How To Make Friends On The Internet: 6 Tips

How to make friends on the Internet

The Internet is an area full of possibilities and, despite the fact that until not so long ago it has been unfairly associated with a sedentary lifestyle, it allows us to enrich social relationships if used well. Specifically, making friends online is one of the most interesting possibilities offered by the network of networks, capable of connecting people who are thousands of kilometers away, in real time.

Along the following lines we will see some Useful tips to know how to make friends on the Internet and use all the potential of cyberspace to meet people who bring us good things.

How to make friends on the Internet

To know how and where to make friends on the Internet, follow the guidelines below, keeping in mind that you must adapt them to your particular case.

1. Look for thematic forums

On the Internet there are many spaces where open message exchange is allowed, but the most useful when it comes to making friends are thematic forums. Because? Among other things, because by simply entering them There is already a topic of conversation that interests everyone involved.

Unlike other places explicitly designed to start conversations with strangers and make friends, in thematic forums there is no pressure to talk for the sake of talking, and the dialogue appears more fluid and natural. Not only that, but it is pleasant due to the double objective of interacting with others and talking about a topic that interests us and about which we can learn in that kind of virtual spaces.

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2. Better forums than chats

Another tip is to opt for forums rather than chats, at least at first. This is so for two reasons.

On the one hand, in the forums, by not communicating in real time with other people, there is no pressure to write quickly and well; we can take our time to create the messages we want whether long or short, and responses to previous interventions.

On the other hand, in forums it is easier to follow the thread of a conversation, since there is the possibility of quoting comments from others and attaching our response just below. This helps reduce the feeling of chaos and allows for richer, deeper conversations that aren’t constantly interrupted by other people’s participation.

So, when it comes to making friends on the Internet, It is advisable to use the chat when there has already been previous contact and there is a certain level of trust, regardless of whether we have met the other person face to face or not.

3. Avoid toxic environments

It is true that on the Internet it is possible to meet a wide variety of people, but it is also true that in this context hostility arises more easily, due to the relative anonymity that we maintain in chats, forums and social media spaces in which we can interact with others.

Therefore, it is important that you avoid entering into dynamics of toxicity, which are those spaces in which more than discussions, personal disqualifications and bursts of flooding appear Since nothing good can come of them, it is advisable not to waste time. It is important not to fall into gratuitous provocations, since developing this habit leads to dedicating valuable time to it that should be directed to other forms of socialization on the Internet.

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However, keep in mind that toxic spaces are not always just chains of responses to a message, or a forum thread. They may be somewhat broader than this; For example, an entire forum can be full of people with great ease to personal disqualification.

4. Be careful with personal data

The fact that you cannot interact face to face with people on the Internet does not mean that we have the excuse to, right off the bat, ask for the contact information of someone we do not know. And the same thing works in the opposite sense: you have to value your own privacy, since the Internet offers many things, but It also enables the most notorious deceptions based on the simplest personal data: location, phone number, place you are going to work, etc.

Don’t lie about yourself, but filter well what you want to say and what you don’t want to say at the moment.

5. Go to meetups

Group meetings are a good way to socialize, since in a single day you meet several people. This way, It is easier to fit in with someone and the risk of disappointment is lower In addition, there is also the advantage that during meet-ups it is not necessary to have spoken for a long time with a specific person; When several people meet, it is easier for conversations to appear in which to participate.

6. Be careful with online games

Online games are an interesting form of entertainment, but you shouldn’t turn to them if all you want is to make friends. This is because if you get used to making your search for friends depend on games with these characteristics, you can spend too much time on it, and even money

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This type of online video games should always be valued for what they are: games, places for roleplaying and experimentation and playable mechanics, and in which the social plays a secondary and instrumental role in order to enjoy the entertainment offered by that title. in question.