Human Sexuality

About sexual education. Who, how, where, when and in what way is it best to do it? Whatever it is always has to be with respect in all fields of the human being.

When is the best time to develop sexuality?

It’s been years since talks about the importance of emotions and in schools, teachers are the ones who manage to teach their use to children, their meaning and their management, and I have witnessed cases that have caused me real concern because of how little they know and how badly they do it, causing problems for children that could be avoided, and with the best of intentions.

In these fields there are experts who can do what is necessary, and teach at a personal, family and academic level, supervised so that they are also helped, since we do not know everything no matter how much we know. The sexuality It is like life itself, a long and unknown path, which we discover as we walk it. And sharing those discoveries can help others make it easier and even go further.

Educating today is convey the information we know, teach to deepen and reflect on its content from respect and freedom of the individual; Sharing and reasoning the conclusions that each one reaches from their idiosyncrasies and differences is the best training we can give.

Not all children are equal with the same age, nor are all children equal in their stages of development We must begin by taking into account that each child is different, and what is good for one can be traumatic for another. That is why there are educations that belong to the family and others that belong to academics and there must be an attempt to collaborate to find the best ways and obtain the best results.

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There are generalities for everyone, but those generalities are a reference, a guide, not a method. I had four children and they are all different, they were developing your sexuality at different times and each one in their own way.

How to know the right time?

Observe the child, what he does and what he says. Respond naturally so that they learn properly and without the distortion that most of us have because we are full of prejudices. The child asks and the important thing is to answer him, more than what you say. Because what we achieve by responding is that they trust and ask again. But only answer what they ask you, fairly, naturally, with respect, giving importance to their question and explaining that step, question after question, using technical and appropriate language, which, even if they do not understand, will provide naturalness. necessary and understanding when you are ready.

What is the best time to develop sexuality?

The sexuality It is very wide and fits everything, but each individual has their own ways, they are all respectable, and no one can be forced to be one way or another; to judge anything or anyone. The only thing prohibited in this area is to force the other to do what you think, decide, choose… This method is done together, parents with children, talking about what is discovered, sharing the meanings that each one gives to it and collaborating with school because there is a part that is personal and another that is social. In this way, each person learns to manage it from respect, freedom and equality.

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The sexual orientation It will cease to be a controversial topic. Unnecessary sexual practices. How to carry out a sexual relationship flows from naturalness and the knowledge that has been acquired. We are just changing the judgments, who or what is good, who or what is bad. That is not sexuality; that is legality. That is complicating what is simple if you are well trained.