How To Unmask A Psychopath? 15 Signs To Detect Them

Do you think you are living with a psychopath? Don’t you know how to unmask a psychopath? Discover the most common psychopathic traits and confront this very conflictive personality.

What is a psychopath like?

A psychopath It is usually a person with a clear plan from the beginning of the relationship they establish with someone, where everything is planned, organized and designed in their mind. When someone has a psychopathic profile, they try to achieve their goals without putting feelings in the way at any time.

The psychopaths They give little information regarding their person, you can spend years living with them without knowing anything or almost nothing about their past. One option is that the things they tell are a bunch of lies planned so that they give the profile of victims of some type of painful past and that serves to make them very sad, and to want to help them and offer them a more bearable life.

What is a psychopath?

The key feature of a psychopath is that they never directly show emotions. She is the typical person who you can prick in the arm and she doesn’t feel pain or bleed. He doesn’t feel any empathy for anyone but themselves. The coldness in your emotions is a clear sign of who we are facing.

Both a psychopathic man like a psychopathic woman, they will always have a perfectly measured plan and will manipulate their environment to achieve it. They know what they want from each family member, each partner, each friend and they want them to do exactly what is planned in their mind long before starting.

One of the psychopathic traits The most common is that these people always try to isolate the victim from their family and environment in order to have as much control as possible and exercise more effective manipulation. They use sex as one of the clearest elements of exercising control, maintaining desire in exchange for making certain concessions in their lives. Isolating the environment is key because in this way, it gets the victim to start thinking only how and for them.

In this way the psychopath and its definition They refer to an individual who is callous, emotionless, and morally depraved. Although psychopaths are not officially recognized as an official mental health diagnosis although they are always related to antisocial personality disorder. So much so that on many occasions a psychopath is related to the narcissist, that is, someone who only looks out for his benefit.

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According to various studies, it was found that approximately 29% of the general population exhibits one or more psychopathic traits But only 0.6% of the population is likely to fit the definition of a psychopath.

Traits of a psychopath

What is the profile of a psychopath like?

There are a series of psychopathic traits that can lead us to give ourselves away if someone has this condition. In many cases, the psychopathic people They tend to protect themselves from most of the signs that may indicate that they have this personality. Even so, we must look at their attitude to know how to unmask a psychopath.

1. Charm

Most of the psychopaths They are usually very pleasant with others and generate an attractive first impression towards others. It is very likely that you have heard of some famous psychopaths who aroused passions among many people (usually loving ones), this is precisely due to the charm and charisma that they usually possess.

2. Need for risk

Another of the psychopathic traits most common is precisely emotion. Normally, anyone with the profile of a psychopath usually tries to take risks on many occasions. This happens since they like adrenaline and tend to be quite intolerant of routine.

3. Pathological lying

Lies are everyday life when living with a psychopath These psychopathic traits are usually detected more when there is a very close relationship with them. In this way, when there is a psychopath in the couple or even psychopathic children in the family, it is much easier to detect the constant lies that they usually use for their own benefit.

4. High self-esteem

Psychopaths have an overly exaggerated perception of themselves. They often feel justifieds phrases of psychopaths or his attitude even if it is morally questionable, due to his big ego.

5. Manipulators

Manipulation is in the routine of a narcissistic psychopath These psychopathic traits are often used to make others do what they want. To achieve their goals they will play with others even though it may harm them in all of this.

6. Lack of guilt

Although their actions may cause a negative impact on the lives of their family and friends, the reality is that psychopaths They have no guilty feelings about it. In fact, they very often rationalize their behaviors and end up putting the responsibility on other people.

What are psychopaths like?

7. Superficial affection

All the types of psychopaths Whether they are a male or female profile, they do not usually show their emotions. In most cases, they are cold and emotionless most of the time. Despite this, people with a psychopathic profile can end up showing their emotions, but these usually last for a very short time and are quite superficial.

8. Lack of empathy

All these psychopathic traits They often go hand in hand with a clear lack of empathy on the part of these individuals. So much so that for psychopaths it doesn’t even make sense to care about people, since they are incapable of understanding them emotionally. In many cases, psychopathic people tend to be indifferent to everyone who suffers, even if they are close friends or any member of a family.

