritize personal needs.

Given the lack of answers that a narcissist receives, personal dissatisfaction will arise that will leave him worried. When these people do not get the attention they want, they often look for other victims to harm. In the following article we explain what self-love is, its importance and how to build it.

Stop responding to his messages

In relation to the previous section, narcissists try to gain the trust of their victims to continue satisfying the ego. Although this behavior can last for a long time, it is essential do not respond to text messages, audios or letters.

Given this, it is important to remember that narcissistic people lack empathy and concern for other people’s problems, since it is a strategy to manipulate.

Set limits

In general terms, narcissists have great difficulty accepting limits because they tend to be in control of situations. However, the setting clear and concise limits It can be a great help for people who have ended a relationship. When the narcissist realizes that he will not be able to manipulate his victim, he will stop insisting.

If you need help with this aspect, you may be interested in checking out the article How to Set Boundaries in Relationships.

keep your distance

Keeping your distance from the narcissistic person is one of the most complicated steps that occur after a relationship. For a narcissist to feel homesick, there needs to be harmony between what is said and what is done. In other words, it is not effective to mention that a separation is intended without any type of dialogue and then resume conversations when the possibility arises.

If this happens, the narcissist may understand that they have the power to handle the situation as they see fit. To avoid this type of discomfort, it is essential maintain a safe distance over time.

Stop looking for validation

When a person is in a relationship with a narcissist, the search for validation is a constant resource in this type of relationship. To interrupt this endless circuit that is generated, stop seeking external approval It is one of the best alternatives that exist.

Go to a therapeutic space

In the event that the emotions are too difficult to bear and you lack the resources to move forward, see a mental health professional It is usually an effective help.

In this space, aspects such as self-esteem, coping with adverse situations, resilience and project development, among others, are worked on.

Modify the link

Instead of thinking that the narcissist is part of a loving relationship that ended, another bet lies in change the point of view. For this, you can choose to interact as friendships in which nothing has happened. Faced with the coldness that the person can manifest, narcissists usually flee from these relationships because they do not have access to what they are looking for.

Foster new social relationships

Going to places of personal recreation is a great incentive to turn the page and continue with your life. In this way, negative thoughts about the narcissist can be controlled and said energy can be directed towards the construction of new social relationships.

Instead of thinking about situations that have already happened, you can try to improve your mood by surrounding yourself with other companies that bring you positive aspects.

Try to get his attention

Although it may seem counterproductive, trying to catch their atention It is one of the best strategies that can be implemented. Calls for attention towards narcissists can be interpreted as signs of improvement in the victims, which is not pleasant for them.

This can be done through social media posts or attending shared social gatherings, among other examples.

Do new activities

Taking on new projects improves self-esteem and produces happiness in people who have gone through a complex love relationship. In this sense, there are recreational activities such as yoga, meditation and mindfulness that relax the mind.

In this way, the narcissist will see his feeling of remorse increased and the chances of him missing you will increase.

How to make a narcissist miss you - Do new activities

This article is merely informative, at PsychologyFor we do not have the power to make a diagnosis or recommend a treatment. We invite you to go to a psychologist to treat your particular case.

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