How To Meet People In A New City: 6 Tips For Socializing

How to meet people in a new city

Arriving in a new city and knowing how to adapt to an unknown urban environment is always a challenge. However, something that we often overlook is that when changing cities we not only move to another place; We also started to live with other people.

Therefore, knowing how to meet people in a new city is important; Being able to have a circle of friends and acquaintances, or even someone with stronger loving ties, is part of the adaptation process that will allow us to enjoy a normal life.

Therefore, in this article we will see a series of recommendations and advice about how to meet people in a new city ; habits and specific actions that will allow us to come into contact with groups of people with whom we can have a lot in common.

How to meet people in a new city?

Follow these tips to expand your network of friends and regular contacts wherever you go, something very useful when moving or going to another city to work or study for a few months.

1. Take into account the language factor

If we are going to live in another city, the first thing is to anticipate and be well informed about If a language is spoken in that place that we do not know In some cases we may be surprised to discover that in addition to the one we already master, in that region there are other minority languages ​​but with many speakers.

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In this case, starting to learn even the basics of it is very useful to meet new people: shows interest in local culture and helps us understand the social complexity of the territory.

2. Get rid of prejudices

Many times, the fame of a region or city precedes it, so when we enter that region, we perceive what happens there by judging everything. from stereotypes and prejudices that we have internalized.

Although these types of beliefs about the inhabitants of a city may seem harmless or simple unimportant details, they are not at all, since without us realizing it they can make us fall into biases that are offensive or reveal our ignorance.

Unfortunate little comments, in turn, can make others also cling to their stereotypes about us as outsiders; After all, no one is free from being guided by prejudice from time to time; What we should do is minimize the chances of them constantly expressing themselves, focusing on what we share with others (regardless of where they are from).

3. Take advantage of the Internet

Far from being a machine that encourages people to isolate themselves in their rooms, as is often implied, the Internet is a tool capable of making us meet people with whom we have a lot in common, regardless of where we live.

If we add to that the fact that it is increasingly common for virtual meeting points for the inhabitants of a city we will see that social networks, forums and certain websites are a good place to meet people in a new city before or after moving.

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For example, you can search for Facebook groups of people your age who live in the neighborhood you have moved to, hobbyists who live near you, etc.

4. Attend cultural events

Cultural events have their purpose in facilitating the generation of contacts between the residents of an area; that is promote social cohesion

Music festivals, reading clubs, talent shows, fairs… Any of these events occur in a festive atmosphere that encourages people to join groups of people who have a conversation.

5. Bet on honesty

If you think about it, moving to a new city makes it much more understandable and easier to understand when you start a conversation with someone you don’t know or introduce yourself to a group; You just have to say that this city is new to you and you don’t know anyone or almost anyone. Just revealing that information, It will probably be the others who adopt a friendly disposition and help you make friends.

Of course, take into account the cultural factor. In some areas, for various reasons, outsiders generate distrust, although in most medium or large cities in Western countries this is not the case.

6. Practice assertive communication

Working on assertiveness in your communication style is very important; If you express your interests and opinions directly, without doing it as if that were something that generates uncomfortable moments and embarrassing, you will have a much easier time connecting with the people who live in the new city. It’s about treating your ideas, interests and opinions with the same respect with which you treat those of others.

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Part of the process of meeting people consists of creating situations in which everyone feels comfortable, and to do this it is important not to be predisposed to any error or imperfection in communication being seen as a humiliation.