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9. Parasitic lifestyle

A narcissistic psychopath He will only look out for his own benefit. In this way, they tend to parasitize their family, friends and partner so as not to have to make an effort in their life. The profile of a psychopath usually takes advantage of people who have kindness towards others to depend financially on them.

10. They don’t follow the rules

A psychopath He will never follow the established rules and will even struggle to try to break them most of the time. Although they may intend to follow the rules of a job or a place, in many cases they will not comply due to their feeling of superiority towards others.

11. Promiscuous sexual behavior

Have a psychopath as a couple It will be quite a risk. Psychopaths will not care about the emotions of others and therefore, it will be inevitable that at some point they will cheat on their partner. In addition, they may have unprotected sexual relations with strangers or use sex to achieve their goals.

12. Behavioral problems

The majority of this profile of people tend to be psychopathic children from an early age. In many cases these psychopathic traits They occur in the first years of life. Thus, they may miss school, abuse substances, or even become violent.

13. Excessive idealism

His behavior is by definition idealistic in every sense. All the types of psychopaths They have too high goals and lack realism in their lives. They don’t plan how they will get what they want, and they don’t put in the effort to get there.

14. Impulsivity

Impulsive behavior is another of the traits of profile of a psychopath In many cases, they do not spend time thinking about the possible risks and benefits of each of their life choices. This happens since a psychopath by definition will always seek immediate gratification regardless of the price.

15. Lack of responsibility

They never keep their promises and it is very difficult for them to take on tasks that require some responsibility. In many cases, when they have problems, they blame other people in their close circle.

These are some of the traits that can be seen in the profile of a psychopathic man or woman. If you think that someone around you meets them, it is very likely that this person has a personality with a psychopath definition In cases where the psychopath is in your family, it is usually advisable to go to a professional psychologist to take the next steps.

Causes of psychopathy

Causes of psychopathy

Although there is not much evidence to show why some people have antisocial personality disorder or psychopathy the reality is that you can see some common causes.

  • Brain

Various studies show that psychopathy It may be related to a problem in the brain circuits that control the behaviors of people with this condition. In these cases, there are some parts of a psychopath’s brain that are smaller than those of people who do not have this personality trait.

  • Genetics

There are more chances of suffer from psychopathy when a person in the family also has it.

  • Sex

Although there are psychopathic women, the reality is that the profile of a psychopathic man It is much more common.

  • Atmosphere

Sometimes psychopathy It develops due to a harmful environment such as a toxic family or bullying situations during childhood.

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How to treat a psychopath?

The best way to deal with any of the types of psychopaths that exist is to try to leave the relationship with them behind. In cases where it is impossible to get away from psychopaths, whether due to family or work, psychologists offer the following advice.

1. Keep your emotions under control

When the other’s emotions surface is when the psycho He usually manipulates others and uses their convictions to his advantage. In this way, if you lose your cool, what you are doing is precisely giving more control to a narcissistic psychopath. Tranquility is one of the weapons to know how to unmask a psychopath.

2. Don’t show intimidation

In some cases these individuals often use psychopath phrases who intimidate others to achieve their goals. When this happens you must be firm in your attitude and not give in to their intimidation.

How to unmask a psychopath?

3. Don’t believe their stories

The psychopathy Their common trait is the invention of stories to try to persuade others and use them as victims. In these cases, showing sympathy or empathy towards them benefits them, which is why it will be essential to keep discussions focused only on the facts.

4. Point out their flaws

By telling them their defects psychopaths They realize that they are not really superior entities to everyone else. For this precise reason, it is essential that you try to learn how to unmask a psychopath in order to put an end to their methods of persuasion and manipulation towards others.

5. Develop mental strength

To confront a psychopath As you should, you must have an iron personality and attitude. In this way, working on your self-esteem and insecurities will undoubtedly be one of the best weapons you can have to be able to act against a psychopath.

In many cases the people with psychopathic traits They can do a lot of damage to your mental well-being. For this reason, if you are in this situation it will always be advisable to go to a professional psychologist to work on it.

Why does the psychopath always come back?

It’s hard detect the psychopath When you are his victim, he surrounds you with thousands of tricks that have served him well in the past. They finish their “job” When they have gotten what they wanted from the victim, then they put it aside and go in search of another new profile that continues to feed their desires for greatness, in the form of wealth, or for example, power.

They use people as if they were simply klenex in their lives: use and throw away. And leaves their lives leaving