How To Manage Emotions In The Process Of Finding Meaning In Your Life

How to manage emotions in the process of finding meaning in your life

Do you feel tired, sad and without the desire to do the activities that you used to do and found satisfactory? Do thoughts constantly come to your mind that do not bring you value but that you cannot eliminate? Do these thoughts of sadness, anxiety or emptiness come to your mind automatically and steal several minutes or even hours of your day? Do you have feelings of despair, irritability, lack of sleep, lack of appetite, cramps, difficulty concentrating, headaches and limb pain, or digestive problems even when you are physically well?

It is normal to feel this way at certain times in life, but the most important thing is that you know how to recognize that you are going through a bad time and seek professional help.

If you felt identified with any symptoms, two, three or more of these experiences, let me tell you that You can considerably improve your emotional state, enjoy your life again as before or even more and be happy

In fact, psychologists focused on providing therapy are dedicated to facilitating these kinds of changes. In my psychotherapeutic consultation I have treated many cases that at the beginning, apparently, had no solution for the clients, but in the end they did.

As an example, I will present a real case of one of my patients (with her prior permission) changing her identity.

Emotional discomfort does not have to last forever

Darla was a 29-year-old girl who felt distressed, alone, and had no desire to do anything ; She just wanted to sleep, she didn’t want to wake up and face his reality, she felt guilt and helplessness when remembering his past.

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3 years ago she broke up her marriage, her ex-partner abused her verbally and physically. He raped her and even forced her to have sex with her friends, but she escaped in time. Remembering that she hated him, but at the same time she missed him; She missed the happy moments that she lived with him and by not having the person who gave her those moments of beatitude, she felt alone and sad, because she thought that he was the only person she truly loved.

Darla felt frustrated because for a long time she couldn’t do anything to make her partner change. In trying to get back with him, she thought about how badly he treated her when she took psychoactive substances, and that made her feel bad because there she wanted to go back, but at the same time she stopped him. That emotional ambivalence disturbed her daily so she wanted to escape from her mind, from those thoughts that constantly tormented her.

In her psychotherapeutic treatment she learned to eliminate those destructive thoughts that came to her mind and changed them for functional thoughts, she learned to correctly interpret her situation through rational-emotional interpretation techniques, she learned to be a stronger and more empowered woman, she developed high self-esteem and self-love, finding happiness and meaning in your life.


What to do when faced with emotional discomfort?

This technique will help you gain control of your emotions. It has been scientifically developed and has proven to be very effective in choosing what thoughts to have and what emotions to attract to the mind.

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During exercise you will feel more relaxed, your heart rate will stabilize, you will control your thoughts better and therefore your emotions, you will feel more oxygenated and you will have mental clarity.

This exercise is more effective when there is another person inducing what you have to do; If you do it correctly you will have better results.

Remember that every problem has a solution and by seeking help you show that you are a person who loves and respects yourself and does not accept less than what you are worth.