I Love You, A Phrase Or A Feeling?

I love you is the first thing we say when we are children naturally, that feeling has a meaning that we must accept.

I love you, a phrase or a feeling?

How much these words so spoken and heard contain. In all environments where there is a relationship between two people, this word has a place and where it is most often used is in a couple.

I love you is to have you. I love you is to see you. Touch you. Kiss you. Hugging you is having your presence in my presence. It’s being able to hear you, smell you, feel you, it’s knowing that I always have you by my side.

It’s knowing that you say it from yourself because you feel it towards me. It is to show that what is in me I also see in you and that is why you are the person to whom I tell and above all I must show it to you.

I love you is to feel like you belong to someone other than yourself. It is wanting to be more than one and convert your life into sum. It is having someone who feels what you feel and lives what you live because they care about what may be happening to you. It is having yourself in the form of constant thought and feeling within one.

I love you is simple as a word but it contains so much behind it that it would be important to say it more and show it more. The life of the one who says it wins and the life of the one who receives it multiplies.

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I love you healthily, without possessing you, without changing you, without tying you to me, simply following the purest thing I have and the sweetest thing I have for you. Let’s make that I love you make sense for as long as it makes sense, let’s make loving you daily, instantaneous, continuous and lasting, because by feeling I also feel that I am alive when I see you and look at you.

I love you being as you are, freely, letting you be as you want, and accompanying you in the bad and good moments that life makes you go through. I love you and that is why I decide to stay and I want to be present to accompany you in your decisions, in your moments and let you be the one to decide how it is appropriate to love you.

I love you, father, mother, brother, partner, friend, etc., from each and every one I feel that you want to be with me and share every moment. Loving, as I told you, is not just for a couple, it is Universal and loving is always mentally healthier than hating. To love without measure, you must first forgive all the wounds and understand if the person did it willingly or without the intention of harming you. If the option was the first, you always learn to do it properly and the second is corrected to adapt it.

Releasing what we feel gives us life, keeping it hurts us and on top of that we may regret sooner or later for not saying it loud enough.

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